Monday, October 4, 2010

East Coast Weasel, Labour MSP Iain Gray wants a triple whammy for the Scottish public, higher council bills, poorer services and longer waiting times

Dear All

The East Coast Weasel, Labour MSP Iain Gray thinks he has found a political winner to sweep him into power at Holyrood.

The idea is simple, higher council tax bills under Labour.

So, his ‘Unique Selling Point’ is a triple whammy for the Scottish Public, high Council bills, poorer services and you have to wait longer.

And he thinks this is a vote winner?

One point that the East Coast Weasel Iain Gray is right on is that the current tax freeze is unsustainable and cannot continue whoever forms the net Holyrood Government.

As a sweeter to the electorate, he says that rises will be capped but as we know with the Labour Party, they will say anything and do another if it suits them. It is currently touted that Councils want a 3% rise which if Labour is elected will be shaved to somewhere in the region of 2%.

Aim high and when the lesser figure comes in, claim the credit.

What is really required is reform of local government so that they are geared in the same way as private business, making profit to plough back into the community.

Why can private business make a profit but a Council can’t?

Iain Gray is also floating the idea that if he wins the most seats he would try to govern as a minority administration but is leaving the door open probably post Holyrood election to do a deal with others.

By others, we are probably talking the Lib Dems.

Council tax was a key issue at the 2007 Scottish election and could be again because the present system which is so much favoured by the unionist parties is unfair.

The highest burden falls on the poorest in society.

A Local Income Tax (LIT) is by far a more fairer system.

Iain Gray said:

“It does not look to us that the council tax freeze is sustainable. In the circumstances in which they find themselves, councils should have that share of the £70m. They have to have as much flexibility as possible. I don’t think local authorities should be free to put their council tax up as much as they feel like it. We are saying they ought to be given their freedom to set tax locally.”

In the interest of the Council not the people, let’s get that right.

On the figure of 3%, he weaselled out by saying:

“I’m not saying what figure I think [is best]. I think that if we were easing off [the freeze] it would be reasonable to set parameters on it. Councils should have to explain very carefully what they’re using the money for.”

When pressed the East Coast Weasel ducked out, a little pressure seems to have that effect.

You can’t find out what Iain Gray actually stands for or what he will commit to, just what he whines about.

Glasgow Labour Council leader of Shame Gordon 'free dinners' 'Matheson said he wants to retain the additional £70m but still ram up the tax as well. More money for Labour donors?

That won’t happen.

Labour controlled Cosla, the council umbrella group wants a capped rise of 3% but this is the thin edge of the wedge as steep increases would then follow and the public won’t see any benefit.

More money in Council Tax rises would be funnelled to private companies boosting their profits.

In what must be a remarkable turn around in political history; Derek Brownlee Scottish Tory finance spokesman opined:

“Labour created the biggest financial mess our country has faced for generations. Now Scottish Labour want ordinary Scots to pick up the bill and pay for their mistakes. It’s the same old story. All Labour offer is more tax and waste. But at least they now have a council tax policy: higher bills for all.”

A Tory defending the poor, this shows how obscene the Iain Gray proposal is, a Tory can’t stomach it.

If Councils want the additional money from Government, then they have to freeze the Council Tax.

Local Government needs reform to operate as any other business model that generates a profit; the profit should be used to make the quality of life of the local community better.

All East Coast Weasel Iain Gray wants is to widen the poverty gap to try and ring fence Labour votes of the poor.

He ain’t helping anyone and fooling no one.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Anonymous said...

I wonder how many people will die when Iain Gray cuts the Scottish health budget? Health is only safe with the SNP.