Monday, February 29, 2016

Nicola Sturgeon‘s SNP Grievance Roadshow travels to England, “I don't want Scotland to become independent because UK has left the EU”, if there is an indyref 2 it will be a re-run of indyref 1, however is Nicola Sturgeon building up a network of contacts to leave Scotland post FM?

Dear All

I am sure that Nicola Sturgeon wouldn’t mind me saying this statement, ‘I don’t believe a bloody word out of her mouth’!

Because I know her and she knows me.

Some people use the expression; you couldn’t make it up if you tried; well it seems that Nicola Sturgeon has said she does not want Scotland to become independent because the UK has left the European Union.

This maybe clear evidence of several things,

1/ She has given up on Scottish independence.

2/ She was the UK in the EU to try and secure automatic EU entry if there is ever a successful indy bid.

3/ She doesn’t want to be forced to admit and set up an independent Scottish Currency, thus debunking the SNP myth of keeping the pound.

Sturgeon says that having the rest of the UK outside the EU would be bad for an independent Scotland.

For a starter, it would mean border controls, another issue that the SNP are keen to gloss over, which doesn’t just touch on National security but also economic security of Scotland.

In a speech in London she called for an “overwhelming” stay vote in June's referendum. It seems that Sturgeon wants to travel to England, yet again; the speech was for a selected audience, not a meet the people event. One wonders if Sturgeon like a squirrel is thinking of post exit as FM, and squirrelling away contacts. As Alex Salmond found after his demise, no one is coming a calling to his door.

No big directorships in multiple national corporations.

To enlighten Sturgeon on her confusion of she didn't know how her appeal to English voters would be received, the same way as any horrible nasty wee hatemonger Nicola, no one wants to hear, no one wants to see you, and by choice discarded immediately without second thought.

Just like the majority of Scots.

If Sturgeon was serious about Scottish independence, she would be campaigning for a leave vote, tactically this is the ‘smart’ move, whether the UK leaves or Scotland becomes independent one day, EU membership has to be applied for via Article 49. I would strongly suggest that the myth of the automatic membership and keeping the pound to hoodwink voters will feature in any new indy bid.

The ideas were bogus in 2014, and Sturgeon and her crew devoid of original thinking, will polish off the same lies and present them as fact much like their indy one bid.

A repeated lie still remains a lie!

Sturgeon has been raising the ghost of indyref 2 in relation to the EU referendum, that somehow there would be a “clamour” for a second independence referendum if Scots were taken out of the UK against their will. Given that many Scots and possibly a majority may wish to leave, exactly whose will is she listening to?

I will save you the trouble; Sturgeon listens to people who agree with her, the vote for the EU is a UK wide vote, not a country by country vote. Don’t listen to talk of veto previously floated by the SNP and by the ‘fake Scot’ Angus Robertson, its rubbish, utter rubbish.

A majority of the UK will decide this matter.

She said:

"If Scotland were to vote in favour of EU membership and the rest of the UK were to vote to leave - if Scotland in other words was to be outvoted - then there is a real chance that that could lead to a second referendum on Scottish independence."

No, it will not, Scottish independence came and went on September 2014, Alex Salmond and the SNP lost the vote decisively, and it will be for Westminster to decide if a second indyref can go ahead, not the Scottish National Party.

She added:

"It's not what I want to happen. Of course, I do want Scotland to be independent, but I don't want Scotland to become independent because the UK chooses to leave the European Union. I want the UK as a whole to stay in the EU because I think that option will be better for the rest of the UK, I think it will be better for the EU and, should Scotland become independent in the future - something I believe will happen - I think it will be better for us too. Ireland's stance on the UK referendum is good evidence of this. Why wouldn't we want our closest neighbour also to be a member of the European Union?"

Delusional rubbish, like Salmond printing cheques with his mouth that his brain can’t cash!

She further added:

"I want the vote on June 23 to result in an overwhelming victory, across all parts of the UK, for remaining in the EU. I will campaign wholeheartedly to achieve that result."

You might be tempted to ask ypourself after reading her thoughts, ‘is that it’?

In a speech a think tank she also attacked the current In campaign, this is because she wants to try and create a narrative that Nicola Sturgeon saved the UK’s EU membership, in fact she is saving nothing, it’s another SNP con trick to raise her profile.

Is the in campaign “miserable, negative and fear-based”, no more that the leave campaign in parts is “miserable, negative and fear-based”, it’s called stupidity and it crosses politically boundaries.

Iain Duncan Smith and Michael Fallon recently demonstrated this trademark by talking the most outrageous rubbish on National security.

