Friday, October 25, 2013

Open letter to Hamish, speaking of ‘Traitors’ willing to take the moral maze question on Scottish independence, Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon shouldn’t be the ‘face of independence’, your hero sucks ass dude as a leader!

Dear Hamish

Hello, by now you will have seen the political ass raping that the SNP suffered in Dunfermline.

Both cheeks left hanging like straw being blown in the wind.

Firstly, I have been off a few days from blogging; my birthday, you understand and I didn’t have my usual break in the summer from blogging.

Did you campaign in Dunfermline Hamish?

Did you fight the good fight?

I should ask; do you actually know anything about political campaigning at all?

The SNP didn’t select a local, they went with a Sturgeon crony, come on, Hamish, in a situation like Dunfermline you go with the best candidate, in this case, the choice was two women.

Hardly represents choice.

“it gars me grue George to say this again: someone who claims to be in favour of Scottish Independence but strains every sinew to oppose the best chance in a century to achieve it is a traitor”.


Let’s play a moral maze game Hamish.

If the Nazis got into power and wanted Scottish independence, would you vote for it?

If the answer is yes, what does that say about you?

If you say no, where does that leave you?

It leaves you with; it isn’t independence at any cost, which is where I am at.

“I have used the same word about Alec Douglas-Home who urged Scots to vote against the first devolution bill on the grounds that the Conservatives would offer something better, which of course they did not”.

I have corrected a typo in your post, however, to return to Alec Douglas-Home, do you know what he stood for, I assume he is dead. Ancient history is hardly relevant, unless you think somehow that Douglas-Home reminds you of me. I am hardly from his background, me working class from a housing scheme, however, I watched BBC 2 in my youth. 

“Under what circumstances will you support Independence?”

Can I be blunt?

Do you know personally the two CUNTS, Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon, and I do mean CUNTS, well Hamish; these CUNTS have let me down badly, when I ask for something, I don’t expect ‘a pair of stinking provincial bastards’ to ignore me.

Anyway why are you so upset?

Aren’t Salmond and Sturgeon going to deliver you independence in 2014?

Maybe Domino’s pizza is in their range, independence, hardly, if you regularly read this blog, you will read how I always get it right on the big issues and Nicola Sturgeon fucks it all up.

“Only when George (Braveheart) Laird leads the campaign?”

Have I applied for the job?


Given the way that Sturgeon has buried the campaign you think I could do worse?

Nicola Sturgeon went to Glasgow University, but lets us remember I taught there and let us also remember when I did teach there I was the best in my field, so let us not assume that Sturgeon is something ‘special’.

I taught the elite at Glasgow University, what did Sturgeon achieve while there?

She ended up at Drumchapel Law Centre, hardly Perry Mason.

Why don’t you apply to head Yes Scotland?

They need a serious political campaigner, Hamish, however, best wait a few days, Ms. Somerville will be coming back to the outfit she wanted to quit, mucho depression for a few days.


Finally, when I ask for something, I don’t expect ‘a pair of stinking provincial bastards’ to ignore me.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

ps the song is really good

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Anonymous said...

Don't know about Independence win or lose but Jim Ratcliffe let them know how fragile their oil supply is.
He could have sunk the dream at a stoke.
Och aye, Wha's like us.