Saturday, October 26, 2013

Labour win marks party fight back against the SNP, it was an important victory for them, Dunfermline is the first Holyrood seat to change hands for 13 years, Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon can’t multi task government and indy campaign, both an omnishambles

Dear All

There is a fight back happening in Scotland, while the Scottish National Party has been sitting on its hands in government and as a party, the Labour Party has been winning seat after seat off Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

Dunfermline was an epic disaster for the Scottish National Party; another equally damaging open wound was the defeat in the Govan by-election. As someone familiar with by-elections, the SNP’s Govan campaign was incredibly inept.

Who runs an election campaign on the back of a dead former councillor?

It gets worse, the perceived ‘legacy’ the SNP thought was there never existed, most people didn’t know who she was.

At Govan Cross, it was amusing to see SNP Cllrs and Sturgeon cronies actually turning up to campaign which was something of a rarity from my previous experience of them.

And how uncomfortable and unhappy they looked, the SNP even managed to position a wall paper pasting table in the wrong place.

I have already covered the SNP attempt to disrupt my campaign by an angry wee Nat called Neil McDonagh who the Police told me that they would be happy to ‘lift’ if he caused me anymore trouble. A stupid little man with a massive chip on shoulder, who more than demonstrated why he is unsuitable to be a candidate for Public Office, a clown!

Back to Dunfermline and the Sturgeon defeat, Dunfermline is the first Holyrood seat to change hands for 13 years.

Many people know that the tide has turned for the Scottish National Party, the independence referendum is already lost, it is doubtful that they will get 3 seats at the European Election, and things don’t look good for Westminster in 2015.

Let’s face it, at Westminster, the SNP have proved ineffectual and lazy, which SNP MP’s Robertson and Whiteford ably demonstrated, Robertson is out of his depth on defence and Whiteford is just a Salmond crony easily forgotten. Her claim to fame is that she ‘took the huff’ and never returned to a committee where she was supposed to be standing up for Scotland’s interests.

Bags of time for shopping in London now!

Labour leader Johann Lamont said her party was back on track with its "emphatic" by-election victory, Labour has been doing well, in a number of by-elections; the SNP have been losing support.

Dunfermline wasn’t just an ordinary by-election, the Bill Walker case played a role; his imprisonment for 12 months reinforced a feeling that there was something wrong in the SNP ranks.

One SNP crony being replaced with another SNP crony and an outsider to boot!

The SNP is a party within a party and as such, they are leeching support from their activist base, many people are taking a back seat. In SNP branches now dubbed ‘Yes Scotland wherever’, the numbers coming out to work for them are very small, just a trickle. You might have gotten the impression from Alex Salmond that he has tens of thousands of activists that is correct.

Cara Hilton’s win was impressive; she took the seat in west Fife with a whacking 2873 majority.

The bottom line is that she made Dunfermline the second safest Labour seat at Holyrood.

If you are an SNP MSP that should tell you that you shouldn’t be making plans for the big house, the big car and to start saving, because your tenure at Holyrood is looking incredibly shaky.

Johann Lamont said:

"It's a very positive step. It's a very substantial result, an emphatic result. And given where we were in 2011, this is a very important stage. That's where we've got back to, being in a process where we are able to compete politically. Because the defeat in 2011 was so significant, then we know the scale of the challenge. What this does, however, is it confirms that both politically and organisationally we are able to compete and we can build on this."

Ms Hilton said:

"The people of Dunfermline have rejected Scotland being put on pause for another year. The Government of Scotland has been suspended so that a referendum campaign can be won."

She added:

"We are only here tonight because of the bravery of three women, three women who came forward to demand justice and who won that fight. Their courage and determination must be a reminder to all of us that we need to work harder to ensure that all victims of domestic violence are able to come forward and receive the justice they deserve."

Over in the SNP camp, Salmond said that if the 7% swing to Labour in Dunfermline was replicated nationally, his party would still be the largest.