In a needy toadying, I am just a humble Scotswoman routine, the angry wee Nat said on her sticking her nose into the English side of the debate;

“I don’t know. I would not presume that anybody outwith Scotland would be willing to listen to what I say. But if there are people who are interested in my opinion I’m happy to share it.”

I am sure that there are plenty of gullible people out there who aren’t wise to the fact that she is a grudge, grievance and malcontent merchant.

In a sweeping statement Sturgeon said:

“The EU is "good for the prosperity and the well-being of individuals, families and communities across our country".

This is a lot of crap, do the people on benefits who struggle from week to week, can’t afford decent food; live in fuel poverty, experience lack of social mobility, how exactly are they experiencing ‘wellbeing’ at present with us already in the EU?

If the UK left the EU, it has been said that we would be 8% better off, we would have control of our borders and we would save £55 million pounds a days in membership fees, these are just some considerations to be taken into account by voting to leave.

As I said previously, there is a case for leaving the EU and there is a case for staying, given the current situation in Europe, the social unrest and breakdown of society, and the waves of violence which are coming down the pipeline, maybe the ordinary people of the UK will come to the conclusion that getting out of European Union membership is a good thing. One thing for certain is that European harmony has taken a huge dent by the actions of Angela Merkel.

Finally, if we are ‘better together’ as Nicola Sturgeon says, maybe she could spell out what that exactly means, because so far I heard talk and the talk is just hot air.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Wake up Nicola. Europe want the UK to keep Trident. I thought you were against it. ??

Stuart 64W said...

The one question Mr Laird the SNP have not even thought about is this;

What happens if the rest of the UK votes to remain in the EU, and Scotland votes to leave?

Granted it may be unlikely, but it would be a headshot for the Nationalists.

As I see Jim Fairlie has pointed that scenario out, and on his twitter feed he is not impressed with the SNP's desire to remain within the EU.

I suspect he might not be alone...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Sturgeon and her crew are getting desperate. Realistically to try again, they'd need to start again from scratch, a long way down the line, but they're desperate to get another go with the same schtick before people get inevitably sick of them and replace them for a good while.

Also, I can't see the UK government agreeing to a rerun anytime soon. Not with more pressing matters at hand.

Correct me if I'm wrong George, but it's sounding to me like a mess.

Anonymous said...

sick of em Georgieboy

Anonymous said...

I've said before that she needs a back-up institution for Scotland whatever our position, whether that be EU or UK. She knows that we cannot successfully stand independent given the ultimate objective of a single EU state, and she's now aware of this but only since she's been in the circles of the 'powers that be'
If anybody is in any doubt as to which way to vote, they only need look at the people who back remain. For me this tells it all..JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Christine Lagarde (IMF),etc, etc. And now we have the greatest deceitful menace of modern times......Tony B.Liar!! Once this guy backs something (with the exception of BTG) you most certainly know its not going to be in average persons interests. Once people learn the bigger picture of EU, everything starts to make sense. You may have noticed that the IN people can provide no positive reasons to remain, as everything is based on fear, eg 'A leap in the dark'.. nonsense, UK functioned perfectly well before mid 70's. How can we possibly be more secure when Germany admitted on Saturday there are 130,000 migrants that they havent a clue where they are! Total absurdity.

This explains why Trump is doing so well in US. The average american has finally woken up to the fact that its global elites & corporations, backed by the banking cabals (federal reserve, ECB, IMF) that are in control by buying off corrupt career politicians and its the same with the EU. I recommend an excellent film 'America; Freedom to Fascism' touches on EU & explains it all.


Smudge said...

Time to leave the EU, and also time to "dump this hateful, divisive SNP trash.

Anonymous said...

Party built on racism and hatred, a cancer on the UK, time West minster put wee Nippy and her corrupt colleagues in there place. We said no Nicola deal with it.

Anonymous said...

Sturgeon is arguing to remain IN the EU, exactly the same as Cameron is doing. Yet she is "warning" him?

And now she is saying that the EU referendum is not an excuse for a second referendum.


FFS at least with Salmond you got some consistency, even if it was bollocks.

I am praying that Trump wins. He won't be able to change US policy too much, but one hopes he does not forgive Salmond and bans him!

bucksboy said...

Sturgeon Sturgeon Sturgeon - sick of the face and the voice and the rhetoric, nothing new to say, still flogging the same old horse 'Stronger for Scotland Stronger for Scotland'. The UK is about pooling and sharing, not barging your way to the front shouting and moaning.