Wednesday, March 9, 2016

SNP Leaders Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon’s con trick exposed, SNP Government’s stats clearly show how weak the case for independence actually was, I wonder how many Yes Neds are waking up to the fact that they endangered Scotland and their families, Scotland was saved by Better Together volunteers who braved the hatred and abuse

Dear All

In an alternate universe Scotland was independent; Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon won with a huge majority.

Then the majority started dropping, a wee Yes Ned gets told his dear old mummy is dying and she needs a lifesaving operation, he runs out of his house to Sturgeon’s office, he bangs on the frantically on the door.

Sturgeon comes out, he relays his problem, Sturgeon gives him platitudes and his mummy dies because she is so far down on the waiting list of a crippled Scottish NHS.

In this universe the same Yes Ned doesn’t lose his mummy despite the hatred he and his cohorts lashed on the people who fought for Better Together, because they stood up not just to protect Unionists but everyone.

Do you remember the lies told by the leadership of the Scottish National Party; one of the classics was that we are one of the richest nations.

So, why is Nicola Sturgeon imposing cuts, in Glasgow alone; she is robbing people of £82 million in resources, affecting kids and the elderly! Nicola Sturgeon has never stood up for Glasgow, and she never will.

A key part of the lie agenda sold to the gullible who thought that they would be getting nirvana, a land of milk and honey was that oil revenues would make Scotland rich. The SNP based their calculations that a high oil price would easily service all of Scotland’s needs and there would be a surplus to fund things like higher benefits.

The myth second oil boom by Alex Salmond was a disgusting con trick; he says that in the future the price would come back up, just to be clear, he didn’t know when, not much of a guru.

New figures show that Scotland generated less tax per head than the rest of the UK; this is Unionist propaganda from down south this is according to new official Scottish Government statistics.

Where would the Yes Neds be now if Scotland had voted for independence, living on reduced benefits and probably stabbed in the back by Sturgeon doing 40 hours a week on a US style workfare!

Trapped forever with no hope, no qualifications and no future, but we should remember everything at present isn’t rosy in the garden, but it would be a damn sight worse.

The oil slump pushed Scotland nearly £15billion into the red according to the annual Government Expenditure and Revenues in the Scotland report. You think you pain, think of a Scotland wiped out financially, having to get a bail out and being forced to sell off its assets like Greece.

A whole country crippled for decades while Nicola Sturgeon and her cohorts live the high life like Robert Mugabe’s entourage in Zimbabwe.

There was no planning for independence in Scotland; we know this as we had the ‘white paper’, 650 pages suitable as toilet paper in an emergency, or starting a fire or using as a hat or even wiping your nose if it was runny.

What the white paper couldn't be used for was a blueprint for a country despite what SNP MSP Joan McAlpine said about how powerful and wonderful it was.

During the independence referendum, the SNP screamed about Scots' paying higher tax contribution as evidence of the country's economic strength, but that wasn’t the whole picture, it was done to mislead people.

You see not only do the SNP hold Unionists in utter contempt, they also hold their own supporters in the low esteem.

Kezia Dugdale, the Scottish Labour leader, said leaving the UK would have had a "devastating impact" on Scotland's finances, forcing cuts to spending on schools and hospitals.

The human cost would be more dead people and more people left to suffer longer on waiting lists.

Your mum, your dad, your family!

Dugdale is spot on when she says people were misled by the SNP in the run-up to the referendum and that is unforgivable.

Murdo Fraser, the Scots Tory finance spokesman chipped in to accuse the SNP of trying to "con" voters with over-optimistic estimates of Scotland's oil revenues.

And as I blogged from start to finish in the Scottish referendum, the SNP were running a huge fraud on people.


"These figures shed new light on the SNP's deception before the referendum. Had their con succeeded, we would now be only 15 days away from separating the most successful political Union in history in favour of a leap into the dark. If the SNP had any humility, it would apologise to people in Scotland for trying to dupe us two years ago."

The SNP won’t apologise because they always say their lies were said in ‘good faith’, but as we are seeing in the SNP ranks, they aren’t many people who could claim the ‘good faith’ alibi.

Nicola Sturgeon in trying to deflect from the crash of oil said, Scotland's onshore economy was "doing well", with revenue growth of 3.2 per cent.

She said:

"Taken in the context of the wider economic environment, which has been impacted by muted global demand, falling oil prices and more difficult conditions for manufacturers, the economy has remained resilient with record levels of employment, positive economic growth and growing exports. This shows the foundations of Scotland's economy are strong and that we have a strong base to build our future progress upon."

What a load of meaningless pap.

She added:

"Despite the fact the onshore economy accounts for more than 90 per cent of Scotland's output, Scotland is clearly not immune to the problems being felt by the oil industry internationally. It is important to bear in mind that these are figures from just one year and while we are doing what we can to mitigate these problems, this needs immediate action from the UK Government."

How exactly is she mitigating the problems?

In SNP speak this is them writing a letter to the UK Government to call for more money and tax breaks, Sturgeon’s crew aren’t doing anything, they aren’t saving jobs anywhere whether it is in shipbuilding, oil or food. When something goes to the wall in Scotland, the SNP can’t save it, remember the Prestwick Airport deal, a black hole with no solution.

To show what passes for ‘help’ in the SNP for the oil industry Deputy First Minister John Swinney wants the UK Government to cut tax, he says that will make the North Sea more competitive globally.

And to show he doesn’t get it further Swinney added:

"I am also urging the Chancellor to remove fiscal barriers for exploration and enhanced oil recovery, to implement fiscal reforms to improve access to decommissioning tax relief and encourage late life asset transfers, and urgently consider additional non-fiscal support - such as government loan guarantees - to sustain investment in the sector."

So, to all Yes Neds, no need to save thank you for saving Scotland, no need to apologise for your disgusting behaviour, no need to apologise for being politically unaware and ignorant.


Because your apology isn’t worth hearing, your stupidity would have cost lives, maybe your dear old mummy suffer a long slow painful death as you stood there impotent unable to get help because Nicola Sturgeon crashed the Scottish economy.

And if you thought that Nicola Sturgeon would ride to your rescue to save mummy, just check out the Govanhill ghetto, she helps no one, all your work, all your effort and you couldn't work out that by not thinking for yourself how much and easily you were misled by her and Salmond.

The word for day is …… mug!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Freddy said...

Just seen her on telly George saying nothing but soundbites, you can always tell when she don't want to answer a question her lips go very thin. I do wish the Scottish media wasn't so supine towards them.

coldwaterjohn said...

I think your sentence, above, needs a "not" between"this is" and "Unionist propaganda"

"New figures show that Scotland generated less tax per head than the rest of the UK; this is xxx Unionist propaganda from down south this is according to new official Scottish Government statistics."

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