Wednesday, March 30, 2016

‘Help us Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re our only hope’ Camp stupid followers suffer major setback after a disastrous court case in front of Lord Turnbull, where is the shop soiled white hope of Dreghorn; Nicola Sturgeon, imagine going to court, waffling and then getting upset when you lose, freedom always comes with a cost

Dear All

Every now and then a story pops up which gives you a chuckle, and a good laugh, one such story which wouldn’t even be a footnote in history is the saga of #campstupid.

Camp stupid was Holyrood’s first and possibly last Indy camp on its grounds, it was only a matter of time before the entire thing would end up in Court and low and behold, it did.

As the residents of camp stupid found themselves taken to court when ‘reason’ failed, they put up a less than startling performance in legal argument which from reports appeared to get right on Lord Turnbull’s tits.

Bad enough listening to a load of idiots, but idiots trying on the Perry Mason routine; what is that all about?

As the Earth turned and day turned to night that case was a loser, and the antics of the Indy mob grasping at straws was roundly mocked on twitter and other social media. The hearing was a disaster at Scotland’s top civil court.

Some people keep using this rather odd defence of ‘man of the land’ as if the laws only apply if they agree with them. ‘Man of the Land’ is sometimes used by people who don’t want to pay their TV licence, check out Google, there are some crackpots on there.

Having been soundly beaten like a dog, the camp stupid stalwarts have now taken to infighting among themselves.

Whatever happened to following the spirit of William Wallace?

It seems that the vigil for independence until the country leaves the UK at Holyrood is over, dead and buried and not just for a generation but forever and ever.

There appears in the aftermath a conflict around a list of 238 people whose names were put forward to the Court of Session. 238 people signed up as being party to the 'the sovereign and indigenous peoples of Scotland', now they may be getting a bill for signing their names to the paper. This relates to being liable for costs should the parliament win its eviction case.

And the way things are going, the Parliament will win its case, in law, people tell stories, but it is much better if you have a legal case which is water tight and backed by case law.

The camp stupid punters only appear to have a story, imagine this if these people turned up at your place, would they get to stay or would the court throw them off your land?

They would get turfed, so why did they think that turning up at Holyrood would be any different?

While in the SNP, I met many stupid people whose idea of independence was more like table dancing, singing songs and screaming, a load of diddies!

I find it funny that the 238 people didn’t know what they were signing up to, surely they must have taken legal advice or didn’t that compute?

Now, there is an order for the campers to provide residential addresses for all of the respondents to the court action.

And the Parliament will be sending the bailiffs round to collect the cash if the 238 don’t stump up the costs!

Last Thursday, Lord Turnbull said it was clear that home addresses would be required and gave seven days to comply.

Although this is correct, we could guessimate that Lord Turnbull having been subjected to a hellish afternoon in front of the members of a camp 'legal team', who are not legally trained is severely pissed!

Nothing like a bit of revenge, best served up Klingon style!

If the order isn’t complied with then matters take a turn for the worse, the prospect of contempt of court, which means a big fine as not to clutter up the prison system with ‘political prisoners’, and to spare the prisoners of the camp stupid doing a Jim Boyle sense of freedom event.

Basically that is covering themselves in human poo, going naked and walking around with a blanket for modesty.

One long-standing camp Member who left the settlement, said she was preparing to write to the court to accept full liability in a bid to free 238 people from "lies" and warned of a "dire" situation.

I wonder if she is financially okay since costs tend to be rather tasty, if she had the money, stayed in a council house, and wasn’t employed, the Parliament wouldn’t get a bean, and the old saying of ‘take it out of my arse’ is a doubtful prospect. I think the court will cast a wider net to encompass the 238 people.

So, you may wonder where is the shop soiled white hope of Dreghorn; Nicola Sturgeon?

‘Help us Ob Wan Kenobi, you’re our only hope’!

It seems that Nicola Sturgeon is nowhere near the great unwashed of camp stupid, no selfies, no sending over of pizza, no pie, beans and chips lunches in Parliament, no sing songs round the camp fire.

It is all terribly sad; the camp stupid mob possibly thought that as there was an SNP Government they could do what they liked; now they are finding out that Nicola Sturgeon isn’t in their corner.

What a shambles, and a terribly funny end, in this case, I would if Lord Turnbull say that the Indy camp must go, and not award costs to the Parliament, but if the Indy mob return and try the same crap, they will feel the full weight of the law and the costs which would be excessive.

Enough to make your eyes water when kicked hard in the nuts!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Stuart 64W said...

No one should have any sympathy for these knuckle dragging Nationalist bigots at


"The judge asks who counts as an indigenous person of Scotland. The camp rep says someone coming up from England to live here doesn't count."

#Civic, Joyous, Nationalism at it's finest!

Let them and the 'Scottish Resistance' be a millstone round the SNP's necks.

Incidentally here is a cracker of an article on the 'Scottish Resistance' , read it and weep!

"A few years ago, a leading member of the group attempted to occupy a bank in Glasgow, only to find that the branch had closed"

Freddy said...

I seen some of the stuff on facebook from them George comedy gold it was doubt the writers had a standard grade between them.

Anonymous said...

CAMPSTUPID 2 Has started in George Square , I passed it today Georgieboy.

I understand the FM was in the Chambers too , I wonder why she didnt pop out to say hello?


Sherbie. said...

I wonder whether we'll hear about this on the SNP channel STV. I see this rubbish tv station is always advertising it's new "app". I wouldn't touch that crap with a bargepole. So biased in favour of the SNP,,, the Nicola Sturgeon Hogmanay show proved that. Thank god for the BBC, warts and all.

G Laird said...

Hi Folks

I think some of people in tents are being used, it is a disgrace.