Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Glasgow Labour Councillor of shame Liz Cameron erupts in anger at workers wanting fair treatment at Culture and Sport

Dear All

It seems that the Glasgow Labour Party is upset about workers at Culture and Sport going on strike.

The failing charity that runs galleries and museums in Glasgow is run by Bridget McConnell.

And we should note, she pulls down a whopping £132k a year.

In return, she gives us a third rate provincial service.

So, into the breech steps Labour Councillor of shame, Liz Cameron, chairwoman of Culture and Sport Glasgow to accuse the unions of trying to maximise disruption to families and visitors to the city.

So, what’s the problem with that?

After, Cameron and McConnell, the ugly sisters in this panto are trying asking workers to work overtime for plain time and wanting them to stomach a pay freeze.

Brian Smith of Unison asks a couple of splendid questions;

“Why is this company in such financial strife? Is it because of financial mismanagement or is it that the organisation was set up badly in the first place?

Why is that Bridget?

Perhaps given the difficulties, the entire board and senior management should resign having lost the confidence of the staff.

Maybe the staff could be replaced with people with experience of running leisure facilities and no connections to the Labour Party.

Labour Councillor of shame said;

"Faced with a choice between changing the way we work, to reduce costs, such as overtime, or protecting jobs and services, the unions have decided to go on strike."

What she fails to grasp is that the people who are already on low pay will suffer most.

She added;

"In light of the financial crisis faced across the public sector, the time has come to ask the unions what they would prefer - job cuts and reductions in services, or changes to the way we work which help to protect both? The unions have made it clear that they want to disrupt services when the people of Glasgow value them most. They want to disrupt high-profile events which have helped to put Glasgow on the map. What they will not do is put forward proposals which will help to protect both jobs and services."

Given Culture and Sport have managed themselves into this position, why should staff trust them?

As to disrupting high profile events, this is a good idea because it sends a signal to Bridget McConnell, stop taking people for mugs and start working; you’re nothing special and won’t be missed.

Brian Smith finishes on a pertinent point;

"It is worth noting in all this that Culture and Sport Glasgow is the only part of the 'Glasgow family' (arms-length council bodies) that has said it will have a pay freeze”.

Perhaps this maybe because less members of the Glasgow Labour Party and their relatives are employed there!

As I previously blogged, Bridget McConnell is a liability that Culture and Sport can no longer carry.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

She'll be on £30,000 a year. Nice.... She does look a bit like an explosion in a paint factory though.

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