Friday, February 26, 2016

Nicola Sturgeon’s folly: Turkish security forces arrest the odious elected SNP MP Natalie McGarry for using her mobile phone near a security checkpoint to record, apparently McGarry said I just wanted to record the sounds of the bombs going off, McGarry is a stupid dangerous and arrogant individual, Sturgeon’s judgment in backing her should be questioned

Dear All

When the SNP selected the odious Natalie McGarry to be an MP, it was only a matter of time before her stupidity would be out in the public gaze. True to form this nasty vile individual didn’t take long to disappoint the people of Glasgow East who voted for her instead of sticking with Labour MP Margaret Curran.

McGarry was involved in the Tommy Ball case, named in a criminal witness statement by me, unfortunately the case didn’t go to court and I could get to name McGarry in open court, however I have done so on the blog.

The next scandal of note was the Women for Independence scandal, £30,000 allegedly missing from a paypal account that only Natalie McGarry had access to and monies paid directly into her own account. The case was such the WFI called in Police Scotland to report the matter, McGarry denies any wrongdoing.

The latest episode in the miserable career of McGarry was being detained by security forces during a visit to Turkey. The jist of this tale is that a member of the Turkish Security Forces became alarmed as Natalie had her mobile phone out near a security check point.

Why did she have her phone out?

She wanted to record the sounds of bombs falling!

Yes, you may have guessed it, Natalie McGarry, Nicola Sturgeon’s pal whom Sturgeon personally endorsed for Glasgow East is a clown. What McGarry represents is anyone’s guess, but the stupidity on show by recording near a security checkpoint in an active warzone is simply incredible.

Did she think that war, violence and death is something she wanders by to see like a tourist on holiday?

After being grabbed by security, McGarry was questioned and unfortunately released.

In a statement, her lawyer Aamer Anwar said:

"I can confirm that Natalie McGarry MP was questioned earlier on today, when she was recording the sound of bombs from the Turkish Forces falling on the Kurdish area of Sur in Diyarbakir. It appears that a member of the Turkish Security Forces became alarmed as Natalie had her mobile phone out near a security check point. She was taken away for questioning and when it was explained that she was part of the GMB delegation and simply recording the sound of bombs falling, she was released. There will be no further statement and Natalie will be returning home soon."

Unfortunately McGarry never made it to the front line were the fighting is taking place thus denying us of the opportunity of her crapping herself as AK 47 bullets whizz about the place. After the incident became public, it seems that she thanked wellwishers for messages of support on social media.

Also on social media, many people wished that Natlie McGarry would get the midnight express treatment and spend some time in a Turkish prison; some others commented that they would prefer her arrested by Police Scotland instead of the Turkish authorities.
A Foreign Office spokeswoman said:

“A British national was briefly detained and released in Diyarbakir, Turkey. Our embassy staff were in close contact with local authorities.”

Onward to the next scandal, it seems that it isn’t just her mouth that gets Natalie McGarry in trouble but also her actions.

One thing which may puzzle some people is how Natalie McGarry came to be selected as a candidate in the SNP, to become an MP when she leaves a trail of scandal in her wake, her mother is an SNP councillor, her auntie is the Holyrood Presiding Officer and she is part of the nasty vicious clique that surrounds Nicola Sturgeon in Glasgow Southside.

We would have heard the last of Natalie McGarry, her stupidity and arrogance will be her undoing, sooner or later she will do something which will have serious consequences, at that point I would say that McGarry will do anything to save herself.

As Heath Ledger famously said:

“I know who the squealers are”!

Finally, do you remember during the WFI scandal that her ugly sidekick pal Shona McAlpine tried to ‘dob’ other people into the financial scandal; well McGarry is cut from the exact same cloth.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Sheer stupidity by going to a conflict zone. If you are going to go to such a place, you liaise with the relevant authorities.

A UK politician is a prime target for kidnappers. They don't care what the motivation is or whether that person is going there in support of their group. Some of the terrorists and other associated groups are highly dangerous.

But pulling a mobile phone out in such an area shows just how naive McGarry is. Had you carried out some basic research, she would have noted that mobile phones are a common method for detonating IED's.

She may think she is a well-known figure in Scotland, but I doubt if anyone in Turkey is aware of who she is.

There are some serious questions to answer here:

What exactly was her motivation?
Who, if anyone, authorised it?
Was a proper risk assessment carried out? The BBC and other media organisations carry out risk assessments even for basic news stories, let alone entering a dangerous area.
Was the British Embassy aware of her movements?

Before anyone thinks I'm having a go at the SNP or her, this is all about her personal safety, and also the safety of those who may be required to rescue her in the event of a serious incident occurring.

All she has achieved is to yet again heap embarrassment upon herself and the SNP.

She is a politician who represents Scotland and the UK parliament, not some liberal anti-war protester looking to find evidence to attack Westminster and western government policies on Syria.

I would hope, although doubtful, that the Foreign Office and Sturgeon give her a rocket.

Stuart 64W said...

Wee Natalie wanted to record bombs going off....

Curiously the military installation she was arrested at, is 100km away from the front line.

60 miles in old money-:)

So she started waving her mobile phone around at a special forces base and got arrested.

*Slow handclap*

The SNP MP's are the real life equivalents of 'Dumb and Dumber'....

Freddy said...

I have no great feelings for Turks George my best mate is a Greek cypriot but they could have done us a favour and dropped her into a deep hole. The fact she is an MP carries no weight there.

Anonymous said...

she is a wee mong hairy Georgieboy

Anonymous said...

BOOM!! Welcome to the real world McGarry you utterly irresponsible fool. Constituency issues not big enough for you anymore? to move your grievance politics onto the world stage and i suppose you'll now be demanding that Turkey are 'held to account' eh?

If she thinks she was getting some world exclusive that bombs are used in war then am afraid most of us learned that at around 5yrs old. Its more likely though that she now needs evidence for her stories as back up because she tells so many bloody lies.

I read a comment on someones twitter from a GNAT suggesting that the Turk cop must have been bunged by 'someone' to detain her!!! They really do have some opinion of themselves this mob. As said above, and i will repeat so listen carefully GNATS......NOBODY OUTSIDE UK GIVES A FUCK ABOUT SNP/INDYREF2. You are deluded at best if you think otherwise.

You just cant make this stuff up George


Anonymous said...

Oh that is brilliant! It just made my day!

Cheers George!

CarolMckenzie said...

Brilliant piece.Glasgow Uni Alumini.

Anonymous said...

This is what McGarry has said in a "series of tweest":

"I was forcibly removed from the street by a man who pushed me repeatedly and would've hit me but for intervention of younger colleagues.
"I was denied access to an interpreter and taken into a shack behind the demarcation line which was filled with guns."


This is all about her being anti-Turkey and pro-Kurd. It is also about her being anti-NATO if you read her later comments. That says a lot about the truth of the SNP's policy on NATO membership. It was only added to avoid alienating the majority of voters prior to the Referendum. Another lie by the SNP.

S said...

Don't believe a word this thing says,,,, they're all the same,, NAT trash.!!