Thursday, March 10, 2016

‘SNP Women will get things done’, Audit Scotland highlight Nicola Sturgeon’s abject failure as a leader, the Scottish Government's own NHS reforms lack competence and vision, now the NHS suffers with the whole system creaking at the seams, real-time budget cuts and increasing demand, how’s the social engineering gender experiment working out Nicola?

Dear All

I wish to take a bow; I wish to bask in the reflected glory of being ahead of the curve concerning the Scottish National Party, a cult, a party within a party and more importantly a ‘rat ship’.

Regulars readers know I have been highlighted over some years the fact  that there is a genuine lack of talent in the SNP, this is due to the mindset in the party which is akin to ‘inbreeding’.

The SNP is made up of various little anti British groups not interested in a better Scotland but solely in the breakup of the United Kingdom and pushing their own various little agendas at the expense of Scotland.

the Scottish Government’s own GERS report showed that the case for Scottish independence was a massive fraud on the people which would have crippled Scotland for decades if we had voted Yes!

And you can add to that the leadership of the SNP, Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon would have let that happen, endangering not just your family but everyone’s family in Scotland.

Now, today, new day new damning report, new scandal of the party which claims to be ‘stronger for Scotland’, this time, we are talking about the SNP mismanagement of the Scottish Health Service.

There truly is a lack of leadership provided by the Scottish Government to realise their own ‘vision’ for the future of the NHS because there is no deep thinking and the SNP jump from issue to issue for political gain instead of focus on the job in hand.

Audit Scotland, the nation's official public spending watchdog has led the charge by saying the SNP government hasn’t explained how it expected its ‘grand plan’ to put into effect or can explain what the cost implications actually are, in SNP land everything remains "unknown". Unknown by a lack of leadership and unknown by a lack of work or ethos to do a good job, the SNP have been trading off the wits of others, never taking the time to learn.

The lack of leadership just leaves things hanging in the air in the hope that a spare miracle comes along and someone else sorts out the problems, this is no way to run a government.

Instead of protecting the Scottish NHS, we are seeing real terms decreases in NHS spending over the last five years. The scandal of on-going cuts to council budgets also pose risks into making progress to deliver more home based services for the elderly to let them stay in their own homes rather than hospital.

If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well, as I stated in the past as a former member, I witnessed how jobs were passed off to someone else to do or when done, done badly, Scotland isn’t ready for independence and the SNP who have lived on borrowed time aren’t really fit to be the government.
They’re crap!

If you take the Scottish Government's much trumpeted policy of merging NHS and council social care budgets under new care partnerships, why is that not running properly? Things don’t run properly because the Nationalists are loading Scotland up with small minded people who cannot think for themselves.

Politics in Scotland has been dumbed down by the way the SNP leadership conduct business, stupid is the new third way!

Caroline Gardner, Auditor General, said:

"An ambitious vision can be a catalyst for change but, without a clear and detailed plan of action, there's a risk that ambition is overtaken by circumstances. The Scottish Government must produce comprehensive long-term plans for realising its 2020 Vision".

Experts know the SNP is bad for Scotland, ordinary people know the SNP is bad for Scotland, although education can help you learn things, it struggles when it comes to getting lack of ambition and laziness out of the individual.

The 2020 Vision is the name given to the Scottish Government's strategy for looking after the growing elderly population by enabling people to live more healthily in their own homes.

This is to cut costs and to push the problems on to families to take more of the burden off the NHS, people by enlarge want to be in their own homes which is understandable, but they shouldn’t have to suffer as a requirement for that choice.

As I have mentioned, lack of leadership and lack of vision which all adds up to the Audit Scotland report saying:

"This lacked a clear framework of how it expects NHS boards and councils to achieve this in practice, and there are no clear measures of success, such as milestones and indicators to measure progress. The cost implications of implementing the 2020 Vision are unknown and there is a lack of detail about the main principles of the policy. There is also slow progress in developing the workforce needed for new models of care and a lack of information about capital investment to support the 2020 Vision."

In my idea for Police Scotland, the system would have been better, the SNP changed it and made a complete pig’s ear of it, then they loaded the SPA board with some of their cronies who used it as a ‘meal ticket’, akin like giving someone a ‘day out’ of the house.

