Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Staff at the University of Guantanamo Bay, Glasgow plan industrial action against greedy senior management who have grown rich on taxpayers’ cash

Dear All

It seems the fat and bloated University of Glasgow is facing a staff revolt because of job losses.

The current Principal, corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli isn’t a leader of men.

Isn’t a leader of men and can’t save jobs.

It seems the myth of Glasgow University employing the best calibre of personnel can only be sustain by myth alone!

Action proposed by staff could see disruption to student admissions and the marking of resit exams.

Perhaps Glasgow University greedy and corrupt senior management should consider taking pay cuts having grown fat and bloated on taxpayers’ cash.

Although people will lose their jobs in the faculties of education, biomedical and life sciences and an archaeological department, we should remember that most of Glasgow won’t shed tears for staff at this human rights abusing organisation.

It seems that Glasgow University like Glasgow City Council works on the cronyism principle.

For example every Principal for about the last 30 years has all come from same private invitation only members club.

There is also a history where jobs are specifically earmarked as internal vacancies only.

David Anderson, president of the university branch of lecturers’ union UCU Scotland said Glasgow was not struggling financially which is probably right as they have people sitting on the board of the Scottish Higher Education Funding Council.

That way, they get the cream while other institutions get scraps.

Anderson said;

“The illusion created by management is that these cuts are all based on an assumed deficit in each particular area, at a time when the university is operating at a surplus and is recruiting to senior management positions. We view these redundancies as back-door cost-cutting that will create intolerable working conditions for those remaining in the university. We want the university to immediately withdraw the threat of compulsory redundancies.”

He is of course wasting his time but he should stick in the vain hope that he might get a few concessions.

Professor Richard Cogdell, from the university’s Biomedical Research Centre, takes a less charitable view of Glasgow University senior management incompetence;

“This has not been thought through. We are trying to organise courses for the coming academic year for hundreds of new students, but we don’t know who will be here to teach them.”

He added;

“Losing staff will be counter-productive because it means academics currently involved in research will have to spend more time teaching, which will have a negative impact on the research profile of the faculty.”

Maybe Cogdell should transfer over to the greedy senior management like the corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli.

You can read about him and his corrupt senior management here.

Pauline McNeill, Scottish Labour MSP for Glasgow Kelvin joined in the condemnation of job losses, there is a Holyrood election next year.

She said;

“It is alarming that cuts of this magnitude are being proposed. I will be seeking a meeting with the university principal as soon as possible to discuss the rationale behind these proposals.”

Oh dear, didn’t the Labour Councillor who sits on the University Court flag up these problems?

So, what can McNeil do?

Have a cup of tea with corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli and watch as staff troop out the door to unemployment.

It seems that the road from the University of Guantanamo Bay, Glasgow isn’t looking good for some.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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