Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Stroking up and enflaming people’s fears; David Cameron dangles the spectre of a successful Brexit vote leading to the breakup of Britain, talk about clutching at straws, Scottish independence has come and gone on September 2014, Nicola Sturgeon lost, we paid in £5 million a day, what do we (the poor) get for our money David?

Dear All

It seems that David Cameron is not so certain of getting enough people to vote to remain in the European Union.

Have a read of this incident:


The situation in Europe has spiralled out of control, this is dangerous, and it will get even worse, I was blogging how ‘civil war’ in Europe is a possibility because politicians have lost control by sending mixed messages.

Angela Merkel in my opinion has damaged Europe like no other person since the end of the Second World War.

Each day our papers and online media are filled with stories of how things right across the continent are collapsing, we have had the Swedish murder of a young woman, the Paris Attacks and the sex attacks in Cologne.

The far right in Europe is rising, not just in a single country but in all countries.

As readers to the blog know, and my back posts prove I am a big supporter of the EU, this is despite its problems such as not being able to balance their books, the lack of reform, and the various incidents of corruption by politicians fleecing the system.

I didn’t like it but was willing to stand by the organisation, however the European project is going down in flames, and the human cost is being met by the poorest in society. Forget the rubbish spouted by politicians who try and pretend these people are nice and that they are all doctors, dentists and engineers, forget the staged photo ops as media tries to find a child in distress wading through water alone as several adults stand in the background.

The sum total of this has caused this migrant crisis to get worse.

David Cameron is saying he is engaged in project fact, but he has warned that a vote to leave the European Union could increase the chances of Scottish independence.

This is scaremongering and this is untrue, the two issues are separate, the majority of Scots do not wish to leave the UK, we know this because of 18th September 2014, and the people don’t trust the SNP with their future.

The White Paper hailed by SNP List MSP Joan McAlpine as a document just as important as the American Declaration of Independence was junk, 650 pages of tat which some people lost part of their lives by reading cover to cover.

The Prime Minister said that the issue was a “concern”.
A “concern” only in his mind, the rest of Scotland has moved on post indy, Scottish independence came and went in September 2014, now it is settled for a generation.

Nicola Sturgeon has been screaming about a vote to leave might trigger a second referendum, it is a hollow threat, in case you didn’t get what happened in the fiscal framework, Sturgeon was given the ‘loser’s prize’, which she accepted.

Now she isn’t campaigning for Scottish independence, ironic is it not someone claiming to be a ‘nationalist’ and not campaigning for independence!

Cameron said:

“It is quite clear there are politicians in Scotland saying that a referendum to leave the EU could put that under question again”.

That is only the SNP.

He added:

“So I would say if, like me, you care about keeping our United Kingdom together, that is yet another reason to vote for staying in a reformed EU, rather than having uncertainty and instability in the relationships inside the United Kingdom.”

That is a poor argument and not worth considering when people vote on this issue in June 2016, as Europe burns, why stay tied to the burning ship. David Cameron’s attempt to get a deal for Britain ended up a failure. I thought prior to starting this he would fail and because there isn’t the political will in Europe, he did fail and spectacularly.

European politicians laughed at his requests, and he didn’t get want people of Britain wanted, he didn’t get control of our borders.

If anyone is fighting a rear guard action, it is David Cameron running a “Project Fear” campaign; nonsense that it takes about a decade to work out trade deals with the EU is risible. Claims by Conservative Ministers holidaymakers could be stranded abroad amid successful Brexit vote again utter rubbish. The nonsense by Defence Minister Michael Fallon that we would be more in danger if we left the EU, such tripe that we should question is suitability to be defence minister, does he expect us to believe that European states part of Nato would withhold intelligence of terrorist attacks in Britain because we left the EU?

It is interesting that the very wealthy are all ‘coming out’ of the woodwork to support Britain staying in the EU, so ask yourself this question; Britain pays in to the EU circa £5 million pounds a day in membership fees, what do we get for losing this revenue stream?

Of course, you can’t judge whether to stay or go based on simple monetary concerns, you have to look at the wider picture.

Read this piece:


Incidents like these are finding their way into the public domain, money is important, but quality of life is more important, and seeing Europe slide further downwards because of the inaction of the political elite is depressing.

Who speaks for the ordinary people who have been ignored?

We have to change Europe by the British vote on continuing our EU membership on June 23rd 2016, and I am beginning to feel that the overwhelming vote could be towards Brexit!

The only way to regain control of Britain’s borders is to vote to leave!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Usual pish George...pictures only of the 10% who are women & kids, but now one of someone in a wheelchair. They really are pathetic.

This doctors, dentists crap has never washed with me either. It was a trainee medic who tried to blow up Glasgow airport FFS!...Cameron, Nasty Nic etc seem to forget some of us have got memories. They should be fucking ashamed of themselves for encouraging people to vote for EU while this is going on. I was for EU aswell until 4-5 months ago, but its way beyond a joke now. The financial stuff becomes of less importance if we are invaded by this mob once they get passports and society breaks down with civil war, women & kids being assaulted etc. And nobody in UK should be under any illusion that it wont happen here. I am certain that this time last year you would have been sectioned for suggesting what has been allowed to happen in Germany. Look at them now. I think we are shielded quite well in Scotland so far, as there are many problems down south but not on the scale of Europe....yet!!

Total nightmare, with more to come. Meanwhile Merkel & her pals go home to their ivory towers with 24hr security. They simply dont care...time to stand up and get rid


Freddy said...

The fact that people like Rupert Murdoch and Boris Johnson and lots of Tories support leaving makes me more inclined towards voting yes George.

Anonymous said...

Just checked info on Glasgow airport attack scum, one was a doctor, and other was an engineer. Just confirms this 'oh they're professionals' pish.
Yeah they're professionals alright...professional fucking terrorists!
Maybe someone could point this out to oor Nicola incase shes conveniently forgotten the facts again. That wouldnt be like her now would it!!!


Anonymous said...