Thursday, March 3, 2016

Financially ass raped, unpopular SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon creates her own poll tax career ending event as she unveils double council tax increase for middle classes, a whole country is in the process of getting Scandinavian tax without the Scandinavian lifestyle, wait till the bills fall through the letterbox, then the anger will be real

Dear All

I wonder how many middle class SNP voters are waking up to the realisation that they are mugs.

You have got to laugh at recently events as Nicola Sturgeon failed to bring forward radical proposals instead opting for a halfway house in a failed council tax system.

I said in the past, and continually say that the SNP is a Cult, a party within a party, a party which will betray its own members.

And now it hits home to them, in the best possible place.

Not in the googlies, but in the most sensitive spot in a household, the money supply, it seems that Nicola Sturgeon is doing a cash grab on Middle-class households across Scotland with a two-stage increase in their council tax next year of up to £640 each.

It seems that as well as betraying the poor over equality, Sturgeon is betraying the rich over fairness, and having the cheek to waffle on about being progressive.

Yes, they will pay more money, yes, they will get lesser services but Nicola is suffering, she is circa £144k a year, two houses to live in and a huge raft of expenses to draw on, and of course there is the free food at events she attends.

So, apparently the reforms announced by Nicola Sturgeon are sold under the illusion that she is raising money for schools.

We already have schools, what we need is an education system that is fit for purpose, anything coming along the track about that beyond rhetoric?

Niet, nein, no and non!    

The top four of the eight council tax bands will be squeezed, and to add to the amusement, you can safely put a bet on tax rises in Scotland when the SNP get more powers.

Just think of it, for the first time Scots can pay Scandinavian tax without the Scandinavian lifestyle, the ghetto of Govanhill will not be seeing pavement café culture anytime soon. This will be the kick in the teeth to the wealthy for voting SNP, but Nicola is also extending the pain to Unionists as well.

Keep an eye for supporters businesses ‘getting an earner’ out of this, huge tradition in the SNP of their supporters accessing government cash.

There are 645,644 properties in Bands E to H across Scotland, so a hell of a lot of people are going to get shafted in the near future, if you take in the people who will be eligible for relief, it comes down slightly to just under 600,000 facing a double increase in their council tax.
What will further anger the punters is Sturgeon standing in rooms with handpicked supporters saying the rise is “reasonable and measured”. This will prompt much hand clapping as the idiots think they are involved in some kind of class war.

Scotland is so to be the highest taxed part of the United Kingdom; this will have a knock on effect regarding the economy, but let us not forget that many people will be losing their jobs in local government.

Did you like the 80’s, music, flared trousers and big hair, well welcome to the start of the wasteland, a new skintland, a new people punishing party. The SNP’s replacement for stamp duty has already dramatically increased the cost for larger homes, so the road to disaster has already been trod, more to come as Sturgeon has previously indicated she plans to increase income tax on the better-off.

In case you are worried about poor Nicola, don’t worry, she is minted to the hilt, plus who can forget the taxpayer funded expenses.

Council tax should have been replaced, but instead of being radical Nicola Sturgeon bottled it but the SNP did use the word ‘radical’ which shows a commitment to hoodwink the gullible.

Councillor David O’Neill, president of the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities, said he was “embarrassed” by Ms Sturgeon’s proposals as they “completely ignored” the recommendations of the Scottish Government commission of which he was a member.

Kezia Dugdale, the Scottish Labour leader, said:

“I live in a Band D property and earn £60,000 a year. I won’t pay a penny more under the SNP plans. What’s fair and progressive about that?”

So, what should this clueless shallow hollow woman have done in government?

Perhaps she should have been radical by deeds instead of just mouthing off words; yet again Nicola Sturgeon has proved she is a hypocrite, devoid of the truly big ideas and vision. A few posts ago, I blogged on Sturgeon accepting a ‘pig in a poke’ over the fiscal framework, now she has botched on council tax.

Scotland is now screwed!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Freddy said...

I've no problem with taxation George as long as it is relatively progresive, this is anything but. I also have no problem with the community charge the problem is a little revaluation of properties is well overdue if we are keeping it maybe with a few more bands. That won't happen as it would really annoy the middle class voters.

Anonymous said...

A tax grab on the "rich" is for firstly unfair and secondly a lie. I appreciate that there is no perfect system, but this is no fix.

I have a 4 bedroomed end terraced house which was originally a council property.

My next door neighbours have 1 room less, but our families are exactly the same in size.However my house is Band D and theirs is Band C. We use exactly the same council services including education. However, their household income is greater than ours.
If there is a revaluation (which I think likely despite Sturgeon's comments) am likely to be screwed. I cannot afford a large increase.

Let's not forget that councils are all allowed to raise the council tax next year by up to 3%. You can guarantee that every council will do so. Even the SNP controlled councils will do so as there are no elections to worry about.

The SNP are finally starting to be exposed as the incompetents that they are. No better than their opponents up here. Blaming Westminster all the time has no effect any more. Independence is only being talked about to try and keep the fundamentalists quiet. Some high profile members are now leaving - Craig Murray has publicly resigned.

Once the elections and the EU referendum have passed, I think the SNP really will start to fracture more publicly. Sturgeon in my opinion is not in control of the SNP. Nor can Salmond do much. Following his massive faux pas regarding Donald Trump, and given that Trump really could be the main presidential candidate, how on earth can Salmond possibly keep his role as International Affairs spokesman for the SNP? There is no one else in the party who could possibly maintain the levels of support.

Anonymous said...

STUNNING Georgieboy legend

Sherbie. said...

Refuse to pay Swinney's biased tax.

Sherbie. said...

You'll also see tax evasion rise too, I mean, who wants to let Swinney get his filthy hands on your hard earned cash.

Anonymous said...