Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Total embarrassment to Scotland: Common Speaker John Bercow criticises SNP MP's 'quite extraordinary behaviour' in Commons after SNP MP Drew Hendry does a bunk after raising a question with International Development Secretary Justine Greening, Scotland made 56 mistakes at the General Election in 2015

Dear All

Scotland is seeing to its cost what passes for ‘representation’ from the Scottish National Party at Westminster.

When the SNP won the General Election in 2015 at the expense of other parties, they had a group which had swelled to 56 MPs.

Almost immediately, they became an embarrassment with their ‘seat stealing’ antics regarding veteran Labour MP Dennis Skinner and their ‘clapping’ of each other in the Chamber when one of them spoke. In fact the clapping became such an issue that the Speaker John Bercow had to remind them that this isn’t the way things are done.

After what might be termed ‘start up’ difficulties’ you have expected the SNP to ‘get it’ and fit into the way that Parliament operates.
Speaker John Bercow has taken to publicly criticise SNP MP Drew Hendry saying that he exhibits "quite extraordinary behaviour" in the Commons. Drew Hendry is the MP for Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey, his disgraceful behaviour was to raise a topic and then do a ‘bunk’ before exchanges on a topic he raised were completed.

It is just crass ignorant behaviour and it sends out a message how much the SNP hold Westminster and its processes in contempt. The SNP like to give the impression that they occupy the ‘moral high ground’ when in fact they just act like fools. Hendry was the first MP to ask a question during international development questions to the International Development Secretary Justine Greening; this concerned preparations for the UN world humanitarian summit being done by her department.

As exchanges continued in the Chamber, the Speaker John Bercow spotted Hendry was no longer in his place in the chamber; he had just upped and left.

Mr Bercow told MPs:

"Where is Mr Hendry? The fella has just asked a question and he's beetled out of the chamber. We've still got exchanges on that question. I know he's a new member but he must learn. A member must not ask a question and then leave. There are continuing exchanges upon that matter and I'm sure the honourable gentleman is at least as interested in the opinions of others as he is in his own opinions”.

John Bercow although making a valid point must also realise that the SNP don’t care about other people’s opinions, they aren’t at Westminster to make the United Kingdom better, they aren’t there to stand up for Scotland, they are just there to cause as much trouble as possible.

Drew Hendry might think acting the fool along with the other cannon fodder from the SNP Cult is acceptable, but given time the people of Scotland will realise this is the true face of the SNP when the mask is dropped.

How to fix a problem like Drew Hendry?

It’s called the ballot box, you walk in and put an X at the best able person, and that clearly isn’t Drew Hendry.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Alec said...

Hendry isn't any old new MP. He was the Council Leader for Highlands.

Anonymous said...

How often has that mob of drones indulged in "holding Westminster to account"? As far as I'm aware the only time was English law on foxhunting. Good to see the voters in Scotland being shown true respect by those benefit scroungers that pass for SNP MPS.
Result today George? Ball should have been jailed. However £1500 will eat into his Giro.

Freddy said...

How to look like a clown you couldn't make it up. On a lighter note I see someone got fined £1500 today George :)

Anonymous said...

CRANKS georgieboy

Anonymous said...

still a goodie Georgieboy

G Laird said...

Hi Crookie

Thanks for posting the link re the Tommy Ball case.


Anonymous said...

They're like the wee muppets that sat in the class making arses of themselves. Childish, pathetic and a complete embarassment to Scotland. Next thing they'll be writing on the seats and flicking stuff across the chamber with rulers!