Sunday, May 30, 2010

Corrupt Foreigner Anton Muscatelli at the University of Guantanamo Bay takes 5% pay cut as a gesture while 80 staff are to be sacked, truly pathetic

Dear All

It seems that Corrupt Foreigner Anton Muscatelli has started a PR exercise along the lines of, ‘I feel your pain’!

He is taking a 5% pay cut.

How unoriginal of him copying UK Government Ministers.

The amount is £12,500, which won’t save a single job.

This year the University of Guantanamo Bay is expected to make a £6 million surplus so clearly the 80 jobs could be saved but won’t.

Corrupt Foreigner Muscatelli will push this through rather than come up with ideas to generate more income.

He hasn’t any ideas and less we forget any clown can sack staff to cuts costs, Toilet bowl economics, easy, quick and requiring little thought.

Mary Senior, general secretary of the UCU Scotland union is representing lecturers, she is onto plums if she thinks she can save jobs; Guantanamo Bay is just copying other institutions.

The Glasgow branch of UCU Scotland is already voted in favour of a ballot on industrial action but to be effectively, they need to plan for a long and sustained strike if the threat of job cuts is to be lifted.

Senior says;

“We have argued all along there is no economic case for job cuts at the University of Glasgow and these figures really underline our position. The management must face up to the fact that there is no reason to slash jobs, with the inevitable damage to staff morale and the learning environment. The message from the union is clear – the university must withdraw the threat of compulsory redundancies, or members will have no choice but to take action to defend their jobs and the quality of education.”

Laura Laws, the ineffective president of the University of Glasgow’s Student Representative Council, said students had to be “pragmatic” about the job losses.

Message to the staff, piss off, no help here, the SRC may have stuck in their 20 minute protest to boost their C.V. but that is the extent of their stint on the barricades.

Laws said;

“I would rather no jobs were cut, but we have been told to expect up to a 20% cut in government funding over the next two years. We have to be pragmatic and make sure that as few staff as possible are affected and education is protected, while not bankrupting the university”.

Like a sycophant she has taken the easy way out, any trouble is obvious too much trouble for her.

The idea being punted is that Muscatelli’s cut of 5% is understood the decision is a gesture to show the rest of the staff he is prepared to lead from the front when cuts are necessary.

Muscatelli is no leader of men .

When institutional bullying was going on at Glasgow University; Muscatelli took very much the role of the ‘coward in the foxhole’, he is no man of honour.

Read it here.

The people getting sacked will take no comfort that Muscatelli is giving up a measly 5%!

UK Business Secretary Vince Cable described the salaries of university principals as “out of touch with reality”.

As is Muscatelli’s moral compass, corrupt foreigners shouldn’t be running Scottish Universities.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Anonymous said...

You're right George, 5% is a bloody joke when people might lose their jobs and the possibility of their homes. These people are effectively made unemployed for life unless they move elsewhere.