Tuesday, October 5, 2010

High drama in Glasgow as Tommy Sheridan trial for perjury starts, it is shaping up to be the 'hit' must see trial of the decade, worth a visit

Dear All

It is the ‘hit’ criminal trial of the moment, the star is Tommy Sheridan and Glasgow is his court room.

So, far, we have had high drama as a witness, Barbara Scott says that the Former MSP Tommy Sheridan admitted visiting a swingers’ club.

Scott, a Scottish Socialist Party official gave evidence on the opening day of Sheridan and wife Gail’s perjury trial at the High Court in Glasgow.

Comrade Scott is off the Sheridan Xmas card list!

At an emergency meeting of the Scottish Socialist party, she allegedly recorded the minutes of the meeting which is said that Sheridan made his admission.

The meeting was called after a bombshell story appeared in the News of the World newspaper.

Married MSP who had gone to a swingers’ club in Manchester!

Speaking personally, I have been in Manchester myself and it looks like a lovely place and there is a great all you can eat Chinese buffet near the university.

And no, I haven’t been to a swinger’s club.

Advocate depute Alex Prentice QC, who wants to be known as the man who jailed Sheridan asked Scott what the purpose of the meeting had been.

Scott replied:

“It was to discuss what was to happen about the fact there had been a newspaper story in the News of the World the previous weekend.”

She alleges:

“He talked about the story in the News of the World that had been about an unnamed, married MSP who had gone to a swingers’ club in Manchester”.

“He said that it was him and that he had gone to it (the swingers’ club), but that it had not been on the dates that they said in the newspaper, that it had been two different dates, and that it was a flaw in his character. It was a weakness he had, but it had only been those two times.”

It is amazing the amount of people who get up to high doe in political life about someone who ‘slams in the lamb’.

The trial is said to have the potential to call somewhere in the region of 180 witnesses, which must make this swinger’s club very popular.

As well as Scott’s testimony, she said that there were 20 members of the SSP’s executive committee at the emergency meeting, including former MSPs Colin Fox, Carolyn Leckie, Rosie Kane and Frances Curran.

And they are all probably going to be called.

As to the Scott minutes, it is usual business practice for everyone to be sent a copy of the notes and to be asked if there are any corrections to the minutes.

I wonder if Ms. Scott sent a copy to all exec members asking for this to be done.

If not it would call into question the veracity of the minutes that no one had the opportunity to depose them.

Alan McCombes, a long-time friend and political colleague of Sheridan was noted as saying:

“People will forgive sexual misconduct but not the leader of the party lying about it and refusing to take the consequences.”

The consequences are falling on your rubber sword, hiding for a bit then reappearing back in political life.

Shagging okay, lying not okay!

Ms Scott in a fit of civic duty brought the record to the attention of police after Sheridan won his case against the News of the World four years ago.

At that point, he had won £200,000 in the previous court case against the News of the World.

She regarded his alleged perjury at that time as:

“a crime against me and my comrades and the whole of the SSP.”

She added:

“I was doing my duty by reporting that crime.”

Actually, the alleged crime is perjury in front of a jury not the SSP, a touch dramatic.

So, the odds seem to be stacked against Tommy Sheridan and his wife Gail and it will be up to a jury to decide his fate.

The couple deny all the charges and the show goes on.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

I'm wondering why Ruth Black, who defected from ssp, has not been cited as a witnes in this case.
It was pointed out to me a while back that Ms Black was seen in the lgbt centre in Dixon Street, apparently shredding evidence in relation to this matter, could this have been incriminating evidence that could have put TS behind bars, or even kpet him out.
Soon after this Black defected from the party to another party thinking she was squeaky clean.
Lothian & Borders Police did interview her on a number of occasions about this, even in her time as manage of the Glasgow LGBT centre she was quizzed by detectives from the L&B force in relation to this.

It may be argued now though, given Ruth Black's recent events where she herslf has been the focus of police attention in relation to her own serious problems, the crown may decide she is an unreliable witness in connection with this case given recent events brought on by herself.
Will be interesting though to see how this story unfolds over the coming weeks, if not months.

Anonymous said...

cant understand Gail subserviant behaviour who "STANDS BY HER MAN"................baffled as he is obviously been lying bigtime

Anonymous said...

i think that given the recent evidence at the High Court, Tommy Sheridan looks well and truely shafted....hope hes got his fakebake fir the big hoose...they dont allow sunbeds in there Tango Tommy so pack plenty of fakebake....just like the rest of you FAKE