Saturday, October 2, 2010

Corrupt Foreigner Anton Muscatelli floats ‘rights’ to bolster argument for Graduate Tax, anything to divert why poorest Scots shut out of university

Dear All

There is a saying:

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."

Corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli of the human rights abusing Glasgow University wants a Graduate Tax to prop up his failing university ranked 128th in the world by the Times Higher Educational League Table.

This will effectively shut out the poorest Scottish students from higher education leaving more room for the rich and foreign students to fill places.

Muscatelli is very much taking the unionist view.

He now as part of the funding debate comes out with what must be the weakest unworkable proposal to bolster the unionist Graduate Tax I have ever heard.

Scottish students unhappy with the standard of education they are receiving should be given the automatic right to switch to another university.

Such an idea won’t work across a wide range of subjects like Dentistry, Medicine, Veterinary medicine were access to these and other subjects are by interview only.

The “automatic right” touted by the corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli is smoke and mirrors to fool people that choice is being offered when none exists.

Anyone with even a limited understanding of how a university operates knows that Muscatelli’s plan is doomed to failure.

For example only so many students can be taken in and trained during a medical year.

And budgets are set.

To further justify this nonsense he says that allowing fee payments to follow disaffected students this would drive up standards of teaching.

Again, standards of teaching are particular to the person doing the teaching, if you are poor now fee paying isn’t going to do a damn thing. People aren’t going to start teaching better because the students pay for it.

Other people have come out and said the proposal argue it could lead to a two-tier system which benefits older more established universities.

This is because a more established university opens more doors for a student by their reputation, rather than the quality of their teaching, the old boy’s network still exists.

At Glasgow University, over the last 30 years, every Principal including the corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli has been a member of the same private invitation only club, the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

This idea seems to me to be a desperate attempt at diversion so that the funding debate doesn’t address that the poorest Scottish students will be shut out of university.

Muscatelli talks about choice, I would ask him to reason why he was involved in covering institutional bullying, harassment, discrimination, malpractice and criminal fraud?

You can read that here.

My view is the answer is simple; he and his senior Glasgow University management were quite happy to allow stealing from the poorest in society because they could get away with it and Holyrood isn't fighting to protect the rights of working class people.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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IainGray4FirstMinister said...

Mr. Laird,

I see Alex Salmond isn't doing anything to help Mrs. Jaconelli being thrown out of her flat.

Do you think it is fair she is offered £30,000 for her home were she has lived for 34 years?

Do you agree with Alex Salmond that it is "appropriate" how she is being treated?

The SNP are a party of Tartan Tories and big business.

Alex Salmond sides with big business over ordinary people and Mrs. Jaconelli is being ripped off.

I see no SNP People's champion is coming to her rescue.

What a pity Mrs. Jaconelli isn't a benefit cheat then Sturgeon would go to bat for her.