Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Labour Government Minister Phil Woolas abuses and threatens Christine Pratt, she will regret her actions, evidence of bullying?

Dear All

The Labour Government has declared jihad on Christine Pratt.

She is facing concerted campaign to discredit her and her organisation.

Phil Woolas, the Immigration Minister, launched an aggressive attack on her by suggesting that she would be regretting her actions.

Is that a threat?

What does Woolas mean she would be regretting her actions?

Didn't the Labour Government state they don’t tolerate bullying?

So, why is a Minister of State issuing threats over the radio?

Woolas added;

“I think this attack on him by this prat of a woman down in - where’s she from, Swindon? - I think that’s backfiring on her."

Ed Balls, Brown’s ally said;

“I’ve known Gordon Brown for 20 years and at no point has it ever occurred to me that Gordon Brown is or would ever be a bully”.

Balls, himself was branded a bully in autumn last year.

Journalist Andrew Rawnsley brought the allegations into the public domain via his book, The End Of The Party said;

“What they have not denied on behalf of the Cabinet Secretary is that he had a conversation with the Prime Minister about his behaviour ... one person’s idea of a verbal warning could be another person’s private word.”

One thing I would believe is that Christine Pratt should watch her back, as Labour Minister Phil Woolas says; she would be regretting her actions.

It seems that the Labour Party has declared open season on this woman for speaking out that her organisation was contacted three to four times by Number 10 staff about bullying.

I can’t see Gordon Brown calling off his attack dogs as he didn’t do it with Tony Blair.

It shows how bad things are for Labour when a Government Minister of State should publicly threaten a woman.

The sooner Gordon Brown is kicked out of Number 10, the sooner the ‘years of terror’ can be put behind us.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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