Saturday, February 20, 2016

SNP ‘civic nationalism’, Nicola Sturgeon and her husband Peter Murrell, SNP Chief Executive have serious questions to answer why SNP HQ isn’t investigating complaints by ordinary members, the SNP is rotten to the core, dripping in sleaze and up to its neck in scandal, the ‘unity party’ is an utter fraud

Dear All

My experience of the staff of the SNP at their headquarters in Edinburgh taught one thing, that Nicola Sturgeon’s husband Peter Murrell couldn’t be trusted. Prior to being smeared in the party as making a “homophobic” comment, I had put in legitmate complaints.

What action did Peter Murrell take as Chief Executive?

He did nothing.

What action did Derek Mackay take when I forwarded my complaint to him?

He did nothing.

What action did Ian McCann, the compliance officer take?

He did nothing.

You may wonder why, let me save you the trouble, these people don’t care about ordinary members, the idea of a united party in the SNP is as I have written in the past a myth. The party is a party within a party; I call it a cult because cult best describes how these people operate.

After I made complaints, as everyone knows, the SNP National Secretary then made a complaint about me. As well as being the complainer, he was running the hearing against me, and speaking to the judges outside the process regarding the case. After I complained about this stinking piece of human vermin and walked away from the SNP, William Henderson resigned as National Secretary.

Never to be heard of again.

As people know I have had serious illness, when I informed them that I couldn’t travel to Edinburgh, Patrick Grady MP, the new National Secretary held a hearing to find me guilty in secret, at a hearing I did not know had taken place.

This little incident tells you all you need to know about ‘civic nationalism’ which some people just describe as ‘Scottish Nazism’. The right to a fair trial, the right to present your case and the right to equality all do not exist in the SNP.

I said over the last couple of years, the SNP is a ‘rat ship’; this upset the Nationalists who hide behind the fake persona of Nicola Sturgeon being a nice and caring person.

For the avoidance of doubt, Nicola Sturgeon is a vile nasty horrible individual who surrounds herself with the most vicious clique in Scottish politics. Incidentally, you may remember I recently made the press as one of her Southside clique was found guilty in Glasgow Sheriff Court, he was a liar and smeared me as a ‘known paedophile’. Now he has been dealt with by the Court, his fine of £1500 was to me, just a cherry on top of the cake.

So, the SNP who present themselves as the moral voice of Scotland is a rotten putrid vessel of questionable humanity. The reports of ‘civil war’ inside the party are making it out into the public domain, in the past, the SNP managed to get rid of people quietly so the cult could flourish without the gaze of scrutiny. The latest new low in the continued internal war involves SNP Councillor David Baird. Apparently, he has been placed under investigation by the party following claims he profited from selling SNP merchandise at a rally for the pro-independence group Hope over Fear.

Hope over Fear is the vehicle of Tommy Sheridan to climb back up to the top of the political ladder in Scotland as an independence supporter campaigning for the mystical second indyref. At present the party described this as a “dispute”, however a report within an Uddingston and Bellshill branch audit document said £1,524 was due to the group by a member and that the local organisation should “litigate if necessary”.

It seems there is a problem when it comes to money in the SNP, the SNP HQ apparently has told members not to call in police.

Why would SNP HQ wish to interfere if members suspect that allegedly criminality make have taken place? Don’t they believe in the rule of law and justice?

The SNP councillor strongly denies any wrongdoing and claims he planned to use the cash to set up a breakaway branch. That raises a question, why did he think that assets belonging to the current branch could be used to setup a breakaway branch?

Did he have permission to exercise this authority?

If so, who gave it to him and when, and does he have authorisation in writing which is beyond dispute, and copied to various interested parties?

And of course, documented in branch meeting minutes, so that no one gets to re-write history!

This latest episode in a long-running internal feud within the SNP that has exploded since Julie McAnulty, another councillor, was suspended by the SNP. The claims against her which she denies relate to a statement allegedly told an activist employed by an MSP that she wanted to “get the pakis out of the party”.

The racism complaint was made by Sheena McCulloch. She is a staffer for MSP Richard Lyle; he is convenor of the Uddingston and Bellshill branch and a Holyrood candidate. To show how bizarre things have gotten, a group loyal to Lyle make the allegation that the party is fighting off attempts of infiltration from Tommy Sheridan’s Solidarity Party. Of course, they will have evidence of this, such as confirmation that certain SNP members also hold Solidarity membership?

It seems that the influx of largely new members which the SNP like to boast about has brought problems; they are seen as a threat because what passes for candidates in the SNP isn’t very good. Another view of mine is that there is a genuine lack of talent in the SNP; apparently the George Laird is echoed time and time again as people like odious Natalie McGarry demonstrate on twitter.
 Natalie McGarry, big mouth with little brain!

