Saturday, October 30, 2010

Harriet Harman does a ‘Hugh Henry’ and brands Lib Dem MP Danny Alexander a "ginger rodent", where’s the cheese?

Dear All

One of the Lib Dems who has embraced Toryism with gusto is Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander.

It is difficult to describe him as anything other than a quisling.

He was already slotted for the role as provisional English Governor of Scotland before David Laws MP was caught out fiddling his expenses.

Everyone in Scotland hates Tories, it is what being Scottish is all about but quislings like the Lib Dems hold a special contempt, hated on all sides.

Lib Dem support is dropping, they cheered the departmental budgets cuts and the cuts to housing benefit.

What was there to cheer about in the suffering of others?

Now, Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman launched a fierce attack on Danny Alexander branding him, a leading Government minister as a "ginger rodent".

The Labour Party, are and having been for sometime sending the signals that next Holyrood in 2011 is going to be a dirty fought election.

Another Lib Dem who came under the sniper scope was Scottish Secretary Michael Moore branded the "invisible man".

Even although I have an interest in politics, I can't remember his face or where his constituency is and if he has ever done anything of any use.

Harman is also firing up Labour to make politicians from other parties an "endangered species" by ousting them from Holyrood next May.

This shows a poor grasp of Scottish politics, the list system for some politicians is their second chance and in some cases their own chance of ever getting elected to public office because the list shuts the public out.

And of course the list system can be rigged.

She also used her speech to stress the importance of winning back power at Holyrood so that the Scottish Parliament could be a "Labour bulwark against the cruelty of the Tory-Lib Dem Government".

The Labour Party at the Westminster General Election in Scotland done very well which is surprising given the damage that Gordon Brown did to make Britain more unfair, increased the gap between rich and poor, denied and restricted justice and bankrupted the economy.

Ms Harman said:

"We are here in the west coast of Scotland, where there is a long-standing fishing community and we are second to none in our support for the fishing industry”.

She lives in London.

Havering like mad Harman said:

"Many of us in the Labour Party are conservationists, and we all love the red squirrel. But there`s one ginger rodent we never want to see in the highlands of Scotland - Danny Alexander."

In response George Lyon, Scottish Liberal Democrat election chair, said:

"There is no depths to which the Labour Party will not stoop. They aren't fit to be in opposition, let alone in government."

So, a new name enters Westminster, the "ginger rodent" and the stage is set for a vicious nasty Holyrood Campaign.

One thing the Labour Party knows is that negative campaigning works if you pick the right issues and develop a simple hard hitting narrative.

And the Labour Party will be developing such a narrative for Holyrood 2011.

They won’t be stupid enough to go with hope and aspiration in 2011; they will be going with the 'blame game' and pointing the finger at those cutting services.

The polls put Labour in the lead.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Mrs Droney said...

Kermit should report her to the Equalities Commission or whatever it was that she set up.
There's not much of a West Coast fishery these days so she probably said that so she could call Salmond and Sturgeon endangered species.

cynicalHighlander said...

Open season on the Gray squirrel population in the Highlands and elsewhere in Scotland and barbequeing them is the best way of removing their insipid taste. A good malt helps.

Anonymous said...

Hi George

Freethinker here... just warming up to the imminent psycho-babble from SLAB and the fib-demons...

The best bit about rug-muncher Harman's rant is that sycophant Alexander wears a rug... I suppose she want to munch it?

Anonymous said...

Didn't London Labour just have a conference several weeks ago? Why do they need another? It looked like it was held in a small bingo hall.