Monday, October 11, 2010

Holyrood 2011 campaign descends into farce as Labour attack puppy MSP John Park whines like a little girl about Andrew Fulton and Ivor Tiefenbrun

Dear All

In all political parties there is usually someone who keeps an eye on candidates and activists to see they keep out of trouble.

The typical person is usually some type of sycophant who displays the characteristics of a jobsworth.

Intelligent enough to do the work but not too bright fits the bill nicely.

Their job is to protect the political brand and keep candidates and activists from speaking out even to the extent of speaking the truth.

Allowing members to speak the truth in public isn‘t a human right political parties sign up to.

The public have to be presented with an artificial view of a person rather than what they are really like because most political parties don’t trust their members.

That is why they have a Code of Conduct to silence dissent and punish people who step out of line.

I call it “artificial unity”.

And they are all at it.

“Artificial unity” doesn’t work and a party can tell that by the way it keeps getting panned politically at the ballot box.

Politics isn’t filled with the best of the best.

Now, the chairman of the Scottish Conservatives, Andrew Fulton is facing questions over his judgment after he helped promote a candidate forced to resign after branding Scots “thick”.

Is Fulton’s judgement faulty?

I won’t say so over the Ivor Tiefenbrun issue, Tiefenbrun says Scots were “thick” for believing Margaret Thatcher was bad for Scotland.

I have read that other politicians said they didn’t mind Thatcher, I do.

In trouble making mode Labour MSP John Park who gets the paper title, Labour election campaign director said:

“It’s clear Mr Tiefenbrun was not a rogue candidate, but someone favoured by the party hierarchy. People need to ask serious questions about the judgment of the chairman of the Scottish Conservatives.”

Should ex MI6 spy Andrew Fulton take any notice of a Labour attack dog or in Park's case Labour attack puppy?

No, not really, who is John Park, a political nobody who will be directed by London Labour come the Holyrood election.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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