Friday, October 4, 2013

Scottish independence: Alex Salmond drops the ‘jolly fat man’ mask as he refuses to back energy price freeze, Salmond and Sturgeon sucking up to rich people now shows how lacking in class they are, vulnerable and elderly Scots are left to suffer and freeze

Dear All

The complete lie that the Scottish National Party is standing up for Scots has been exposed as nothing more than a sham!

Alex Salmond and his SNP Government have ruled out the possibility of freezing energy bills if voters back independence next year.

For some time, I have said that the SNP is a party within a party, and if you read my blog regular you will have also noticed that I have stated the Scottish independence campaign is a rich man’s campaign.

Alex Salmond loves to cosy up to rich people; we saw this graphically when he was at his most oily over Rupert Murdoch and Donald Trump.

Now, both of these men have realised that Salmond is just a charlatan, a false prophet whose only interest is further his self interest.

Energy minister Fergus Ewing who couldn’t be described as a socialist broke the news that the Nationalists are all about the rich under the cover of saying Labour's proposed 20-month price freeze would lead to blackouts.

This isn’t true, it is assumption.

Ewing who is part of the Ewing dynasty also stated that the measure would put companies out of business and cut investment in renewables. If Scotland was independent renenwables wouldn’t be viable because England wouldn’t be propping it up in Scotland with British cash.

Ewing said:

“An arbitrary price freeze has been tried before in California in 2000, which led to blackouts and an increase in the wholesale price of 800%. Never can I recall a measure introduced by a leader of a major political party in the UK which has received such widespread, utter and total condemnation as being completely unworkable. And, worst of all for Scotland, such an arbitrary measure threatens to impair the essential investment in renewable energy schemes which are so important for this country."

While Scotland is desperately in need of new Nuclear Power Stations, Fergus Ewing is destroying Scotland with wind farms!

So, now that the SNP has pinned its colours to the mast that they are all about the rich, and refusing to back Labour's plan to strengthen the energy regulator, we all know where we stand now!

Don’t we Alex?

Who can possibly object to an energy regulator having the power to control prices in future?

Alex Salmond can, Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon can, and less we forget, both of these people are rich, they have never known poor.

Never experienced real hardship of sitting without heat out of fear of not being able to pay your bills!

In refusing to back a freeze, no one can have any doubt that this is an SNP Government that has reached the end of the road.

Labour's finance spokesman Iain Gray said in response:

"I welcome the fact that the Scottish Government has finally ended its silence on this key issue and picked a side. Sadly, the SNP has chosen the side of the big energy firms over hard-pressed families”.

Gray added:

"The message is clear - a yes vote in the referendum is a vote for higher energy prices, and for an SNP on the side of big business not the consumer."

Funnily enough, I have been blogging away on the fact that Scotland would be experiencing such problems in past posts.

Amazing how George Laird can get it right, and Alex Salmond who has turned his cabinet into a crony infested pit cannot, there is a genuine lack of talent in the SNP.

Alex Salmond as we have seen doesn’t have a grasp on reserved issues; you name it the backward SNP muck it up.

The only market that Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon and Fergus Ewing have a handle on is the ‘fat market’, piling on the pounds with the big helpings approach at the din dins table.

Is piling on the pounds in case the lights go out?

Is this a backup plan?

No, it is just sheer greed.

Fat, ignorant and stupid is no way to go through life.

Perhaps someone should tell Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon that!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 

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Anonymous said...

Green energy in Scotland is propped up by 60% subsidy from the UK.
I nearly choked when I heard Mike Weir claim the UK would continue this if Scotland became independent, because it will be in their interests.
Where oh where does the SNP find Ministers who are so naïve? Or is it the more likely case that they are selling a product written on the back of a fag packet? During a coffee break of course.
Either electricity costs for the consumer will shoot through the roof or the SNP will have to abandon EU emission targets. Also the well out of date windfarms that other countries. This technology is 5 years past it's sell by date. Other more enlightened countries are using up to date technology.
I wish the SNP would treat me with a modicum of respect and stop this tripe that comes out from their HQ on a daily basis. The sad thing is they have numbers of drones spouting endlessly complete bollocks and boring the backside of most voters.