Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tommy Sheridan sacks Maggie Scott QC but retains race lawyer Aamer Anwer as solicitor, Sheridan's next ‘big brother’ house, Barlinnie Prison?

Dear All

Tommy Sheridan has begun his own defence at his perjury trial.

His defence is effectively along the lines of, ‘I am innocent’!

The reason for this turn of events is that he has dismissing his legal team, Maggie Scott QC and junior counsel.

This is in my opinion a very risky strategy but Sheridan has that right as the client/accused.

The former Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) MSP however needs all the help he can get and to my surprise he has kept the services of Aamer Anwar.

Aamer Anwar is best known for legal cases that involve race.

I remember him from my time at Glasgow University, he was very much known for making trouble as a member of the Socialist Worker Student Society or SWSS as it was known on campus.

I think the description which suits him best, is that he is simply a prick.

I have no time for people like him who use race as a vehicle for self promotion; I don’t support such people or would work for such people.

Sheridan obviously has more faith in Anwar than I have.

Now, the ‘hit’ trial has started back up again, with Sheridan playing centre stage, one man and woman against the might of the News of the World.

Judge Lord Bracadale told the jury as they returned to the court on Thursday:

"I'm sorry to have been kept waiting this morning. There were a number of legal issues that I was required to address. These have been dealt with now. So, we are ready to proceed with the evidence."

Seems like a terribly nice Judge!

I think Sheridan is in real trouble, he needs a trial lawyer or the next ‘big brother’ house he will be in, will be Barlinnie Prison.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Anonymous said...

Aamer Anwar is a total waste of space and only plays fair when it involves people from his own race.
he is a lawyer who is a disgrace and is only out for himself and i hope that one day somewhere, someone will have dirt on him to produce.........tick tock tick tock
Tommy Sheridan is going to prison, only this time, for a wee bit longer than his last time spent inside.
Perjury is a very serious crime and given the extent of this case and the persons involved the judge should make an exmaple of sheridan and give him no less than 5 years.
This guys has been a thorn in many people' sides for many years and its about time he got his up and commence and took whats coming to him.
The fact that he sacked his QC only gives weight to the fact that she now knows his guilt and it would not be in her interest to defend a client where it is proved beyond doubt that the client is guilty and sorry to say, Tommy Sheridan is VERY guilty of the offences against him.
Cell on Bottom Flat of D hall in the Bar-l awaits Sheridan. Its his wife gail i feel sorry for being dragged through all this mud, but then again, if you fly wi the craws, you get shot wi them.