Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Poster takes George Laird to task on Tommy Sheridan video, does he really think that George McNeilage is Pollok’s Steven Spielberg or James Cameron?

Dear Anon

I like a laugh and sometimes a good story.

“That video has never been examined forensically and it's simple to fake”.

George McNeilage is the next Steven Spielberg or James Cameron?

“I wonder if the BBC will ever be forced to explain in a court of law how they obtained the video and who stole it for them”.

That is irrelevant to the prejury case, the Gail Sheridan police video, you are confusing the two.

“Their conviction date night time expose' of Sheridan meant they had the video before the trial finished. Contempt of court crime if it wasn't for establishment cover ups”.

This isn’t relevant to the Tommy Sheridan case.

“I've no love for Tommy but he was obviously set up like a kipper by the police/ Crown/ BBC/ former friends etc because he was a threat to them”.

Have you seen the votes that Solidarity gets, even with Tommy Sheridan standing?

Who is he a threat too? He has a brand name, but his party isn’t able to get on a level footing with the mainstream ones.


Because the overworked ‘comrades’ and brothers and sisters’ act is a throwback to the 1970’s!

Modern politics must be conducted in a modern fashion, his party needs a new name, new policies and new direction from the grassroots up to him. He could really benefit from George Laird radical thinking on how to market his party.

“His human rights were non existent”.

If you look closely at the Sheridan, George Neilage video at the start, there is a shot of Sheridan in side profile, complete with his grey hair at the temple.

If he continues on with this nonsense, he is a fool; he should drop it and move on.

I have met Sheridan, he is likeable, but he got himself into this mess and he can get himself out of it, at least back to a start point.

He should rebuild his party, if he wants to waste time, energy and money trying to get a technical decision to quash his case, it’s his dime, but any judge of good standing will not find in his favour.

This is because, removing any alleged malpractice by News International people or their agents doesn’t alter the facts that a video exists and is corroborated by a room full of witnesses who said he confessed.

And finally, no offence to George McNeilage but he doesn’t strike me as the type who did well at Skool.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Anonymous said...

found guilty telling lies the bastard does not know how to tell the truth he is that used telling lies