Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tory MSP Candidate Ivor Tiefenbrun’s arse collapses over 'thick Scots' jibe, someone bring a chicken in here?

Dear All

Ivor Tiefenbrun’s arse has totally collapsed.

After describing Scots as “thick”, he has resigned as the paper Tory Candidate for the seat of Maryhill/Springburn.

It seems that when there was a bit of heat on Ivor’s arse, he melted away, tail between his legs.

So, what this says that even as a paper candidate, Ivor Tiefenbrun wasn’t right to stand up for the people of this area and become an effective MSP.

Scottish Tory Party chairman and MI6 spy Andrew Fulton said Tiefenbrun's decision had been taken in the "best interests of the party".

Fulton is another shitbag waiting on a pension who has nothing to offer anyone.

Once you say it publicly you have to have the balls to standby it.

No one seriously believes that Ivor had a chance at Tory HQ, did they?

What could Ivor Tiefrnbrun offer the people in the wasteland of Hamiltonhill and Possil?

Hope and aspiration where none exist or a deal on a hifi?

This is hardcore Labour territory where Ivor had nothing to say other than 'vote me''.

Why anyone would is another matter.

In resigning, he said:

"There are many important issues facing our country and I have no desire for anything to divert my party - or indeed the media - from concentrating on those vital challenges. Accordingly, I will not be standing in the forthcoming Holyrood elections."

Mealy mouth cowardly platitudes from Ivor, from a weak candidate with a loser mentality!

Not even willing to make a fight of it, it seems "Goldie’s Army" will be stuck in the dugouts because they prefer to take cover when the bullets are flying.

Ivor should start acting like man, playing the role of someone's bitch by running away is no way to get elected to public office.

This story was chip paper wrapper, the picture says it all, the defeated.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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