Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tommy Sheridan case produces a ‘new star’, former MSP Rosie Kane easily defeats Sheridan in mano-a-mano legal mental combat, Sheridan floundering

Dear All

Tommy Sheridan case saw a 'new star' emerge, former MSP Rosemary Kane.

As an aspiring legal eagle and eager beaver Tommy Sheridan took on former MSP Rosemary Kane in legal combat mano-a-mano.

He lost, as I continually say he needs a trial lawyer, everyday it is like reading about car crash TV.

Rosie Kane was giving evidence in the witness box relating that she “took bets” in the Scottish Parliament about the identity of an unnamed MSP involved in a tabloid sex scandal.

Standing on the moral high ground of ‘it’s not me and I am having a laugh’ she wandered around Parliament talking to people about the News of the World story.

There was a mention of giving 500-1 odds that the person at the heart of the story was Conservative leader Annabel Goldie.

I am sure that Ms. Goldie will be pleased that she is so highly thought of that she would be considered worthy a bet.

Ms Kane during cross examination said “not in her wildest dreams” did she think it was about her party’s leader.

She told Sheridan:

“I had heard about the News of the World article and I have then gone into parliament having no clue about what was about to unfold. Thinking it was a bit of a joke, I had gone round taking bets about who it was, saying Annabel Goldie 500-1 and stuff like that”.

She added:

“I even came to you and asked what you thought. At that point I had to be taken out of parliament and asked to shut up. I was saying, ‘Who did you think it could be?’ I was blaming… everybody. I was having a laugh.”

She said she was taken out of Parliament and told to shut up by former Scottish Socialist Party MSP.

Sheridan in a fit of mental madness asked the witness what was funny about the situation.

I think everyone can see the funny side of a sex story whoever is involved because it is funny and it is chip paper wrapper unless someone wants to make a big deal of it.

Kane said:

“It was a joke, Tommy. I used to be someone you used to get on with. It was a joke.”

And then Kane dropped a Hiroshima type bomb saying:

“Carolyn told me it was you.”

Doesn’t Sheridan know how to ask questions so that he gets the answers he wants?

Like a man drowning and clutching at straws Sheridan then asked the witness if she was still involved in the amateur dramatic society.

What relevance has this to do with the matters at hand? Is he looking for help for future job opportunities post trial?

Is he thinking of doing panto?

Kane replied to the accused:

“Are you?”

Kane slapped Sheridan down like a bitch.

In trying to throw dirt to muddle the water and raise doubt Sheridan’s cross-examination regarding a gathering of key SSP figures which he claimed it was a “secret meeting”.

How does he know it was secret if he wasn’t there?

Kane rubbished that claim by describing it as a “gathering of friends” at someone’s flat which she said Sheridan had been invited but did not attend.

This is another example that demonstrates that Sheridan needs a trial lawyer.

I don’t think he is up to the task, as I previously said, he will need more than Glaswegian patter to win.

When asked about her recollection of the meeting, she said:

“Tommy, it’s six years since and I have lost two jobs, two parents and I have got a grandwean coming. It’s not the biggest thing in my mind, so on you go.”

Tommy Sheridan isn’t the most important person in her world but she is one of the most important to enter his, she might be the person who sends him to jail.

More madness followed when Sheridan asked why she did not try to speak to him directly about the claim made by colleagues that he was the unnamed MSP who had visited a sex club.

She said:

“I didn’t feel that I could, given what it was about. It was disgusting. Tommy, it was traumatic. I was working with women who had been caught up in a trafficked situation. This flew in the face of everything that we stood for… it wasn’t a wee thing, Tommy, it wasn’t a faux pas.”

Talk about putting your foot in it, Sheridan ever heard of doing background research?

Sheridan and his wife Gail, both 46, deny all allegations of perjury against them.

Kane says that ‘The possibility of doing a Hugh Grant was discussed’, I think given what is unfolding down at the Court, Tommy Sheridan should think of doing a ‘Ronnie Biggs’.

Sheridan VS Kane in my opinion produced a clear win for Rosie Kane and the Crown Office.

Mano-a-mano, she verbally kicked his ass and rode him like a bitch from the witness box.

Sheridan is mentally on the ropes, tiny whities pulled down; tongue hanging side of the mouth, eyes rolling, gasping like a fish out of water, both arms hanging over the dock.

Sheridan and his wife Gail deny all allegations of perjury against them.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Mr. Mxyzptlk said...

When Tommy gets the costs of his case it will financially finish him for life.......

Its the Unionist way

George Laird said...

Dear Mxyzptlk

I have spoken to Tommy Sheridan on a few occasions, he seemed likeable.

Leaving the merits of the case aside, I am concerned with the fact he has a young family.

This case isn't going well for him, he needs a trial lawyer.

One day people will listen to me, I keep telling people they are fucking up but still they plough ahead politically.

Even when I give them a solution, head first straight into the shit.

Politics isn't full of the brighest and the best.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with you Mr Laird viz the legal representation.

I suspect a jury in the first trial thought they were bloodying Rupert's nose. Perjury being such a common thing in court, and so rarely prosecuted, they may well have expected their deliberations to be the end of the matter.

I think it is heavy handed of the state to have brought this prosecution. The jury is always right even when its wrong. And if an odd jury cannot acquit someone who has clearly broken the law now and then ( say a vigilante householder), then why do we bother with the farce of juries in the first place?

I too have encountered Mr Sheridan and alas do not share your view of his likeability, but he did at least represent those who voted for him(for which I respect him greatly ). Oh how much better would our democracy be if that were as common as unusual sexual peccadilloes among our elected representatives.

Anonymous said...

How many cocks did 'Rosie' chew?

calgacus said...

It's possible some of the allegations against Sheridan are true, but it's obvious most of them weren't since all charges against Gail and 6 of the 12 against Sheridan were dropped.

Rosie Kane and the other SSP MSPs would never have been elected without Sheridan - there would never even have been one single, united left wing party in Scotland for long enough for them to get any MSPs if it wasn't for Sheridan.

If you're quoting Kane accurately here her implication that Sheridan was having sex with trafficked sex slaves - or doing something morally equivalent - is shameful in the extreme, because if he did anything, it certainly wasn't that.

It's also proven by their own testimony in court that the News of the World paid George McNeilage for his dodgy video and testimony and it and Black and White publishers offered Anvar Khan money to say she'd had "drunken sex" with Sheridan. So likely other witnesses were paid too.

If Sheridan was guilty of any of it he should have dismissed the News of the World allegations instead of going to court, but i also suspect the 'United Left' faction jumped at a stick to beat Sheridan with.

calgacus said...

i'll concede it's possible a 'swinger's club' could be a front for a brothel - but i've heard no evidence suggesting 'Cupids' is that - though that doesn't rule it out