Monday, March 14, 2016

The Great Escape: Inept Nicola Sturgeon loses dedicated Councillor Marie Penman who quits SNP and accuses party HQ of ignoring bullying, Nicola Sturgeon’s scumbag husband Peter Murrell fails to ride to the rescue of an allegedly bullied female, what happened to protecting women Nicola?

Dear All

One of the themes I have blogged on is bullying in the Scottish National Party, as part of that theme, I said that the SNP HQ run by Nicola Sturgeon’s husband Peter Murrell ignores bullying and discrimination.

When I was in the party, the National Secretary of the SNP, William Henderson setup a complaint about me where he was also the complainer.

After I complained about the human rights abuse and farce, he resigns as National Secretary not long after, William Henderson is a piece of shit.

What isn’t widely published is the fact Sturgeon’s husband along with his wife also falls into the same category, evil nasty little vermin. You wonder why the cybernats are so nasty and brutal; it is because these people surround Sturgeon.

In a new development, an SNP politician has quit the party and launched a blistering attack on bosses who she accused of covering up abuse and bullying in local branches.

I was complaining way back in 2011.

Marie Penman, a councillor who was convenor of the Kirkcaldy SNP branch and ran the Yes campaign in the town before the independence referendum, said she had been the victim of a "campaign of hate" waged against her by another senior branch member.

This is par for the course in the SNP; the party is made up of various little factions and akin to a gang like culture.

Penman says the party headquarters knew about was transpiring in the branch since she first complained in June 2014.

She had received acknowledgements from Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh, the SNP women's officer, and party chief executive Peter Murrell.

If she went to Sheikh and Murrell she was onto a dead loss there straight away, equally a complaint to Derek Mackay or Ian McCann would have seen no action either based on my experience.

With no action being taken, the situation got worse leaving the ‘unity party’ exposed for what it is in that area, a "bitterly-divided group, full of hatred and recriminations."

This is a template of the modern SNP, the party within a party, a cult self-absorbed with their own greed and personal advancement. As the branch got worse, Penman
resigned as convenor and seven other office bearers also resigned, allegedly due to infighting.

In resigning Ms. Penman said:

"The people who voted for me in the by-election last year may feel disappointed that I am no longer representing the party they voted for. However, in all conscience, I simply cannot belong to a party that allows aggressive, bullying behaviour to go unchallenged. I asked for help and support from SNP HQ on numerous occasions, but was ignored. When I tried to find out how to formalise my complaint, I discovered that the SNP, as a party, has no policy on bullying in its constitution, and therefore no process in place to deal with it. Sadly, the SNP in Kirkcaldy is now a broken and divided party. There are still some good people involved, but their voices are drowned out by the very vocal minority who form a bullying clique around the person I complained about. I feel nothing but relief to be walking away."

The SNP reply is quite revealing by what it doesn’t say:

"We’re sorry that Marie struggled to feel at home within the SNP, but wish her all the best for the future."

I wonder how many people reading this will come to the conclusion that bullying is institutional in the SNP?

You can’t blame people like Marie Penman for being sucked into believing that the SNP are a party of decent people, they tricked me to, I freely admit that I was conned.

Still isn’t it nice that someone has managed to make a ‘home run’ and escape from them, Marie Penman has learned a valuable life lesson even although she is an experienced college lecturer, when you hang around with scum eventually they will turn on you.

Nicola Sturgeon and her husband Peter Murrell are ‘rats’, I have said this till I am blue in the face, and I will continue to say it because if there is a single person in Scotland who doesn’t know this then Scotland is all the poor for it.

The SNP Cult only acts to protect members of the cult, no one else.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

WELL SAID GEORGIEBOY thank god you are around to expose this filth

Wonder if the fateful faithful know that the man porking Nicola is english

Anonymous said...

Sell by date approaching George. She looked like shit yesterday & Swindley got hammered on QT on thursday. Theyll be elected again in May coz its still all westminsters fault you know!! They are becoming desperate tho which is not good...loose cannons spring to mind.
And what about that Hosie muppet yesterday when talking about the EU ref & saying.."england can do what they want but we're going nowhere"!!! Now I'm no lawyer, but i dont think that stance would hold much water in court...and even if it did, it certainly aint going to be looked on favourably by the "powers that shouldnt be" in Brussels. What a total child..."IF YOU DO THAT TO ME THEN AM NO PLAYIN WAE YOU EVER AGAIN" is essentially what hes saying here. What a complete prick...


Anonymous said...

Funny how these things work, these gangs and cults. They're all like this, bloods and trips, ISIS, university 'SJWs', Al Muhajiroun, all these with their own fagins (SNP has Sturgeon and Salmond), draw a few much younger lost souls that are malleable enough to take advantage of, you're either in (unquestionably good and benevolent according to groupthink) or out (evil degenerate who is detestable for some reason or another), you cut off from friends and family who are unbelievers, step so much as a toe out of line (such as seeing anything positive in outsiders or foes) and you're in serious trouble with the cult.