Wednesday, February 10, 2010

'Son of Thatcher', David Cameron follows the unionist line, 'scots are too stupid and poor' to run their own country, English leadership only

Dear All

The Tories are dead in Scotland.

They have 1 MP in David Mundell and the odds are they are not going to make him Scottish Secretary.

David Cameron said;

"dreams of an independent Scotland will remain dreams".

The views of the rich English Tory Millionaire are important as they signal how his future Tory Government will act in the Scottish colony under their control.

Of the leader of the Scottish Government, Cameron accused him of living in "a perpetual episode of Braveheart" and claimed the SNP was "taking people for fools".

Braveheart was a film, never an episode which in outlandish Hollywood hokum depicted how Scotland and its people were treated under English rule.

Cameron is basically following the unionist line of Scotland and its people being, too small, too stupid and poor to run our own country.

The Tory says that only an Englishman can run Scotland.

The attack on Scotland only highlights further the case for independence for Scotland.

Everyone remembers Thatcher, now 'Son of Thatcher' thinks he can carry on her work.

There is no ‘respect’ agenda by the English Tories with regard to Scotland; it will be the same as Labour by diktat.

SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson said;

"This is a huge pre-election blunder by David Cameron. The Tories have wobbled on spending at Westminster and he has just put his foot in it in Scotland by admitting that they plan to impose a triple cuts whammy north of the border”.

The future of Scotland is to be a free nation once again, devolution didn’t kill the aspiration of the people to be free, it allowed them a step closer to see, we can run our own affairs, ‘we aren’t too small, too stupid and too poor’.

This General Election gives the people of Scotland the chance to send more SNP Candidates to Westminister and make Scotland a Tory free zone.

It is time to let our English political oppressors know, the union is dead.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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