Monday, March 7, 2016

Unfit to be an MP: Nicola Sturgeon’s pal, the odious Natalie McGarry has smeared a director of Scotland in Union by writing the organisation is 'run by holocaust denier', the Nationalists have form for targeting, labelling and smearing people, how many scandals does this make now for Natalie McGarry, she is a nasty vicious horrible wretched creature polluting Scotland's politics

Dear All

As people know I had to go through a very nasty court case last year where former SNP Organiser Tommy Ball pled guilty to posting tweets labelling me a ‘known paedophile’ among other things.

When I wrote that post which proved very popular, I highlighted the fact that the elected SNP MP Natalie McGarry was also involved. Because Tommy Ball pled guilty to his crimes, I was denied the opportunity to name Natalie McGarry in open court for the part she played in assisting Ball by linking my blog to the hate account setup by Ball.

Here is what she wrote:

I've made it! At last I've been designated non-Jedi by the great sage that is @georgemlaird Want a laugh? Here ya go:

In the statement to Police, I also named two other people, Shona McAlpine; Office Manager of SNP MSP Humza Yousaf and Jonathan Mackie, Office Manager of SNP MP Chris Stephens, what do these people all have in common?

Nicola Sturgeon.

They are all part of her Southside nasty vicious clique, and they all socialise together.

Natalie McGarry uses twitter to spout hatred towards people, and she has a habit of trying to smear and label people. This has been going on for a long time, what happens is this, she labels someone to discredit and smear them, then there is a backlash and she closes her twitter account to the public until the heat dies down.

Her recent spat with high profile author JK Rowling is a classic example, the Scottish National Party made a huge mistake in passing Natalie McGarry as a candidate, even they now must admit that. In the SNP selection isn’t based on merit, it is based on who you know; McGarry’s mother is an SNP cllr and her auntie the Presiding Officer at Holyrood.

Lots of people joined the SNP after the independence bid failed, they thought they were joining a political party but they signed up to help a ‘cult’, a party within a party. As the recent flares ups in the press show the SNP isn’t a united party.

Fast forward to the present day, and we get a taste of how much a ‘pig in a poke’ the people of Glasgow East have been saddled with, McGarry must be the most scandal ridden MP in Scotland or close to it, but she is Nicola Sturgeon’s pal, Sturgeon personally backed her to be the MP in the East End of Glasgow.

Oh how she must regret that decision!

Have you heard of the group, Scotland in Union?

They are a pro-union group which campaigns for Scotland to remain part of the United Kingdom; they are a non-party movement making a positive case about the benefits of the Union. Now, it seems that yet again, Natalie McGarry is back to what she does best, smearing.

In the wee early hours of Sunday morning, it seems that the odious Natalie Mcgarry took to twitter to write:

"Leading unionist figures do know that 'Scotland in Union' is headed by an internet troll and an outed holocaust denier, right?"

Scotland in Union is run by Alastair Cameron, he is ex Sandhurst, I have met him on my travels, he is also a married father from Edinburgh who is a director and works full time as a consultant in the financial services industry.

I would say that he is a straight forward guy, likeable and passionate about Scotland and its role in the United Kingdom. I have met many like him as in my youth I used to train up people like him to go to Sandhurst while as I was at University of Glasgow.

Now, all hell appears to be about to break loose as Scotland in Union is considering taking legal action against Natalie McGarry after she wrongly claimed it was led by an "outed holocaust denier".

I would say that although McGarry has since deleted the tweet, the damage to the reputation of Alastair Cameron has already been done, what was wrote is now out there in the public domain in the social media and mainstream media.

Being called an "outed holocaust denier" is right up there with the other types of smears that the Nationalists use to smear and label people.

After the tweet was removed, McGarry wrote this allegedly:

"I'd add however, that you should be careful who is distributing your materials, but apologies etc."

What kind of apology is this?

A spokesman for Scotland in Union said:

"We are surprised that an elected member of parliament would make such a false and offensive accusation. We will be taking legal advice before responding formally to Ms McGarry."

The only way to stamp out the offensive behaviour of Natalie McGarry is by taking her to Court and make her pay for her actions.

I think Scotland in Union should ‘crowd fund’ for a Court case and drag McGarry in Court as soon as possible, given she has a history of abusing and smearing people, I would expect the damages would be quite high, and she couldn’t write this off as a one off regarding her past behaviour.

Sitting on the backburner is of course the scandal of Women for Independence, which she co-founded, the members called in police after concerns were raised over its finances, and allegations of £30,000 not being accounted from a paypal account linked directly to Natalie McGarry’s bank account.

Natalie McGarry denies any wrongdoing but we should also remember so did Bill Walker and Tommy Ball, other Nicola Sturgeon allies before they ended up in Criminal Court. In both Walker’s and Ball’s cases, their criminality was an ongoing series of events.

