Wednesday, February 10, 2016

‘Your granny is going to have to die’: Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon says the underfunded and understaffed Scottish NHS is going to have to suffer ‘hard decisions’ as she makes a speech outlining a few more gimmicks, one treatment unavailable on the NHS is to Nicola Sturgeon likeable and caring, that trick couldn’t even be pulled off in her own party

Dear All

My friend recently had to have his auntie admitted to the ‘Southern General’ hospital in Glasgow, as you know due to serious health concerns; I have ended up in hospital myself over the last couple of years, living under the threat of cancer. My friend went to the hospital with his auntie and found that the A&E department is in chaos down at the ‘Southern’.

Too many people are coming in and there isn’t enough space or personnel to provide the service we expect from the NHS. This isn’t the fault of the health service; this is the fault of unpopular Nicola Sturgeon.

Nicola Sturgeon effectively didn’t manage the service properly as Health Sec; we however were treated to press release after press release as the SNP crafted a false image that Nicola was doing the job.

The truth is that like other SNP Ministers, Sturgeon wasn’t up to the job; she bailed when the cracks in the service were about to spill out into the public domain, but she had by that time mismanaged the service for seven years. The SNP in the two years between ‘2012 to 2014’ they left the service rudderless like the other departments of government while they ran off to chase independence.

The SNP are a party of protest, they are not a party of government; their record bears this out. Let’s look at another issue, crime; do you remember the SNP screaming that corroboration needed to be scrapped to improve rape convictions?

Remember, women in danger, it’s an outrage and a botched series of measures to stop human rights activists, judges and lawyers from complaining. As we know, the scrapping of corroboration was all about winning the women’s vote, the SNP used corroboration as a ‘gimmick’ to further their own ends, they didn’t give a toss about protecting women.

Like all SNP, party of ‘protest’ gimmicks, it was a despicable con trick, women were seen as mugs; another example of how women were duped was the crap by Sturgeon to get more women into power.

More women into power means the SNP Cult members approved by Sturgeon such as handing her ‘pal’ Shona Robison, the health Sec portfolio, a brief that she is clearly out of her depth. The ‘branding’ which overarched that particular con trick was ‘SNP women will get things done’.

We have seen what SNP women have been ‘getting things done’ SNP MP’s Michelle Thomson and Natalie McGarry being two examples.

Now, it seems that Nicola Sturgeon is ready to take ‘tough decisions’ on healthcare, I imagine that means ‘kill your granny’, longer waiting times and incompetence. Sturgeon is aid to be making a pledge to ensure health and care services in Scotland are fit for the future.

This is just talk, among the new ideas are more sustainable workforce, increase in student numbers at medical schools, greater access to medical education and maximising the contribution nurses can make. In case you are bamboozled by these steps, it can be summed up as talking out her ass.

She is also going to waffle on about advances in technology that “present challenges and opportunities that the founders of the NHS could scarcely have imagined. Basically this is to make out she knows what she is talking about, but what is Nicola Sturgeon’s medical experience?

Nothing, she might not even hold a first aid certificate, but she and the SNP try to present her like they did with Salmond as the fount of all knowledge. Nicola Sturgeon’s track record in politics serving the people is one of failure. Would you trust her to ‘save your granny’ when she cannot get her own MSP area sorted out from being a ghetto? 

Sturgeon added:

“As First Minister, I am determined that we take the decisions - including the tough decisions - that will ensure that our health and care services are fit for the future. For all the complexity involved in delivering modern health and care services, the basic argument I’m going to make is actually a very simple one. It’s this - care should always be delivered as locally as possible. In fact, when possible, it should be delivered at home. That’s not a new idea but it is even more important now than it has been in previous decades. As more people live for longer, we need to support them to live as independently and healthily as possible. So, I want to talk about some of the fundamental changes and reforms that we’re making to health and care services which will help us to achieve that aim.”

As a patient in hospital I was repeatedly told how bad things were under the Scottish National Party Government.

Here is a lie worth repeating from Sturgeon, reforms currently being implemented in health and care services “will benefit everyone in Scotland”.

In panto; the audience always shout back; ‘oh no you won’t!’

Nicola Sturgeon talks about an improved successful health service when in fact the service is understaffed and underfunded, then she and her cohorts crow about ‘how good they are with Scotland’s finances’, but people don’t get to see the human price, people waiting too long for treatment dying or suffering more than they should be.

My operation was carried out with the time limit laid down and I am not the only one as figures are ‘fiddled’ by shifting the dates about when you are trying to get on a list.

Nicola Sturgeon is a horrible nasty vile petty individual who the party has countless times try to rebrand as likeable and caring, she isn’t, and she never was, she never did what needed to be done as Health Sec.

But don’t take my word for it; let’s look back at what those in the SNP were saying.

‘Operation Human being’, was just another gimmick to present a false image to the public, when you see Nicola Sturgeon dropping the mask and being angry, that is the real Nicola Sturgeon.

Scottish voters hyped on the indy drug have failed to see through her, but I do, I see right through her fake personality of appearing ‘caring’, and it is time the rest of Scotland went ‘cold turkey’ on this nasty vile horrible women, one thing for sure, she can get treatment for her condition on the NHS!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Shona Robinson has a degree in Social Sciences. I've always been of the opinion, that where possible, certain ministerial posts should only be held by those MSPs who have relevant experience. Not always possible, but for Health surely there is an MSP who was a health professional in a previous role? Even a related area. Sturgeon is no different to Cameron in having her pals in the Cabinet, something that is bad for government.

The Southern General is a mess, and this is by no means the fault of the staff. I have relatives who are undergoing cancer treatment, and the staff at all levels - in all hospitals - are excellent.

The SNP are hellbent on making the Scottish electorate suffer. Some of the more rabid supporters agree with this! This is so they can blame Westminster for the problems. I know the NHS in England is suffering under Hunt, but at least they can get certain cancer drugs, unavailable up in Scotland.

Watched Angus Robertson get destroyed by Cameron at PMQs today. I can't stand Cameron, but he blew Robertson away, highlighting the fact that the SNP only seem to complain rather than act. The SNP really need to stop going on about the "Vow" and the Smith Commission and accept what is on the table and deal with it.

Freddy said...

My wife works in the Health Service George and you are spot on. All she does is mump about staffing levels and she is on the admin side.

Anonymous said...

I SEE Britexit IS now an Indytrigger according to fishyfanny

They seem to think if the UK leaves we will leave the UK and then be welcomed with open arms to the EU are these clowns on drugs>

G Laird said...

Hi Freddy

The trick to getting help is getting past the A&E department, when I went there first kicked out as timewaster, took letter to get treatment as most people know, I nearly died Dec 2014.

That episode left me shattered physically, I am still recovering from it.