Thursday, May 27, 2010

Glasgow is open for business but not for bum, both cheeks must be kept tightly shut, po-face Labour Councillors of shame ban taxi ad

Dear All

The self styled moral guardians of the City of Glasgow, the Labour Council of shame have spoken.

They have no shame however when giving jobs and contracts to Labour Party members, family, friends and Labour donors.

Or using official cars to take them to football games!

But the sight of a woman’s ass on advert for new trainers makes the tribal Glasgow Labour Party fly into action.

Three Labour Councillors of shame banned a Reebok promotion that promised a better bottom and legs because it featured the word bum.

Yes, bum in Glasgow is off limits.

It seems that Glasgow is open for business but not for bum, both cheeks must be tightly shut.

But if bum is off limits why are the Labour Councillors of shame making such an arse of themselves?

Despite the fact that this is an international ad campaign shown all over the world, the po-faced moralists have passed Victorian judgement.

One bright spark said this;

‘why there were legs in an advert for running shoes and “why do they need to go right up to her backside?”

Why do legs go up to your backside?

Because if they didn’t then they wouldn’t be attached to the Torso and people would have to crawl along the floor.

And think of the mess that would create!

Committee member Ann Marie Millar playing the role of Marie Antoinette queried the relevance of the advert but when the ­proclaimed benefits were explained, she said that as she did not wear trainers, she “wouldn’t know”.

What about pie eating, does she know the benefits of that?

To put it in context of how backward Labour Councillors of shame are the EasyTone ad campaign is the biggest TV spend of any sports brand since 2004. You can see it displayed on billboards in New York, Boston, Berlin, Barcelona and Madrid.

Places of culture.

When the applicant for Greaves who wanted the ad to go through questioned about the double standards of allowing taxis to advertise lap dancing in the city, he was instructed to stop talking.

Then he was thrown out as the Glasgow Labour Councillors of shame had enough of him exercise free speech.

That is Glasgow Labour Mafia democracy in action.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

George...I wonder what the new leader of the Liebore Council will say to this serious turn of events. Out of control Liebore councillors stopping business.

Anonymous said...

She has got nice legs, it's a good ad.

Anonymous said...

Bums will be wide open when the full council hears of this outrageous behaviour in Glasgow. It is a front to rear end democracy.

Anonymous said...

People can't say the banana republic of Glasgow is democracy. Nice story made me chuckle lardy.

Specky Tam fae Govanhill said...

Big man.... there is a lot of support for bum among councillors in Glasgow no what I mean in that. Some of them love it.

Harry hung like a horse said...

What is the matter with using a bird from Glasgow as the model? Why do we get a beautiful woman when someone with no teeth, bad acne and arse the size of a house with Gers tats could have played the part.

Mind how you go.

Tiptoe Tinkerbell said...

Why doesn't the advertisers redo the ad.

You get a woman who is late for a date wearing sensible shoes realising she has overrun timewise, so she nips into a sport shop and gets a pair of trainers, then tears through Glasgow.

She makes it, highlighting how quick the trainers made her, and she says 'I am not giving up getting banged like a taxi door tonight, buy ...'

Wummin will have the shop under seize.