Friday, February 5, 2016

Death of a mental pygmy: Nicola Sturgeon’s independence ally Tommy Ball is fined £1.5k at Glasgow Sheriff Court; Sheriff Margaret Liddell said Ball’s criminality was ‘an unpleasant and malicious offence', Tommy Ball was always be known as the political activist who tweeted about sexual intercourse with children

Dear All

After 3 years, 1 month and 3 days, Nicola Sturgeon’s independence ally and former SNP Govan Organiser Tommy Ball was sentenced for his criminality for endangering my life and safety by tweeting that I was a ‘known paedophile’.

Sentencing Ball, Sheriff Margaret Liddell said:

“This was an unpleasant and malicious offence.”

And she was absolutely right, in my youth, I used to teach children as I have mentioned before regarding this case, in my later years, I ended up at Glasgow University, there I was teaching in the main, young men and women.

If there is one thing I am really proud of was my time spent doing that activity.

Tommy Ball created a spoof page on twitter in my name, using my picture, linked it to my blog and put up my address, he then started tweeting saying stupid things; the idea was to discredit me. When that didn’t work, he escalated his abuse to start tweeting about me having sexual intercourse with children, filming young women getting undressed, and anything else he could think of in terms of abuse.

Tommy Ball walked out of Glasgow Sheriff Court but it may now be dawning on him that he will always be remembered for tweeting about sexual intercourse with children. One of his former friends and indy campaigners who I tweeted said that politically, Tommy Ball is finished.

What political party would take Tommy Ball as a member now, especially with his history?

When I told Tommy Ball aka @georgemlaird that I had gone to Police Scotland, you would have thought he would be smart enough to stop his hate campaign, but no, he wanted to continue with his criminality under the illusion he was safe.

Why did Tommy Ball target me, it was because I outed him to the press over his tweets regarding British soldiers.

After the story broke, he left the Scottish National Party and used his blog to attack calling me among other things a tramp, after I was a member of the audience at the BBC Big Debate in 2012.

Then he stuck up on his blog a picture of a cartoon character called Herbert the Pervert from a tv show called Family Guy, someone I know pointed out to me what Herbert was as a character. Later on Ball started deleting all pictures on his blog, post notification that I had called in Police Scotland.

Tommy Ball after leaving the SNP joined up with the SSP, there some people including so I understand Frances Curran became concerned about his online activities. Tommy Ball became a member of the SSP Media team; he was appointed to their EC and was a candidate for them. Ball was to stand as a candidate in the Shettleston by-election were he achieved 35 votes with a political party backing him. I stood in the Govan by-election and got 103 votes with no help and no political party backing me. The SNP Councillor David McDonald said he wanted to see me go ‘head to head’ with Ball, as I wrote in an earlier post, Tommy Ball lost.

I passed on information to the SSP about Tommy Ball via friend to someone in the party, then later on, Tommy Ball suddenly left the SSP after it was said he would be their candidate for the SSP’s Westminster campaign in Pollok in 2015.

Then with his hate account rumbling quite the thing, Tommy Ball was terribly keen for revenge, but he wasn’t very clever, so I started investigating Tommy Ball and the account @georgemlaird, data crunching. After a while it became clear to me that @georgemlaird and Tommy Ball where the same person; I found this out prior to him standing in the Shettleston by-election but rather than subjecting him to the hate campaign he done against in when I stood in the Govan by-election, I gave him a free pass. When I decided to get involved in politics, I decided that I would politically play it straight down the line, no lying and no cheating.

When Police Scotland turned up at Tommy Ball’s door, one can only wonder what the look on his face must have been as they invited him to the Police station and seized his laptop, tablet and phone. The Police Station at Govan is just across the road from me which was handy.

Arrested, charged and convicted.

After he was arrested Tommy Ball left Scotland to go living in County Longford, Ireland, presumably after tweeting about sexual intercourse with children, he might have felt disappearing to somewhere that people don’t known his history might be a good thing.

On the 12th of September 2014, I was in Glasgow City Centre passing through St Enoch’s Square when I spotted a demo against the Ukip leader Nigel Farage, as a political activist I don’t do demos, anyway I stopped to see what was going on. As I stood in the square, I ended up talking to two women who also wanted to know what the situation was. It was then I saw Tommy Ball, he took out his phone and photographed me from a distance then went on twitter to tweet with the picture:

“Noted sexual predator and bigot George Lard has turned up to support fellow BetterTogether man Farage”.

At this point, it should be mentioned that Tommy Ball had been arrested and charged by Police; again he was endangering my safety and using his own personal twitter account to do so.

At Court, Tommy Ball’s lawyer said that his client (Ball) accepts he was “foolish” and it was “wholly unacceptable” what he did to me but given that Ball is a proven serial liar, I don’t put any weight to that rubbish.

As to the claim that Tommy Ball “deeply regrets his actions” and is “extremely embarrassed to be appearing in court”, I think his ‘regret’ is based on getting caught, and that the embarrassment is to get a lighter sentence.

The hate account setup by Tommy Ball is protected but it can be found by clicking on this link.

As you can see it has 971 tweets and 17 followers.

The SNP MP Natalie McGarry assisted Tommy Ball but because Ball pled guilty to get a lighter sentence I didn’t get the chance to name her in open court, so I am taking the opportunity to do so yet again. McGarry linked my blog to Ball’s hate account using her own personal account on twitter. Natalie McGarry like Tommy Ball is a rather nasty vile person who has her own troubles at present.

Finally, I am aware that four newspapers covered the sentencing hearing of Tommy Ball, the Herald, the Evening Times, the Daily Record and the Scottish Sun as you can see by the look on Tommy Ball’s face, he doesn’t seem too happy that justice caught up with him.

Tommy Ball will always be remembered as the independence ally of Nicola Sturgeon who serially tweeted about sexual intercourse with children.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Donald Lafferty said...

Well done sir ,at last somebody standing up for themselves against the vile, and seemingly untouchable, cult ,,,,,, Sir I salute you

Stuart 64W said...

Well done Mr Laird, a hard time for you no doubt, but you have come through it, and you did not give in to the bullying and accusations.

I second Mr Lafferty's comment and I too salute you.

Anonymous said...

Well done George , strange a compensation order wasnt made tho, i'd imagine he'd have liked that . ;)

One thing... Why is the fake twitter account still live ? Surely you can get that closed now that its been proven in court it was used for criminal activities.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

"Well done George , strange a compensation order wasnt made tho, i'd imagine he'd have liked that . ;)"

Thank you, I am more than happy with the result, and Tommy Ball will have to carry the shame about tweeting about sexual intercourse with children for the rest of his life.


Anonymous said...

well done Georgieboy you are a true LEGEND , he is a dodgy scummy vermin bastard

Smudge said...

Great result George,,,, JUSTICE!!! It's disgusting to know that this type of leech, TOMMY BALL, is so "close" to Sturgeon.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic result George ,pity the deviant didn't get banged up as well.

Freddy said...

A reasonable result George pity he didn't get time though

Anonymous said...

Good result. Perhaps the media should be reminded who retweeted some of his vile comments.

Sherbie. said...

Was this story reported on STV News George? I didn't hear it at all, just wondering if anyone knows.

Anonymous said...

well done on you getting justice