Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Racism in Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon becomes the first party leader to see her political party dragged into an employment tribunal for alleged race discrimination, Ex-SNP councillor Yen Hongmei Jin sues the Scottish National Party, is her treatment an example of fairness, equality and social justice Nicola?

Dear All

If you believe the hype of Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish National Party stands for fairness, equality and social justice.

That’s the hype and the hype is a lie.

When I was an SNP member, I brought complaints to senior people in the SNP, serious complaints.

Complaints were sent to the SNP leadership.

Alex Salmond, SNP Leader.

Nicola Sturgeon, then Deputy leader.

Peter Murrell, husband of Nicola Sturgeon and Chief Executive of the SNP.

Ian McCann, the SNP Corporate Governance& Compliance Manager

Derek MacKay, SNP's Business Convener (party chair)

So, what did these people who claim to stand for social justice do?

Absolutely nothing!

Now, click on this blog post of May 2012:


In that blog post, I sat and watched first hand as Adli Bhatti was subjected to the most disgusting smear campaign by someone close to Nicola Sturgeon and Humza Yousaf. Shona McAlpine, the Office manager of Yousaf was given carte blanche to be as nasty as she liked. This is the same Shona McAlpine named in my criminal witness statement against Tommy Ball who was convicted at Glasgow Sheriff Court last year.

There has also been a nasty vicious anti English group among the Nationalists which is pops up in the public domain forums such as twitter. The SNP leadership spent decade after decade preaching that everything is the fault of the English counhed in the terms of ‘Westminster’. In the past the SNP has also been known for being anti-Catholic with a bigot called Billy Wolfe in charge, he was up for stopping the Pope’s visit to Bellahouston Park in Glasgow.

Then there is the infamous Arthur William Donaldson who supported the Nazis, he was in favour in the event of a Nazi invasion of Britain to set up a puppet government akin to that of Vidkun Quisling.  As with any of the puppet states the Nazis controlled through-out the war, you could expect a roundup of the Jews, Arthur William Donaldson’s Scotland would have been no different.

In the SNP, there are four privileged groups that make up the SNP Cult, I have described them as such:

1/ Rich
2/ Muslim
3/ Sein Fein lite
4/ Homosexual

If you happen to be part of these four groups, you can expect special treatment; the SNP is a party within a party. Of course there are other sub groups but they are mostly used to serve the Cult. If you are in the Cult, then you can be heralded as a ‘rising star’.

To illustrate the point, a while ago, Nicola Sturgeon said that Mhairi Black was a future leader of the SNP, which group does she belong to?

Humza Yousaf was also propelled upwards in the SNP after working for the leadership, what group does he belong to?

If you have a complaint in the SNP, and you are part of the Cult, your complaint gets acted upon, if you’re not part of the cult, then your complaint get ignored for months and months, and sometimes not even acted upon or acknowledged.

Now, let’s look at the present, it seems that a local councillor who quit the SNP over allegations of racism has launched a legal action suing the party for discrimination. Yen Hongmei Jin claims party officials hampered her bids to become an SNP candidate in both the UK and upcoming Scottish Parliament elections because of her Chinese roots.

Ms Hongmei Jin said:

"I am disgusted with the SNP, it is no longer the party I believe in. It's not the people's party, it's not Scotland's party, they are just a party for themselves."

Who said that the SNP were a cult, a party within a party for several years?

You only have to look at SNP MP Natalie McGarry who has done a great job of exposing the ‘Civic Nationalists’ as a party of trash, at present it seems according to newspaper reports that McGarry has allegedly been served a writ over a vicious nasty smear of a Scotland in Union Director called Alastair Cameron.

In the SNP, the traditional smears are ‘paedophile’, ‘racist’, homosexual, and ‘homophobic’ usually done behind a victim’s back, and as I witnessed done by people connected to the SNP leadership.

The former SNP politician received an offensive email from an SNP member in February last year in response to an invitation to a Burns Supper she was organising.

The email stated:

"Bunch of a**eholes - supposedly Scottish too. They can stick their club right up their rectum for me. Pity we have to suffer them at Palmy."

When Ms Hongmei Jin reported allegations of racist behaviour by members to party officials as senior as chief executive Peter Murrell but no action was taken.

What does that say about Peter Murrell, well, I can venture an opinion, he is a rat, I have called him this many times in print along with calling his wife, Nicola Sturgeon a rat also, normally the partner of a political leader is kept in the background and beyond reproach, not Murrell.

Peter Murrell in my opinion should not be the Chief Executive of the Scottish National Party, but the party is as Ms Hongmei Jin says “they are just a party for themselves”. Murrell soaks up about £100,000 plus as Chief Executive while pissing on his own members who helped bring the party to government.