Audit Scotland also adds regarding the latest debacle from TeamSturgeon that the transformational change required to make the vision a reality is not happening and the "Scottish Government needs to provide stronger leadership and a clear plan for implementing" it.

So there you have it, ram it through, not understand the issue, step back and hope that someone else with do the work and if not then criticise them and use sound bites coming from Nicola Sturgeon such as ‘SNP women will get things done’.

To show how things are getting away from Nicola Sturgeon’s pal, The Health Sec Shona Robison, the report highlights concern about the lack of analysis to show how much things cost and how well they work. It further draws attention to the Scottish Government tactic of using "multiple short-term funds to help local bodies implement change.

In other words lurch from crisis to crisis, and use money as the band aid. Again as I said in the past, short term vision, but short term vision doesn’t provide the level of funding or certainty to make large-scale sustainable changes. This means in the long run things will cost more and burn time and resources as well, all because Sturgeon cannot manage a government or appoint the right people to the right job.

In February, I wrote the blog post ‘your-granny is going to have to die, a month later we have Audit Scotland report telling us what we already know about Nicola Sturgeon’s lack of leadership, if she can’t get the rubbish lifted in the ghetto of Govanhill she represents, why should anyone have any expectations about her ability.

Nicola Sturgeon is  a shallow hollow vacuous woman who is completely out of her depth, her politics are garbage, she lurches from crisis to crisis, she surrounds herself with unthinking drones and the nastiest people in Scotland politics and her stupidity is crippling Scotland.

Your granny is going to have to die may not be a million miles from the reality.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

The SNP have been talking about visions for years in everything single thing they attempt.
Most folk call it daydreaming. Everytime I fill in a lottery slip I have the same kind of vision.
Good God, I could be hailed as someone who is "visionary" just like OOR ECK or WEE NIC.

Anonymous said...

You know what is really onnoying, George? It's those forums where people continually point to the "Vow" as the reason Scotland voted No. That's bollocks. People could see that the arguments for independence were shallow and based on emotions rather than facts.

Now Audit Scotland has shown just how useless the SNP have been in Government. Sturgeon and the Westminster mob do not want independence. It is easier to be in a form of opposition, rather than taking full responsibility.

Sturgeon came out with more bollocks, when she effectively dismissed the poor oil revenues which have now caused a deficit. The "underlying" figures? Politico-speak for things are buggered up, but we don't have the honesty to admit this, and we don't have a clue how to resolve things.

I'm currently using the NHS due to some urgent medical issues. The staff are fantastic, but the resources are very tight. Even today, the NHS person I was dealing with was taking emergency messages (part of their role) and she mentioned just how difficult it is for them.

This May will be the final high point for the SNP. With any luck, things will go rapidly downhill for them afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Shona Robson's qualifications. ...... Stewart Hosies wife.
"We need a woman for a top job" and Stewart got in first. Fact.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately George, the mentality of those who continue to keep their heads in the sand will continue. They are beyond reason as they have bought into the SNP rubbish and now realise this, but are unwilling to put their hands up and admit they were wrong, hence the totally ridiculous arguements they make and then have shouting, name-calling and aggressive behaviour as back-up when all else fails.

As long as the majority wake up and vote them out we will gradually get our country back, but it may take a long time to repair the damage done.

And i dont think there has been nearly enough intensive coverage in the media during the past few days regarding this. Had we voted Yes, this country would have been deep in the shit...serious shit, yet the coverage on tv has been minimal and weak in my opinion. These muppets could have destroyed our country FFS!!!


Anonymous said...

David C Bannerman ‏@DCBMEP · 13h13 hours ago

An independent Scotland would have started this month - and been immediately bankrupt

Jo-Anne Donaldson said...

Thank you. Well spoken. High time we give SNP the boot

Alex T said...

The "SNP" cult have been doing the door chapping and leaflet delivering on 3 occasions this week in Stirling. They know that they have been "Found Out" and are now in a panic to try and keep voters. I can only hope their "Disciples" have realized that they have been drip fed lies for years and don't re-elect these incompetent BAMS in next time.

Anonymous said...

will their shite never end?