Saturday, February 11, 2012

Labour Councillor of shame Gilbert Davidson is named as the man who allegedly threatened the employment of disabled boy at Glasgow City Council

Dear All

As stated in the press and on tv, the Glasgow Council budget meeting was a bad tempered affair.

However, an allegation has emerged that a Labour Councillor threatened the career of a former colleague's disabled son.

It is said that Gilbert Davidson who was previously investigated for inappropriate behaviour towards another female councillor is the man at the centre of the toxic row.

At present the allegations remain unproven against the Councillor but given it is in the public domain, an investigation must now be launched by the Labour Party.

Gilbert Davidson has been accused of using his role as a City Building board member of the council-owned firm of trying to strong-arm her into voting with former colleagues in what became a battle for the party's survival in Glasgow.

Mrs Millar believes the move was a clear attempt at threatening and intimidating her ahead of the vote.

The claims sparked pledges of an investigation by Labour.

It has also led to calls for Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont to condemn the "bullying and intimidation employed by the Labour group on Glasgow City Council" and to "take disciplinary action against those responsible".

However, facts have to be established first.

Gilbert Davidson survived de-selection but is gaffe prone and in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Two years ago, he was arrested at his home after allegedly sending suggestive voice mails and text messages to former Glasgow Lord Provost Liz Cameron and asking her to share a hotel room with him during a local by-election.

The charges against the Springburn councillor, who was suspended by Labour during the investigation, were later dropped due to insufficient evidence.

He walked in layman’s terms.

Following that, we had allegations he groped ex-colleague Ruth Black.

The Labour group are said to be furious with Davidson at present, and who can blame them, 12 weeks out from a vital election date and this bombshell drops on them.

6 Labour councillors have now resigned at the budget fiasco, several of those you made it through now have the added pressure that this scandal is placing on them threatening their re-election chances.

At present, the city hangs on a knife edge, Labour got a wake up.

But it made be Gilbert Davidson as the ‘grim reaper’ who has killed off many people’s election chances.

For whom the bell tolls, it tolls for Gilbert Davidson.

People won’t understand threatening the mother of someone who has a disabled son, they won’t understand at all, if proven.

Is this the moment that becomes the ‘Gillian Duffy’ moment for Labour in Glasgow when the tide turns?

Too early to say, depends how Labour play this, I would imagine they have to get rid of Davidson!

‘Freedom fries’ might actually make it onto the menu of the Councillors’ canteen.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Anonymous said...

we only have her word for what was said dont think you should be maning people untill they have been found guilty