Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tory Candidate Ivor Tiefenbrun enters the Maryhill/Springburn MSP race, his Glaswegian ‘fuck the lot of you, I’m standing’ attitude could win votes

Dear All

The standard way to try and win an election is to be nice to the voters, kiss babies; shake plenty of hands, smile and get your photo took with a senior politician as an endorsement.

Tory Candidate Ivor Tiefenbrun has decided to do away with traditional election strategy and use an unusual approach for Holyrood.

It is simple, describe Scottish Voters as being “so thick”.

Unfortunately for poor Ivor, they are not thick enough to vote Tory.

As a Tory party Holyrood candidate for the new Maryhill/Springburn seat, he hasn’t thought this strategy through properly, if at all.

He blatantly says that Scots are "so thick" for hating Margaret Thatcher.

Margaret Thatcher is rightly despised and hated by Scots; she destroyed whole communities and left many a place as a wasteland.

So, what does it say that the Tories should select Ivor Tiefenbrun as a candidate?

Limited choice of limited talent methinks.

So, is this a man of the Maryhill/Springburn community speaking out?


Ivor Tiefenbrun lives in affluent Newton Mearns and it is a lovely place.

I looked it up on google maps, two car family, nice garden, white stonewash walls and it is a character property.

Now, Ivor is facing calls by critics to make an "unreserved apology".

Fuck that for a game of soldiers Ivor stand your ground.

One MSP is saying he was not "fit to be a candidate" for Holyrood because of his comments.

But of course Ivor is fit to be a candidate; he has invoked the ancient Glaswegian tradition of saying ‘fuck the lot of you’.

Ivor was born in Glasgow, totally acceptable for a Glaswegian to speak out standing for a Glasgow seat.

He knows like everyone else standing against the Labour Candidate Patricia Ferguson, MSP for Glasgow Maryhill that he is really just a paper candidate.

Better to be known by the people as a cheeky bastard than as an ass kissing sycophant, might get him some votes if he makes a fight of it.

He will have to be careful down in Possil in case he gets a bottle rapped round his nut but that is the same for people from other political parties.

One party activist in the Glasgow North East by election nearly got hit on the head by a full bottle of budweiser, some thick bastard hadn't the brains to drink the contents first.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

A full bottle of bud, a crime against humanity, Ivor could educate them to drink the bevy first then throw the bottle. Bloody good booze wasted.

Anonymous said...

I thought Ivor was an Englishman, though I know, no-one can slag off Scots, like another Scot.
Which I think, really sucks!
Ivor Tiefenbrun, get some loyalty and support your country, or is that just for negative, football hooligans, personally I don't like Bud, I prefer Guinness!

George Laird said...

Dear Anon

Ivor is born in Glasgow.

Nice to see someone so deluded entering politics, he has a Nicky Fairbairn quality about him but without the style.

"Ivor is outspoken, irreverent, highly opinionated, a brilliant and original thinker, and one of the most fascinating conversationalists either of us has met".

John Atkinson & Robert Harley

These two missed out man of clay!

Disappointed he stepped down, cowardly action on his part.

But then he is from the 'Nasty Party'.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University