Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Royal Society of Edinburgh decided unanimously not to expel Glasgow University product Fred Goodwin, then refuse to explain why, corrupt Scotland

Dear All

The Royal Society of Edinburgh is a private invitation only club.

The Society’s members effectively have a monopoly on the entire Scottish Higher Education system.

It is almost like a cartel which in any other industry would be formally investigated and broken up.

For decades, mostly Royal Society members have been allowed to become the Principals in the ancient universities.

People, who had never worked, taught or even ran a business went to the front of the queue while other distinguished academics never got a look in to be Principal.

People like Scotch pervert Sir Muir Russell of human rights abusing Glasgow University.

Another university product is Fred Goodwin, formerly a ‘Sir’ stripped of his knighthood by the Queen on the advice and recommendation of a forfeit committee.

The Royal Society of Edinburgh has wrongly decided not to strip Fred Goodwin of his fellowship.

They decided unanimously not to expel the ex-chief executive of the Royal Bank of Scotland from its ranks.

So, what is the reason, officially no one knows but I suspect that the decision was all about protectionism, the 13-strong council of the RSE declined to give any explanation for its decision not to blackball Goodwin.

Once, banker’s fellowship was put on the agenda of the RSE council's meeting, you would have thought this would be a done deal.

The man responsible for the biggest banking crash in UK history was a ‘shoo in’ for getting the bullet after the report by the Financial Services Authority.

Ian Murray, Shadow Business Minister and the Labour MP for Edinburgh South, said:

"I'm sure many other members of the society and public will find it quite strange that they did not make a different decision to protect the integrity of the organisation."

A distinguished fellow of the Royal Society said:

"I have to say I'm extremely surprised by this decision. It was a major step for the president of the society to take this matter forward on to an official level and I suspect that most fellows, given the president's initiative, would have expected a different outcome."

Scotland is corrupt, people have to wake up and realise that ‘Scotland’ operates behind closed doors with no accountability.

Ordinary members of the public are excluded from becoming Royal Society of Edinburgh members, it is a class thing.

A spokesman for the RSE said:

"Council met on Monday February 20 and, after considering whether or not there was a case for reviewing Fred Goodwin's fellowship, has concluded unanimously that no further action will be taken. The matter is now closed as far as council is concerned."

He stressed that the governing body had reached its conclusion after "extensive discussion".

Asked what the reasons were for its decision, the spokesman replied:

"Council does not wish to discuss the detail of that decision."

Asked if the RSE's decision might surprise people and prompt a backlash, he added:

"I don't believe that's an issue. As far as council is concerned the issue is closed."

The President of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Sir John Arbuthnott was approached for a comment last night but declined to add anything to the spokesman's statement.

Goodwin was also unavailable.

So, now you know Scotland a little better, it is corrupt, it is run by a shadow government who operate right across entire sectors of our society.

And they are protecting their own.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Anonymous said...

Joke is on them as they obviously have NO IDEA how much Fred will Poison their Brand! Hahaha