Friday, March 11, 2016

‘SNP Liar TV’, Nicola Sturgeon’s attempt to get control of the BBC in Scotland suffers a major setback as new poll shows 63% of viewers oppose BBC's plan for Scottish Six bulletin, if Scots are lucky the BBC will listen to the people of Scotland and not a grievance merchant attention seeker like Sturgeon, ‘we don’t want to see you Nicola’!

Dear All

It seems the majority of Scots including myself do not want the BBC to introduce a Scottish Six news bulletin.

SNP News or Sturgeon’s half hour of rhetoric appears to have even Nationalists baulking at the prospect. More than 60 per cent of viewers do not want the BBC to take away a quality news service production and replace it effective regional tripe which passes as a world view.

When you listen to the news, you want a quality product which is professionally done by experienced people.

The idea of a reporter on a windswept hill talking to Hamish the sheep herder in the pouring rain talking about the highland rural life is just not on.

Equally not on is a diatribe from Nicola Sturgeon cramming her face into every programme complaining and whinging about Westminster and refusing to answer questions.

'Liar TV' may make it onto youtube, but not BBC Scotland, Scots expect better and an in depth look how lacking in aspiration Holyrood is cannot be good for the soul.

We already know that Holyrood is the poor relation of Westminster when it comes to talent; you just need to tune and watch some of the buffoons on a microphone.

The BBC has been targeted continually by a Nationalist mob to introduce a Scottish Six news bulletin, they don’t want Scots looking out but inward, they also want control of the BBC in Scotland.

In the event of Scottish independence, the BBC in Scotland would have been closed down, deliberately destroyed by Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon.

Regional news on after the main news bulletin works well, Scots get the best of both worlds, and we want the best of both worlds as 63% show in the YouGov poll conducted by The Times.

When asked, "Thinking about how the evening news is broadcast on the BBC, which of the following would you prefer to see?" 63 per cent agreed:

"The BBC in Scotland should continue to show the same 6 O'clock News as the rest of the UK, followed by half an hour of specifically Scottish news aimed at Scottish viewers".

A further twenty three per cent agreed "The BBC in Scotland should show a different 6 O'clock News programme to the rest of the UK, with an hour of news aimed specifically at Scottish viewers, including international, British and Scottish news."

Fourteen per cent said they were unsure.

And in a slap in the face to Nicola Sturgeon, the poll flung up that backing for the new programme was also low among people who voted for independence.

It seems that even the hard core Nationalists are sick to the stomach of Nicola Sturgeon and who could blame them, she betrayed over indyref 2, she and ‘fat man’ lied during the Scottish indybid, and the Scottish Government run by TeamSturgeon is crippling the Scottish NHS and councils.

Cuts, cuts, cut spiced up with lies, lies lies, and then of course there are the elected SNP, some of whom have been found out to be not the best of the best. The Cult is looking rather ragged these days, Sturgeon is looking old and tired despite the failed attempt to look young, dynamic and caring.

Old, worn out and sodded!

Such is the objections to Sturgeon News that the BBC has received a string of complaints over the plans, 14,500 have now signed a petition against the Scottish Six plans and the objections are mounting.

The general feeling is that the Scottish Six will be 'a descent into inward-looking parochialism' as stated by Lord Forsyth, the Former Scottish Secretary. Alex Salmond has added his weight to the ‘destroy the BBC’ in Scotland by saying the new bulletin 'would aim to provide Scotland's window on the world'.

Scotland already has a window on the world, in fact in a global age, Scotland has many many windows on the world but the BBC is special, ‘it’s our BBC’ in Scotland.

Nicola Sturgeon told Holyrood the plan was 'a really exciting opportunity' but only for her and her ilk to try and get control of the editorial content, expect the SNP to complain about the new service if it goes ahead.

Why complaints, so they can call for a separate Scottish board which they can load with their cronies as part of their overall plan to attempt to get a devolved BBC.

The Plans for a Scottish Six are also not going down well in BBC Scotland which has seen upset over the turmoil.

BBC Staff are angry at an "insulting" internal document which, they claim, implies the present Glasgow-based news team is not up to the job. Also they are furious at having learned of the plans in a newspaper report. It seems the Scottish Six was a badly thought out knee jerk reaction.

The fact is regarding quality, the BBC does have better resources outside Scotland to produce a superior programme, the staff at Pacific Quay can produce a show, the question will always come back to the quality of the content, and the experience.

Hardly their fault!

I want a quality news service from the BBC not just for myself but for Scotland, we need to be looking out on the world, we can only benefit from the current setup.

The Nicola Sturgeon dominated news will not appeal and already does not appeal to the masses, even Nats don’t want to see their news tampered with and certainly not by someone as backward looking as Sturgeon.

In the movie ‘A Good Year starring Russell Crowe and Albert Finney, there is a classic line which could be applied to Nicola Sturgeon and her antics:

“You little shit”!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Give the channel 6 months and it will renamed Celtic and Rangers TV.
SNP have enough media coverage for their propaganda.
A real big disappointment for me is Andrew Marr. He treats SNP politicians with bland questions and asks nothing of note.

Anonymous said...

John Swinney got ripped apart on QT, and now there are accusations that the BBC brought in busloads of unionists!

If the SNP had control of a similar programe, there would be a compliant chair hosting the debate with a hand-picked audience and the only questions allowed would be those favourable to the SNP.

The SNP needs to stop being the party of grievance and start being one of governance.

Freddy said...

They should be saying no it's not feasible and public opinion is against it George.

Anonymous said...

I know what youre saying George in as far as them having control of a public broadcaster, but i'd go easy on the praise of the BBCs reporting quality. They are renouned these days for promoting certain agendas and have lost quite a few decent journalists in the past years. The distorted coverage of the migrant crisis, the last UK tv network to report the cologne issue, the failure to report properly on the gauntlet run by our truck drivers daily in Calais, not to mention all the cover-ups re savile etc. I could go on but see for endless examples...some trivial, but many raise concerns. You can accept itv, sky etc reporting rubbish as they are not funded by tax payers, but part of the BBC charter is to be balanced which they are increasing not being in many peoples opinions.