In a dramatic twist, it seems that Nicola Sturgeon will be the first party leader to have her political party brought before an employment tribunal in a case believed to be the first of its kind.

Oh goody!!!!!

The tribunal claim is the latest in a number of alleged racist incidents within the SNP, earlier this year; Dundee Councillor Craig Melville quit his post after being accused of sending hateful text messages to a Muslim colleague. And less we forget the long running saga of North Lanarkshire councillor Julie McAnulty accused of saying the party needed to get the "Pakis" out is still bubbling away now with Police Scotland involvement.

If Ms Hongmei Jin wins her case, this will look rather bad for both Nicola Sturgeon and her husband Peter Murrell; can Murrell hang on after this?


The SNP is a party within a party, it’s a cult, not a God cult, not a religious cult, it is a cult of stupid little small minded who operate using a political party for self-interest and gain, and then they get their relatives into employment as assistants or candidates.

Nicola Sturgeon is no leader of men, and it shows!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Freddy said...

Let's hope the woman takes them all the way George :)

W Walker said...

George in your article you refer to one of the 4 subgroups of the cult as homosexuals then later refer to smear tactics which use the term homosexuals asa pejorative....surely if gay people were part of the cognoscenti then homophobic stuff would be off limits....no.problems with the rest of a well argued case just this bit doesn't quite ring true for me .

G Laird said...

Dear Mr. Walker

"George in your article you refer to one of the 4 subgroups of the cult as homosexuals then later refer to smear tactics which use the term homosexuals asa pejorative....surely if gay people were part of the cognoscenti then homophobic stuff would be off limits...".

The groupings refer to the people that get 'special treatment' by the leadership, this may not extend to the rank and file, and usually doesn't. As I pointed out, party within a party.

"no.problems with the rest of a well argued case just this bit doesn't quite ring true for me".

I have the benefit of being a former member in Glasgow so I saw first hand how they operated, I was well known for travelling about during my time in the party which allowed me an overview denied to people less active.

Finally, have a think on this, when was the last time you saw the SNP leadership promote Christianity?


Anonymous said...

They are typical 'social justice warriors' George. Their ideals are based completely on contradiction. They protest about racism, intimidation & hate speech....by being racist & intimidating & using hate speech!!..& against anyone who does not share their views. We see excellent examples of this at Trump rallies, & during indyref. Total fucking morons.
Excellent post btw...


Ian Thompson said...

Hi George, their indoctrination of anti British hate makes it easy for them to recruit small minded people , I can't understand why 45% of my countrymen can't recognize this dangerous ideology ????
When is police Scotland going to start some prosecutions instead of never ending " under investigation " ???
Our once great humerus people are split and fractured , I believe beyond repair for decades to come and possibly to worsen ? SAD
Thanks for another great blog

Anonymous said...

sinn fein lite hahaha

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


Lorna said...

I think you are misrepresenting events here. I was at the hustings where Yen stood as a candidate for Dumfries and Galloway, and the simple fact of the matter is she was not the person that I considered to be the best candidate to represent me. Clearly this was the majority decision by the branch as she was not successful in her bid to be our candidate. There was no hidden agenda. The person that won the vote (Emma Harper) spoke with confidence, clarity and conviction and that is why she was considered by the majority of people to be the best candidate. This sounds like sour grapes to me I'm afraid.

I met Yen and her husband in Dumfries some time ago as they were trying to get signatures on a petition to send to SNP. One man signed the petition while I was there. I asked him what he was signing and he said 'I don't care as long as it gets SNP arseholes out'! I spoke to Yen's husband about the alleged email, because it is clearly taken out of context, and I wanted to understand who had sent it, to whom, and who was being referred to in pejorative terms. I was and still am no clearer about this now, despite having looked on their website to try to glean more information. What I did ascertain though, is that this email was not sent from SNP cabinet/executive/elected members, but from an ordinary member of the SNP. Therefore, although I deplore any form of discrimination, I cannot see how the views of a private individual (my understanding is that this was not an official party communication) can be blamed on the SNP. I would welcome further clarification of this.

I think, contrary to some of the comments here, that this is a biased, poorly evidenced piece of writing and I suspect that Yen will have little success in the tribunal. She should focus on working with her party rather than against it, and the fact that she isn't doing that indicates that the decision not to choose her as our candidate was the right one.

I note that the author must approve this post so I expect I won't be seeing it up there somehow!

G Laird said...

Dear Lorna

Thank you for an interesting post.

The reason for moderation is that some Nationalists like to post offensive comments some of which are defamatory and legally questionable, as your post doesn't, it goes up.