Saturday, May 29, 2010

Labour Councillor of shame and Glasgow University product in expenses row, fury at Liz Cameron blowing £14,000 in expenses travelling the world

Dear All

A few days ago I rattled on a post on Culture and Sport dispute;

Now, Labour Councillor of shame Liz Cameron and Glasgow University product finds herself in an expenses row.

As chair of Culture and Sport and as city councillor she has ran up nearly £14,000 in expenses and overseas travel.

So, where has she been on your money?

New York, Rome, Paris, Norway, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Singapore!

A Marketing Bureau spokeswoman said;

“Bailie Cameron is charged with selling Glasgow to the world. Convention business was worth £131m in the last year and more than 2.4 million tourists generated £620m for Glasgow’s economy. It is churlish to suggest that we can achieve this from within the confines of George Square.”

Are we to seriously believe that Liz Cameron brought 2.4 million tourists to Glasgow?

It seems that the Marketing Bureau is another travel agent for the Glasgow Labour Party as they jet around the world.

One can only wonder what the staff at Culture and Sport think of this, as she tells them to stomach a pay freeze and overtime cut.

It seems that nothing is too good for ‘Partick Lizzie’ and she is having it, paid for by us.

Yesterday, some of Culture and Sport was on strike, more are planed, as the city struggles under the heel of the Labour boot on the necks of the workers, but ‘Partick Lizzie’ is alright;

Vice Chair, Glasgow City Marketing Bureau (remunerated) - £14,781.Vice Chair, Glasgow Cultural Enterprises (remunerated) - £6,335.
Councillor Glasgow City Councillor (remunerated) - £16234 salary

Plus perks and goodies.

A spokesman for Culture and Sport Glasgow said;

“We must make savings of £3.4 million in the current year.”

Here is a suggestion, get rid of ‘Partick Lizzie’ and get in a better chairman.

The Glasgow Labour Party really is taking the people of Glasgow for mugs!

Another Glasgow University product exposed, explains why she doen't give a toss about the workers' plight at Culture and Sport.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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