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Supply teacher in Ayrshire is struck off as a teacher for saying that ‘Hitler wasn’t all that bad’; an entire world minus the cranks would strongly disagree with David McNally, he deliberately sunk his whole career, and was rightly barred!

Dear All

Some people aren’t quite cut out for teaching; David McNally appears not to be getting the hang of it after telling “Hitler wasn’t all that bad”.

During WW2 about 50 million people lost their lives.

And of course, the atrocity that is most mentioned is the systematic murder of Jewish people in the death camps.

So, an entire world minus the cranks would strongly disagree with David McNally.

David McNally was a religious education supply teacher at Kilwinning Academy, North Ayrshire.

Teaching is a wonderful profession, I have had a go at it myself in my youth and taught at Glasgow University, that being said they will let pretty much anyone teach there, however in my case I was brilliant.

Mr. McNally has been banned from teaching after being found unfit after he admitted all seven charges against him at a hearing.

McNally’s offensive remarks included:

“Hitler wasn’t all bad, he killed the Jews, the gays and disabled.”

What kind of example does that set?

He also asked pupils, the classic no no lines, “Are you a jakey?” and “Did you have sex at the weekend?”

In Southpark, there is one episode where the teacher wants to get sacked, one wonders if McNally watched the show!

On another occasion, Mr McNally told S3 pupils:

“I didn’t want to be a teacher. I would have rather been a prison warden or a child abuser.”

Well, it seems that he needs help and career’s advice rather badly.

More less than wisdom followed:

McNally also said:

“I have a part-time job at a children’s home, they taught me how to whip a child with a wet towel without leaving a mark”.

And he boasted:

“I love my mobile phone because I can sit and watch porn on it.”

If he wasn’t happy about teaching, all he needed to do was just write a letter and resign, it is that simple.

In what must be one of the most appalling records of being offensive; he also went on about Jimmy Savile while teaching his S3 class.

Paul Reid, case presenter for the GTCS, described the remarks as “offensive”, inappropriate” and said they caused “distress” to both parents and pupils.

McNally decided to not be present or represented but instead sent a letter in which he admitted all the charges.

Mr Paul Reid told the hearing in Edinburgh:

“Mr McNally has provided a response but has chosen not to engage in the process. The remarks were deeply offensive and inappropriate, and caused pupils and parents to make formal complaints. These comments were not said outside his workplace but were said in a classroom. In respect of the complaints these comments are clearly inappropriate. His conduct falls short of the expected standards of a teaching professional. He did admit these making these remarks, in his notice of defense he tries to dilute the effects of his remarks. In regards to the question of ‘did you have sex at the weekend’, Mr McNally claims it was a hypothetical statement in a discussion about abortion. I advise the panel to take a dim view of the man’s behaviour. In my opinion he is not fit to teach children - his comments have caused distress to parents and young people.”

Yes, well, I think the panel could come to that conclusion all by themselves.

Panel chairman Donald MacKay said:

“Mr McNally has admitted the facts made against him. The panel has therefore found the facts proven. He has admitted that he is impaired and is unfit to teach. The panel has decided he is unfit to teach, and he will be removed from the register. He can appeal the decision if he chooses too.”

And with those epic words, Mr. Mc Nally’s ass was fired for all time!

When you teach, you must understand your audience and pitch your lesson accordingly, although ‘madness’ may appeal to some, the class room is an inappropriate place to vent it. The Teacher/ Pupil relationship is one of trust, not just between them but also between the teacher and the parents of the pupil.

For someone who is educated, Mr. McNally acted like a bam, he tossed his teaching career away and his professional reputation, all the time he spent getting his degree and all the time he spent getting teacher training qualifications.

And one day he will regret it.

If you are not happy, then find something else to do that will make you happy.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 

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