Saturday, May 29, 2010

Baron Jack Wilson McConnell of the Motherwell Pigsty, of the Wishaw outhouse, in the North Lanarkshire Labour wasteland finally gets ermine

Dear All

The longest time to deliver a bribe in modern Scottish political history is now over.

Former first minister of Scotland, Jack McConnell, has been made a life peer.

McConnell who bribed out of office to make way for Wendy Alexander is “delighted”.

No peerage for Wendy Alexander a shame!!!!!

McConnell said;

“My first priority continues to be my constituency in the Scottish Parliament and I will balance my roles in both institutions”.

That must be news to the people of ‘pigsty’.

McConnell famously said that that Motherwell was a ‘pigsty’, it was dirty and untidy and he is the MSP.

So much for sticking up for the muckers!

McConnell added;

"My experience and understanding of devolution, coalition government, international development and peace building will prove useful in the House of Lords and I will do what I can there, standing up for Scotland but helping shape Britain too."


McConnell joins a long list of Labour hacks, John Reid, Helen Liddell, John McFall and Tommy McAvoy.

Even fake class warrior John ‘daft workie come good’ Prescott is getting ennobled and he described the Lords as ‘vermin with ermine’.

£335 a day in allowances and of course travel expenses just for signing in, must have changed his dullard mind.

So, what name will Lord Jack choose?

Baron Jack Wilson McConnell of the Motherwell Pigsty, of the Wishaw outhouse in the North Labour Lanarkshire wasteland!

The people in Motherwell must be so pleased, not!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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