Monday, October 11, 2010

Tommy Sheridan sacks his legal team to represent himself, it is a more dangerous gamble this round and he should think long and hard

Dear All

Former Socialist MSP Tommy Sheridan has dismissed his legal team at his trial for perjury.

He is now going to represent himself.

The old law adage is that a person who represents themselves has a fool for a client.

Previously Sheridan in the trial against News of the World sacked his legal team before and represented himself, so this isn’t any surprise.

The tactic worked before in his defamation case but this criminal trial is a whole different animal.
Sheridan is taking a risk and it is a high risk, oratory is a great skill but more than that is needed if he is to walk away from this one.

He will have to completely destroy the Crown Case and all the witnesses.

A jury can go either way but I wouldn’t want to put my freedom on just Glaswegian patter.

Even if the person has a bit of a sun tan!

Sheridan's legal team was led by QC Maggie Scott and included two junior counsel.

From what I have read about Maggie Scott, she was the one who was predicted to lead a successful attempt in the Al Megrahi appeal and is highly thought of.

The ‘hit’ trial has now been adjourned until Thursday.

Sheridan is now allowed time to prepare his case.

And he will have to get his act together because the Crown Office isn’t taking prisoners.

Under section 196 (1) of the Criminal Procedures (Scotland) Act 1995, a person gets an automatic reduction in sentence for a guilty plea.

Sheridan might want to keep that in mind because it isn’t just his neck that is on the line but also his wife, Gail.

Is the public interest being served with this criminal case, I would think not.

Either way, Sheridan will stand or fall on his own merits before a jury of his peers but he should remember a Court of Law isn’t a picket line, a protest platform or show.

If he wants to sing then he better be singing the truth because the more he talks the more chance he has to hang himself if he gets muddled up.

KISS stands for Keep It Simple Stupid.

If he loses this case then he will certainly ended up in prison and possibly his wife too, since he has a young family I won’t be happy to see this happen.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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