Thursday, March 17, 2016

EU social cohesion meltdown gathers pace: 450,000 migrants are on their way to Europe from Libya, it is only a matter of time before people in Europe turn on the political class to remove them from public office, civil war remains a possibility if action isn’t taken to secure Europe borders

Dear All

Something which has got a bit of media attention was the losses experienced by Angela Merkel’s political party in Germany.

In politics, parties win and lose; nothing unusual in that, each election cycle in the main rarely throws up an anomaly unless something major happens.

Angela Merkel is losing Germany’s people, in the recent election; she lost two out of three States contested.

She lost to the far right.

How did she get into this situation, Merkel said Germany had an open door immigration policy.

Now, 450,000 migrants 'are on their way to Europe from Libya' according to Brussels foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, with an estimate one million arrivals this year and the tide will keep on coming until something is done.

I have wrote about the chance of civil war in Europe, I still think that is possible, but also, I sense that we will see the rise of a new political class of the far right, not just in Germany but through-out Europe.

At some point, Europe is going to go beyond metal chain linked fences and move towards a permanent border with specific access points for traffic to go through, detention camps will need to be set up and holding areas in safe zones in Africa.

Europe has travelled a little down the road with my previous suggestions, but they will have to go even further, something which requires a change of political class. If the current situation isn’t addressed in a more proactive manner, numbers could eclipse last summer's wave of arrivals because of 'volatile situation' in North Africa.

Eventually, there will be bloodshed in the streets of Europe, protests, violent protests, riots, fights, attacks and then killing.

There will be one event that so angers the population that violence will be seen as the only solution as people turn away and also on politicians. A lot of things have been invented lately but one isn’t a politician who can outrun a bullet. Prime Minister David Cameron will today plead with EU to take immediate action on Libya, if he is going to talk about anything, he must be talking about occupation. But given it takes time to make the leap, he will probably try the failed route of trying to get co-operation.

More than 2,400 migrants have been intercepted off Libya since Tuesday.

In the Middle East, the most important thing to remember is that democracy doesn’t work, that is the culture, so what does work, well you could argue that the previous regimes all had a similar thread, which was called dictatorship.

The reason why dictatorship worked in the past and the countries were stable was that the society was tightly controlled, people had freedoms, they could travel but when they plotted against the ruler, they were imprisoned or disposed of.

And a lot of dictators found their way into power by supporting America interests, then America changed tack to people power and the Middle East is as you see it today.

Destroyed, unstable and people’s living in slums because the puppets installed don’t have any idea about government, governance and statehood. One western trait called ‘robbing the treasury’ for financial gain still remains popular.

Who doesn’t want to live in a palace!

David Cameron is travelling to Brussels, presumably he has a plan but his adventures in Europe haven’t been successful, his EU reform deal was roundly mocked and he got not a lot from European leaders.

The same ones who screwed Britain did however say that it was important that Britain remains in the EU but on their terms, not ours.

Cameron wants to get the EU to focus as he calls it on the bigger picture, sadly his picture, maybe 4:3 instead of 16:9, that’s widescreen to you and me.

Europe’s borders aren’t secure, running around trying to plug the gaps will not work, we need a permanent border, we need the EU border force, we need to face up to the fact that migrants must realise that they will be deported back.

Now, we can either start doing the painful stuff now, or wait till the political class is removed, replaced or collapses, but someone will get the ball rolling.

One of the big mistakes which to look out for which will get more press in the future is EU Member states controversial deal with Turkey to receive billions in aid, visa-free travel and fast-tracked EU membership.

This is a mistake on both visa free travel and fast-tracked EU membership.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Ive noticed things starting to slowly bubble up even here recently George, & among ordinary decent people. Willingly discussing the frustration of their free speech being under attack by the cultural marxists. People are wakening up to the fact that the drivel from the politicians & media does not match the truth of the videos posted online.

I notice that the delightful Tasmina is on QT tonite. Part of another pro-eu weighted panel of doom & gloom mongers. Add them to 'Dumbleby' interupting anyone who wants to leave Eu & its shaping up to be another BBC pro-EU fest!! Ahmed-Sheik will no doubt be spouting all her usual hateful SNP shite, & in her usual arrogant, shouty/squeeky manner. Just another totally hateful individual. I predict another of her anti-Trump rants aswell, defending the rioters as he hurt their feelings. What will not be mentioned is that because Trump is under secret service protection, it is actually a federal offence to demonstrate within the area that they are covering, but why let the non enforcement of laws, & any facts get in the way of the grievence monkey & victim crying agenda.


Stuart 64W said...

It's hardly surprising that the backlash against Merkel has begun.

However as in any state, her government will try to cling on, by any and all means necessary, so when German citizens start to get more rebellious, you can wait and watch for the full force of the state being unleashed on them.

I suspect it's going to be a long hot summer, and the flow of migrants will increase, and there will be more flash points and incidents, and it will get very ugly.

Apropos of her deal with Turkey, when I was in Germany, the Turks were barely tolerated, I can't imagine many Germans and East Europeans will be happy with greater access for Turks to the EU.

An open border with the Middle East is something the EU needs like a hole in the head.

Someone really ought to take the shovel out of Frau Merkel's hands, as I note she has said when it comes to the migrants that she has no plan 'B'!

This is not going to end well...

Anonymous said...

what A bloody mess

Anonymous said...

have you ever seen this clown Georgieboy


Anonymous said...

Hi George

I was sent this tonight...Victor Orban speech 15/3/16

Wondered if you agreed with the content you could put a proper link up encouraging viewing. It appears from what i can see that many agree it could be a historic speech. He is the only Leader who has been sensible during this migrant crisis. At last someone of respect exposing the REAL truth about whats going on. This is exactly what many of us have been saying for a while. If this ever hits the MSM, which i doubt, then no doubt they'll simply smear him & say he's lost it!!



G Laird said...

Dear Anon

I have heard of Peter A Bell.

He thinks he is a thinker, in my opinion, he is a fat bastard waiting on a heart attack or drowning in his own bodily fluids.

Bell once had a go at me, don't worry he is just a parrot.


G Laird said...

Hi Neil

I have put his speech up on the blog from the youtube link.

As you know I was writing on how civil war could be coming to Europe, I see no evidence to have me change my mind.

Check this out:

This disquiet isn't just localised, it is spreading,people it seems are coming for the political elite.


Anonymous said...

Hi George,

Ive been doing some digging on the whole eu thing. I found a translated version of a german economist article showing reasons behind all this nonsense, fairly deep stuff. Unfortunately the link is on alec jones site & this puts ppl off but when you read it, things start to make sense...Russias involvement etc etc. Also some Sunday Express pieces on German & French wanting eu referendums!
I'll dig the stuff out & put it on todays post above