Monday, February 15, 2010

Labour MP David Miliband doesn't have the good grace to wait until the corpse of Gordon Brown goes cold at General Election, he wants him out now!

Dear All

It is never too early to start your campaign for the leadership of your political party, I once had a conversation with the ‘future‘ Prime Minister of Scotland in a kitchen, I was eating ham and tomato sandwiches at the time.

Down at Labour Central even before Gordon Brown has been pronounced dead by the voters, David Miliband has started his leadership bid.

He is embarking on a nationwide tour to network and drum up support so when the time is right and so many people are openly speaking out against Brown, he will be waiting in the wings.

In the recent Hoon and Hewitt coup, it took Miliband 8 hours to pledge his ‘loyalty’ and when it came, it was like lukewarm soup.

David Miliband bottled out of joining the plotters.

So in his bid to be the ‘der leader’, he is holding a public meeting in Hammersmith, West London, inviting voters to ask him about subjects far outside his international brief.

So, will Miliband succeed?

I would think not, he isn’t that popular and the ‘Son of Blair’ act won’t wash either, he is disliked.

The running joke is that Miliband is prepared to meet the common people to be leader, what a star!

It is rumoured by party activists he will turn to the ‘opening of an envelope' if he perceives a personal political advantage’.

The other donkey in the race to replace Brown is Ed Balls, so for Labour, it is a case of who do you least despise?

When pressed on what Miliband is up to his spokesman said;

“It is not secret that there is about to be an election campaign. David Miliband is going out campaigning. He is trying to secure a Labour victory, not running a leadership campaign.”


Miliband isn’t a conviction politician, he is a salaried politician, every now and then he yaps from his kennel.

Just to let us know he is still around, his meetings are all about seeing if someone will throw him a bone!


Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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