Thursday, February 2, 2012

Craig Roy found guilty of Jack Frew murder, no surprise in the verdict but why was Roy not remanded into custody regarding such a serious charge?

Dear All

The Jack Frew murder case wasn’t a case that I took much notice of as it appeared on the nightly news.

One thing which stuck me as odd was why Craig Roy who killed Frew was walking in and out Court instead of being remanded into custody.

Craig Roy who murdered Frew has been found guilty.

No surprises there.

Craig Roy killed Frew in woodland near their school in East Kilbride, Lanarkshire, in May 2010.

Frew was stabbed 20 times and had his throat slashed with a kitchen knife.

Roy admitted stabbing Jack but denied murder, claiming he had no memory of the incident.

He denied murder but stabbed him 20 times and slashed his throat.

His reason for carrying a knife was as he put it, because he wanted to ‘scare’ his victim.

Scared to death now!

Roy's defence was that he had a personality disorder which diminished his ability to control his actions hence no mens rea.

But the jury of nine women and five men rejected this claim.

It took only two hours of deliberation to find him guilty of murder.

Area Procurator Fiscal for Lanarkshire Janet Cameron said:

"Craig Roy armed himself with a knife and carried out a violent, sustained and murderous attack on Jack Frew. Jack Frew died because Craig Roy had a knife and had no hesitation in using it and using it repeatedly. This crime yet again demonstrates the devastating consequences that can follow from carrying a knife. The senseless loss of such a young life is tragic and caused shock and concern, not just to the local community in East Kilbride but across our country. Today's conviction should act as a warning to anyone thinking of leaving home with a knife or using a knife that prosecutors, working together with the police, will ensure that those people are caught, prosecuted and brought to justice. Our thoughts remain with the family of Jack Frew at this time."

Janet Cameron need not apply for Mulholland’s job.

When the verdict was announced Frew’s family and friends threw their arms around each other, sobbing.

On the other side of the almost-full public gallery Roy's friends and family sat silently.

Craig Roy will be sentenced on March 1 at the High Court in Edinburgh.

Since, Roy didn’t plead guilty; he isn’t entitled to a reduction in sentence under the Criminal Procedures (Scotland) Act.

At the sentencing hearing his lawyer will be able to put forward a plea of mitigation, given the violent nature of the crime, a sentence of double digits is appropriate somewhere in the region of 16 years.

Craig Roy demonstrates that there is something wrong with our justice system, he killed someone, stabbed them 20 times and slashed their throat and someone thought it was appropriate to let him walk the streets.

Where is the logic in that?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

too right. I was Jack's best friend, and for almost 2 years I have been plagues with the exact same thought. I knew before this case came to court that Jack had been murdered with a knife, although I didn't know how severe his murder was until I sat in that room and saw my friend lying in the forest in the crime scene photo. But how can someone murder a defenseless and be allowed out for 2 years? There will never be justice for any murder, but that's just absolute salt in the wound for anyone who knew jack: sitting in a court hearing lies about his "bad" nature, and seeing photos of their friend and family member's dead body?!

Anonymous said...

there is no logic in it... maybe his family had police connections.. or money.. he's banged to rights now