Friday, February 17, 2012

Celtic ‘spit the dummy’ and get angry over First Minister Alex Salmond's comments, First Minister scores own goal in ‘did he say that moment’?

Dear All

Usually the First Minister is pretty niffy on his feet, but he is not a football player or indeed a rugby player.

In a recent dribble onto the football scene, the First Minister Alex Salmond has scored a fantastic own goal.

His pace was quick, he dribble down the outside before lobbing the ‘grenade’ into his own net.

The opposition goal is up the other end of the park.

Which brings us to Glasgow Celtic, who have officially voiced anger after Alex Salmond suggested the survival of Rangers is crucial for Celtic and the rest of Scottish football to prosper.

No, it is not, just as the SNP would survive his departure or even George Laird, the party will go on.

Alex Salmond told Sir David Frost, in an interview to be broadcast on Frost over the World on Al Jazeera English:

"Obviously HMRC have got to pursue, in the public interest, taxation. Equally, they've got to have cognisance of the fact that we're talking about a huge institution, part of the fabric of the Scottish nation, as well as Scottish football, and everybody realises that. The most die-hard Celtic supporter understands that Celtic can't prosper unless Rangers are there. The rest of the clubs understand that as well. Therefore you have to have cognisance of these things when you're pursuing public policy. We've certainly been arguing to HMRC on one hand, and indeed to Rangers, to for goodness sake get a settlement, get a settlement and a structure over time whereby Rangers can continue because Rangers must continue for the future of Scottish football and for the fabric of the country."

One of the problems that the SNP has whenever an English institution such as the HMRC or the like try to tackle something unlawful, the SNP mistaken think it is clever to play the Scotland card.

Rangers’ problems didn’t happen by accident, they happened by design, which is why people and fans are asking where the fuck is the money gone?

And the Administrators replied, they don’t know yet but will keep looking.

In response, an unhappy Celtic released a statement which read:

"We are very disappointed with the First Minister's claims that Celtic 'need' Rangers and that Celtic can't prosper unless Rangers are there. This is simply not true. In a series of interviews given just three days ago, we made it abundantly clear that Celtic has a well-defined strategy and a business plan independent of the fortunes of any other club. That remains absolutely the case. The predicament of Rangers is clearly a serious and complex matter with a whole range of possible outcomes. However, we are extremely well-qualified to make our own position clear and have no wish to see this being misrepresented for political reasons."

Clearly there is “concern” by the First Minister Alex Salmond and his Deputy Minister Nicola Sturgeon, her brother in law who works for Transco in Kilmarnock is a Rangers supporter. Interesting pic of him, his son and Roman Abramovich in the office.

Celtic manager Neil Lennon jumped onto his Twitter account, saying:

"Important statement from the club today with regard to Mr Salmon's quotes . Once again we have made our position clear."

Later, Alex Salmond issued his own statement, saying:

“It's just a misunderstanding. I wasn't trying to imply that Celtic's finances were in any way under question. That was not the point I was trying to make. The point I was trying to make is that I think everyone in Scottish football, regardless of club, wants to see Rangers continue in football. I'm not an Old Firm supporter but if you look for a fixture at its best it's one of the great epic encounters in football and it would be sad if it didn't continue. I did not mean in any sense or way to imply that the finances of Celtic Football Club are in anything other than on a very sound basis.”

What a great pity, the First Minister couldn’t have made this clear earlier, I have the same problem speaking English because it is only my first language.

The SNP and the Scottish Government should not get involved in this issue even if they think it will draw them votes in the Glasgow Council Election because of the financial concerns of how Rangers Football Club was run.

Presumably some idiot in the Scottish National Party standing for Glasgow City Council will be declaring their ‘love’ of Celtic soon.

Red card for the First Minister and sent off the pitch!

They say politics is show business for ugly people, and there is an old showbiz saying never work with children and animals, add to that other people who kick balls for a living.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


wullie said...

Scottish football would be a breath of fresh air without the ugly sisters.
The singing of 'God Save the Queen' and the waving of union jacks by Rangers fans for 140 years must have had an effect on them.
Celtic and Rangers are just the old divide and rule policy of the UK.
This tax case has come at the perfect time with the referendum coming up. An ideal squabble to keep the referendum uncertain. Channel4 were asking 'HBOS, RBS and now Rangers, how can Scotland ever govern itself ?"
The BBC are cock a hoop with Salmond. What is he doing getting involved asked 'Spencie' the ginger nut. Err because he was asked Spencie. If he'd replied I don't want to get involved Spencie would be spouting ' First Minister has washed his hands etc...'
And finally Alex himself. Stirring it up with his answer. Despite the well publicised statement from Celtic he decides to override this. He could easily have said something non confrontational but decided to stir up the mix.
Interesting ;)

George Laird said...

Dear All

politicians like to make out they know everything about everything, but sadly that is not the case.

I found out in the SNP that most know nothing about nothing and can only articulate policy if it comes down from on high.

That is why when asked to put positive case for indy, many SNP elected people just sit there unable to speak on the subject except to blurt out a party line (if they can remember one).

Alex Salmond isn't a football fan and Rangers is none of the SNP's business. Because there is an election on there is 'concern', any other day of the week I would be surprised if they gave two hoots.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Anonymous said...

just wish allyou pricks would stay out of the rangers business and worry about the crimes that is bing committed against children
by the perverts that you know


wullie said...

It's every supporters business mate as it will affect every club. Dundee Utd are owed £100K, Hearts £600K etc...
The Utd Chairman made a perfectly reasonable request to the Rangers administrators for his money and got abuse from Rangers fans that is unprintable.
This is the same Rangers that froze Utd's gate money when they were playing Airdrie in the cup a few years ago as they wanted Airdries share ( £30k ).
Airdrie were in admin and Rangers wanted their loot. Business is business said David Murray at the time.
That £30K would have helped Airdrie yet was only a weeks wages for one of the Rangers 'stars'.

Anonymous said...

willie no it not every supporters business it is rangers fuck dundee utd get in to the line they will get thier money but if it was down to me they would get fuck all

Anonymous said...

willie you are a prick sorry a fanny nore like it

gstq watp