Friday, October 25, 2013

Dunfermline by-election special: Nicola Sturgeon loses key Dunfermline by-election, Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister sees SNP vote dramatically slump as people reject Nicola Sturgeon’s proxy, more proof George Laird right again about the ‘face of independence’

Dear All

Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has lost the Dunfernmline by-election.

This by-election was the first 'women beating by-election' held in Scotland’s history for the Scottish Parliament, the reason for it being held was that Nicola Sturgeon’s pal; and SNP MSP Bill Walker had for decades been smashing in women’s faces.

He is currently doing 12 months in prison and unsurprisingly Nicola hasn’t visited him.

Labour’s Cara Hilton won the Dunfernmline by-election, fair and square, congratulations on her win and that goes also to those on her team, they did the work, they played a good steady campaign.

This by-election was a key test on the ‘road to independence’ and Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon yet again showed that she is completely wrong to be the ‘face of independence’.

George Laird right again.

The SNP leadership fought everything at this by-election as SNP activists from all over Scotland came to try and win back the seat.

But trust has been broken.

Cara Hilton (Lab) 10,275 (42.46%, +6.89%)
Shirley-Anne Somerville (SNP) 7,402 (30.59%, -6.99%)

The Labour majority was a tub thumbing 2873, it was a massive victory, let no one be in any doubt about that.

The SNP were handicapped by the ‘Curse of Sturgeon’, people in the SNP must now realise that she is a liability; in fact I understand privately that is already being discussed in the SNP ranks.  

Carpetbagger and Sturgeon crony, Shirley-Anne Somerville who wanted to run out of the 'sinking ship' that is Yes Scotland was left with her tail between her legs as she returns back to Yes Scotland, a quitter who has been shown to have no loyalty to the cause, a paid Nat who put the feathering of her own nest before the needs of the independence campaign.

Quitters don’t win.

For the people of Dunfermline, this is their victory, this was them standing up for victims of domestic violence, it was a victory for Scotland.

Today, the people of Dunfermline also sent a message to Nicola Sturgeon who has destroyed the Scottish independence campaign, her and Alex Salmond’s poisonous vision isn’t wanted here in Scotland.

The Lib Dems were third and the Tories fourth. Turnout was just under 43%.

So, if Cara Hilton works hard and keeps a high profile as a pro active MSP for the people, the SNP have also lost Dunfermline in 2016.

Ms Hilton praised the bravery of the three women who helped convict Walker in her victory speech.

There was no praise for Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

Recently Nicola Sturgeon lost the Govan by-election, again the SNP flung the kitchen sink at it, Sturgeon played a key role on the ground and despite the fable that ‘Nicola is popular’, the people of Govan rejected her, I took SNP voters off her that she had visited.

In Dunfermline, the SNP leadership and their candidate opted to hide behind children with Scotland’s unpopular DFM nowhere to be seen, so when she campaigns she sinks a campaign and when she doesn’t she sinks a campaign.

That is a problem for her; the ‘no show’ at Dunfermline was to avoid questions about what she knew about SNP women beater Bill Walker.

Finally, the SNP made a big mistake in not going with someone local, the Sturgeon crony was always going to lose.

People in Dunfermline rejected Nicola Sturgeon and now the ‘virus’ has spread to her cronies, for a supposedly 'popular government' they are losing a hell of a lot of by-elections!

Alex Salmond played the 'jolly fat man' role at this by-election surrounding himself with kids as 'human shields', many SNP MSPs will be waking up today and knowing they won't be coming back to Holyrood in 2016.

Blame Nicola!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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