Friday, October 18, 2013

Scottish independence; Alex Salmond says trust is key to Yes vote victory, Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon left Scottish women to die from cancer by failing to provide drugs available to patients in England, and he has the cheek to talk about trust!

Dear All

It appears that Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond has put trust in his leadership at the heart of the referendum debate.

Trust in Salmond?

Obviously this is a joke, let’s run through three departments of this SNP Government.

Education, he appointed his pal, Mike Russell as education Sec, he has received a vote of no confidence by teachers, cost 120,000 working class Scots a place at college, never reformed university education.

His tenure is a failure.

Law and Order, Alex Salmond appointed his pal, Kenny MacAskill to the role of justice minister, he released the biggest mass murderer in Scotland and then allowed him to leave Scotland’s shores. MacAskill fought to deny working class Scots the right to a fair trial; this is verifiable when you look at the Cadder Case. Closures of local Courts another disaster, and meaningless gimmicks on justice while refusing to tackle the big issues.

Quite simply the man is a clown.

Health, Alex Salmond appointed Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon as the SNP wanted to make health a flagship policy. Everyone thought that she was doing a good job, what we didn’t know was that she was leaving Scottish women to die of cancer by not ensuring that the same cancer drugs available in England were available in Scotland. We are seeing complaints in health rise, babies wrapped in towels when born, elderly people having no blankets on their beds, people left lying on trolleys for hours on end. Working class people in Glasgow in her own area treated as second class citizens as other people were given priority.

Her tenure was probably the biggest failure because she left people to die.

So, if Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ wants to go on trust, then let’s go then, let’s see how long that strategy will last, he says he wants to run with that in the remaining 11 months of the campaign.

He also employs as his aide a woman called Joan McAlpine; an SNP MSP who was named in a divorce case for shagging another woman’s husband behind her back. So, Salmond personally employs a rat who can’t be trusted, talk about bad judgment!

Alex Salmond is now making all sorts of claims and is now stealing the credit for the signs of economic improvement, including rising employment, exports and inward investments.

This is despite John Swinney saying his government has little effect on these areas because they don’t have the economic levers.

When unemployment raises, apparently that is always the fault of the Westminster Government, so there is an issue about trust concerning Salmond, no one trusts him, he never takes responsibility for his failures.

The strategy is now the old 30 year tactic of grudge, grievance and malcontent between fascist Holyrood rule under Alex Salmond or a Westminster Government unaccountable to Scots.

Has he never heard of the ballot box?

Scots do get to vote.

Addressing delegates at the wake in the Perth Concert Hall, Mr Salmond said:

"As we go through this week and this coming year there is going to be a theme that I think is very much our strongest suit, and that's the question of trust, trust in the Scottish Government”.


Salmond added:

"The reason for our success in office is that people trust the Scottish Government to act in the best interests of Scotland."

They voted for a five year council tax freeze that doesn’t mean trust.

One of the other laughable statements to come from Alex salmond is the phrase that there is the natural majority which exists for Scottish independence.

That is delusion as poll after poll shows that Scots have walked away from his poisonous vision, a Scotland which isn’t independent and is run for the benefit of a rich few, that is hardly a deal that will attract Scots to his cause.

In 2010, Salmond spoke of the SNP electing people’s champions, the people selected weren’t local and in many cases weren’t even champions.

In Pollok SNP, the branch run by failed SNP Candidate Chris Stephens, the branch never ran any campaigns on local issues; never ran a campaign for local organizations and never ran a campaign on behalf of a local person, it only done SNP issues which comprised of leaflets being put through doors.

And they wonder why they keeping losing!

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson said:

"Alex Salmond talks about trust. Perhaps people could trust him more if he told the truth about basic things such as having legal advice on Scotland's status in the EU even though he doesn't."

On the issue of the EU, the people of Scotland were lied to by the SNP.

Claims were made which were false, by using ‘trust’ Alex Salmond is in the last chance saloon, and the well of good will has run dry.

Speaking of trust, when Joan McAlpine was on her back getting shagged, breaking up a woman’s happy home, was she a people’s champion?

And what does it say about trust that Alex Salmond has her as his aide?

But let’s have a timely word from Donald Trump who assessed Alex Salmond, he said that Alex Salmond is “dishonest”, “untrustworthy” and “lacking in integrity”.

I think this is a decent assessment, you can’t trust Alex Salmond because Alex Salmond is the kind of coward who will always leave you in the lurch. 

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Anonymous said...

Does he mean trust " in terms of the debate" ?
McAlpine is an aide for very personal reasons.
And yes it is nonsense that she sleeps on the couch at Bute House.....