Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tory MSP Candidate Colin McGavigan describes child carers as the “great unwashed”, political career down the pan for the sake of a tweet on twitter

Dear All

Fresh from the debacle of Ivor Tiefenbrun making an arse of himself comes Tory Holyrood Candidate Colin McGavigan treading the same path.

Only McGavigan is much nastier that Ivor.

Ivor Tiefenbrun popped up and said Scots are “thick”.

He is a Glaswegian venturing an opinion which you can either accept or reject, not everyone is thick but by the same token not everyone is intelligent.

After Ivor drew a little heat, he ran away like a little girl instead of taking a man’s role and facing down the storm.

Enter Colin McGavigan, now he has gone well over the score into the realm of nasty.

He said that children’s carers looked like “the great unwashed”.

He is setting himself up as someone “special”, someone who has the correct breeding to rule over the Scottish working class.

This isn’t bright; the traditional route played by politicians is ‘man of the people’ at pre-election time and beyond.

Colin McGavigan is a candidate for Clydesdale; South Lanarkshire who like many a wannabe politician has used his account on the Twitter, the social networking site to insult the public.

Something similar happened to a Labour Candidate Stuart MacLennan who was standing in Moray.

He shot himself in the foot so many times that his position became untenable as a candidate.

Colin McGavigan has blown his foot right off, he said:

“Why do the carers look like the great unwashed. They’re supposed to be carers not warders.”

This statement is both barrels point blank range, you can say a lot in politics and get away with it but comment that the general public smell and people who help others are in that group is political suicide.

A Conservative Party spokesman said he did not know if Mr McGavigan would remain as its candidate.

No, he has burnt his bridges and although the public will forgive this isn’t a situation to come back from.

The scale of the Conservative Party spokesman shows that even he thinks this is so far out there that he can’t formulate a strategy to save him.

Well and truly stuffed!

Clydesdale Labour MSP Karen Gillon putting her bit in said:

“These comments show the Tories have not changed. Most Scots will regard carers as people who do an important job and they deserve to be treated with greater respect”.

It looks like Annabel Goldie needs to ‘get a grip’ of her rabble by the scruff of the neck and read the riot act.

Colin McGavigan, Tory Holyrood Candidate 2010, Colin McGavigan, ex Tory Holyrood Candidate 2010.

What a difference a tweet makes!!!!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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