Baird said:

“I brought all of the paperwork and money to party HQ in May yet nine months on this has still not been resolved. I asked them to take this to the police. This is a smear job that has been leaked to the papers because of negative stories appearing about certain other members of the party.”

In my complaint after 6 months, the SNP HQ did nothing, not even correspond with me. They even broke the law regarding my data subject access request, when I asked who in the SNP had responsibility as the Data Controller, Peter Murrell, Nicola Sturgeon’s husband replied by email that he was responsible. My data subject access request was 3 times over the legal limit, my id was not returned and the information I specifically requested was also not there.

Chief executive Peter Murrell, Nicola Sturgeon’s husband is like his wife, a ‘rat’, I say this openly in print and would say it to her face, which probably explains why her face gets very interested on what is on the floor when she sees me.

To show you how sensitive Sturgeon is on this latest scandal, she stonewalled questions about the Lanarkshire controversy in a Facebook Q&A. People apparently don’t have the right to know under the SNP.

And to return to Patrick Grady, the SNP national secretary, he deliberately tried to hush up activists on Twitter. He privately told one former branch secretary discussing internal party business in public was “inappropriate”. Well, I would say that that the way that Nicola Sturgeon’s husband Peter Murrell runs the SNP is highly “inappropriate” as I discovered through my personal experiences. Grady’s attempt to gag activists however backfired when the former branch secretary revealed she had already quit the party, and posted the exchange which shows Grady as he is in all his glory.

The SNP is a ‘rat ship’, in 2014, Scotland wasn’t ready to be an independent country because no work for was done, when you know realise what the calibre of people leading the SNP actually is, you know why. A person once said to me regarding the quality of SNP elected politicians, ‘is that it’?

Yes, that is it, and that is why Scotland needs a centre right party to manage its affairs, we have spin without substance, we have poor leaders without integrity, and we have the great shop soiled white hope of Dreghorn, Nicola Sturgeon leading the country backwards in all directions.

I have nothing but the utmost contempt for Nicola Sturgeon and I publicly regret assisting to get her into public office in 2011.

I put my hand up, I was conned, I believed that these people were ‘better’, that they had a vision and wanted to help people, the SNP cult only help themselves to the wealth of Scotland.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Stuart 64W said...

Reading the comments in the Nat O Nal articles it seems that 'Hundreds' of members have already left branches in North Lanarkshire and South Aberdeen.

It will be interesting to see how much of the vote that the SNP pick up at the next election.

I am sceptical about the polls, as the Nationalists have been caught more than once trying to infiltrate people into answering polls to skew the results.

One way or another I suspect we are at peak nationalism, the only way now is down.

It will be a long slow painful death, but it will happen....

'Hundreds' of members leaving, is the first sign of it...

Anonymous said...

Now she's saying that if there is an exit result in the EU referendum, then there will definitely be another independence referendum.

Bit ironic isn't it, given that the SNP want Scotland to be an independent country swallowed up by an EU superstate.

Someone should point out to her that the Scottish people voted to remain part of the UK, and the terms of that did not include any caveats about EU membership.

As to her and her husband running the SNP, this is a political party, not a family business. Nepotism destroys political parties in the long run, as the leaders end up with toadies who will never, ever question their decisions.

Smudge said...

Many people in Scotland are seeing through this nodding mouthpiece Sturgeon. I mean look how she ignored the resid3nts of Govanhill. She was crap at running the Health Service. Sturgeon and her party lied big time over the Forth Road Bridge. The SNP government were warned about structural repairs to the bridge 8 years ago by "experts". They IGNORED that advice, lives could have been at stake. People who lost money over the closure should sue the SNP government for compensation,,, oh, Sturgeon and Murrell were also told about serial wife beating thug, Bill Walker 8 years ago too,, they IGNORED that too. They let him go on to become an SNP MSP for Dunfermline, before he was ARRESTED, CHARGED AND JAILED. Justice,,, but no thanks to Sturgeon and Murrell. If they'd had their way, he'd never been caught,,,, crooked shower.DON'T VOTE SNP IN MAY.

Anonymous said...

Hi George,

Unfortunately you're one of the few thats man enough to put your hand up. We all make mistakes as humans. I've called then a cult for a long time now, as it simply cant be anything else. No normal-thinking human being could possibly believe the utter nonsense and perpetual lies that spews out from this mob daily otherwise. They are the very definition of the word Cult.

On another point on this EU in/out stuff. Predictably, Nasty Nic announced yesterday that an OUT vote by UK, but an IN vote from Scots would mean indyref2 (as she needs to stay with EU for handouts when it all goes tits up)
Her SNP logic for this is because a Brexit would threaten jobs and trade.... So she plans to combat this leaving of one union by holding indyref2 to leave another union which, you guessed it, would threaten MORE jobs, and MORE trade!!!! F**k me, am I in some mad dream??? WAKE UP PEOPLE...this is the insane mentality of people who run our country.