Scotland in Union are understood to be meeting with lawyers this morning and perhaps an update may be issued later, this is a serious matter, Alastair Cameron’s reputation and by default the reputation of Scotland in Union has also been called in question.

The correct public forum to seek redress is a Court of Law, it is time that Natalie McGarry was made to face justice, not the mob rule of ‘community justice’ but the tried and tested benchmark of a Court.

And if I was Scotland in Union, I would seek out her other victims so that when compensation is awarded that Natalie McGarry will have the smile wiped right off her face, McGarry has overstepped the mark.

Finally, Natalie McGarry is a close personal friend of Nicola Sturgeon, is anyone asking Sturgeon why she is hanging around with so many despicable nasty people?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Freddy said...

A vile and vicious individual George I hope they do take legal action . I'm certainly up for a small donation if they go to crowdfunding .

Anonymous said...

No doubt the cybernat community will point out it has been taken out of context, which is frankly bollocks.

I can't think of a politician in recent history from any party who has been such a liability.

Perhaps her auntie could remove her twitter account for her, since she seems surgically glued to it.

Ian Thompson said...

Hi George, I agree with your analysis of Natalie McGarry 100% and your support for Scotland in Union.
The Scotland in Union are a great group of people and I hope to be first in line if ever crowd funding is required.
Thanks for your excellent blog
All the best Ian Thompson .

Anonymous said...

fucking vermin Georgieboy

I see the poor Turkish guy accused of stalking Stugiethe boot was released without charge after 3 years of police harassment , try and find that story on web or the other two super injunctions

Anonymous said...

Yes...Cameron et al, voted for Iraq and killed millions, hanging around with tax evaders and avoiders, covering up paedophile scandals, eroding workers rights and trying to remove human rights. Taking part in a targeted cull of disabled people through vicious welfare "reform"

But Nicola Sturgeon hangs around with despicable people eh...

You talk of labelling and smearing and then hypocritically call Mcgarry names.

I think the kind of people you obviously are cloven too shows your real character as do you your blogs doing the thing you are criticising others for.

Adam Greer said...

As a member of SIU I'd be up for a bit of crowdfunding if required.
These kind of attacks have to stop but with the snp in power they are only likely to increase as it appears to be one of their favourite weapons.
Viscous unfounded attacks are commonplace in the snp arsenal and should be removed immediately, through the courts if necessary.
I doubt if there will be much compensation for a charity donation with her record in the financial and honesty departments but I am sure that her elitist pals and the gullible GMB will help her out.
A few dodgy house deals should help to fill the coffers of the snp to pay for this.
All the best.
Adam Greer.

Stuart 64W said...

It seems Ms McGarry is cruising for a bruising....

As she has learned nothing from the debacle with JK Rowling.

Oh well I hope Scotland in Union bring it on for her.

As I suspect she will have very little support.

It also could not happen to a nicer person.

The SNP must be kicking themselves for ever selecting her, let alone letting her 'vet' their other candidates, like the equally odious Dr Paul Monoghan.

G Laird said...

Hi Ian

If there is crowd funding for a legal case against Natalie McGarry, I would hope they would contact me so I can relate my experience of McGarry and hand over evidence which they could use to show that she has a history.

In politics we all expect flak but the SNP take a lot of pride in publish lies and smears against innocent people out of pure badness.

And that is the nature of the party under Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond.

Rotten to the core!


Ian Thompson said...

Yes George, we only need to look at the intimidation of Margaret Curran by McGarry's cohort Piers Doughty-Brown ,
Enough said !

Big Wullie Beck said...

McGarry Charged With Fraud

Big Wullie Beck said...

It is becoming abundantly clear that all SNP MSP's will stop at nothing to smear those that oppose them.
I am ashamed to say I voted for them twice but voted Tories at the last election.
Will never vote SNP in my life again.

Anonymous said...

Was just wondering, which of the human rights act you claim to support covers conviction without trial? I have never heard of the msp you talk about prior to reading this article today and have never heard of you. I have to say the only person that seems to be targeting, labelling and smearing people is you. You make some big allegations yet your article contains no fact to support this. Using your logic, I assume you believe all Tory MPs are cheating,homosexual, fraudulent, embezzling, child abusing liars??? In the real world, where decency, common sense and a little thing called human rights are prevalent, you cannot judge an entire party based on the behaviour of one individual. Typical "better together" lies & misdirection

Amp said...

Your all as mad as each other. Running a campaign of equivalent vengeance and trying to prosecute the argument on circumstantial evidence. The McGarry claims may be substantial but the rest of your hearsay is purely weak watered English drivel. grow a pair please.

G Laird said...

Dear Amp

I think your indignation would have more weight if you knew what you were talking about.

For example you state;

"your hearsay is purely weak watered English drivel. grow a pair please".

What has England got to do with this case?

As to growing a pair, what does that mean, I don't lack the courage of my convictions hence my blog carries my name.