Saturday, February 20, 2010

Teary Gordon Brown pleads for forgiveness and promises “A Future Fair for All”, lies, lies, lies, fairness doesn't exist under the Labour Party

Dear All

Gordon Brown is making an appeal to former Labour voters today to forgive his past mistakes.

He promises “A Future Fair for All”.

Have you ever heard such contemptible crap?

The Labour Party is the party of greed.

The Labour Party is the party of discrimination.

The Labour Party is the party of rich.

Despite so many relaunches the message keeps coming back from the public, they don’t like Gordon Brown.

Do we want five more years of self serving greed and discrimination?

The gap between rich and poor is at widest in 40 years and grows year on year.

Everything they touch is a complete mess from the economic to immigration, everything is a ruined.

In a recent interview the public were subjected to a teary Gordon Brown talking about his personal circumstances, has he ever attended the funeral of a British serviceman killed in either the Afghan or Iraq war?

Now, his back is to the wall and defeat looming at the ballot box, we get ‘the road to Damascus’ experiences from him.

Under Labour, fairness doesn’t exist, it is a sick joke that was bad first time round.

Being from and being brought up in the Labour ghettos of Glasgow, I despise the Labour Party.

Brown is admitting ‘mistakes’ but when pressed what mistakes he won’t answer.

He can cry and apologise as much as he wants, everyone hates him with passion.

Gordon Brown has turned Britain into a sewer, a country so corrupt and rotten that the term ‘broken Britain’ isn’t a soundbyte but a hardcore reality.

In England the choice is between a Tory Tory or Labour Tory, not much to choose from but we can all have the satisfaction of putting Gordon Brown out of Number 10.

We can all play a part in killing his dream of being returned as Prime Minister.

That is a little bit of fairness we can all enjoy.

In Scotland, the most important thing is to vote SNP, that way in a hung Parliament, Scottish people can have the pleasure of getting rid of him.

One thing Brown should remember is that there is no forgiveness or forgetting either.

He’s history, a stumbling block to the future, cry on that.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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