Well, it is a long road to 2016 and the signs don’t look good for holding onto that SNP majority, that was a fluke, and with the tide now turning away from Salmond and Sturgeon, we are seeing the calibre of the SNP clique, it is a drone class devoid of original thinking, most people don’t know what is behind Salmond and Sturgeon.

The SNP leadership has a talent for promoting and keeping stupid people round them to make them look good. A prime example is the trash surrounding Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister. At the SNP GRA one night, I listened as two of Sturgeon’s cronies went through the Glasgow City Council 2012 manifesto, not only could the Hunter’s clan not explain what was in it, I had to stop reading because I was appalled by the very poor presentation of Mhairi Hunter, I thought, was I in an 8 year old’s reading class?

And the manifesto was crap, no big ideas, nothing of worth, just dreadful tat. 

As to the SNP loser and wannabe Yes Scotland quitter Shirley-Anne Somerville, she said her party could be ‘proud’ of its campaign which focused on the threat of school closures in the area.

That’s it!

Somerville added:

"We've run a positive campaign trying to support local parents in their schools and I hope we can come together, all of us in the party, to make sure those three schools in the Dunfermline constituency stay open."

Somerville wanted to quit Yes Scotland which is a doomed enterprise, the SNP loaded the organisation up with Team Salmond and Team Sturgeon cronies thinking that independence could be run as just another election.

And it can’t.

Also it is a mistake to do the ‘angry Nat’ bit which signal a change of course at the SNP Conference, a big mistake, that is like going full speed over the abyss, when the SNP hit the bottom in 2014, the party will try and do a unity bit, the reality is that Salmond and Sturgeon killed indy.

And SNP members shouldn’t forget that.

The Labour Party did well, Cara Hilton deserved her win; and ‘carpetbagger’ Somerville deserved to lose, she wanted to represent Dunfermline but didn’t want to live there, who is kidding who, she wanted to represent herself and the SNP.

The end is looming for Alex Salmond, the defeat in Dunfermline was a key test that he and Sturgeon badly botched.

Not so ‘brave’ now Salmond!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Hamish said...

Dear George,
Your fingers have run ahead of your wits in typing the headline "Dunfermline is the first Holyrood seat to change habds in 13years",
What did you mean to write?

Anonymous said...

The look on Salmond and Swinneys faces during the Grangemouth dispute told the real Independence story.
Our whole economy relies on
ONE pipeline, ONE ancient
refinery and whether some bloke from Yorkshire is feeling
benevolent. If it had too rely on the people who will pay for the much vaunted Common Weal, it would have sunk without trace along with the SNP.
Alex must be feeling ill, all that ranting about the Tories hating Scotland and who saved Grangemouth?
If Scotland votes Yes, this plant will be dumped before Independence Day and after Ratcliff gets his bung.
So who's best.... Westminster. .Brussels....Peking?
The SNP "Experts in their Field"
are already working up a story.

Noble Prize winning ones of course.
Couldn't just be ordinary ones.

Anonymous said...

The world will be a much better place when you hurry the fuck up and take an overdose of paracetamol.

G Laird said...

Dear Nicola's pal and brown noser

"The world will be a much better place when you hurry the fuck up and take an overdose of paracetamol".

Here is a quote.

"This is our big chance"!

Nicola Sturgeon.

I sense hostile thoughts, is Dunfermline an open wound in the SNP at present, Nicola Sturgeon botched it... but you already know that, don't you.

I dislike brown nosers, they tend to stink to high heaven.

Your sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

G Laird said...

Dear Hamish,

“Your fingers have run ahead of your wits in typing the headline "Dunfermline is the first Holyrood seat to change habds in 13years"”

Obviously not being an experienced typist, I hit the wrong key.

“What did you mean to write?”

Perhaps, Nicola Sturgeon got her political ass handed to her in a Dunfermline street!

Who knows, onward and upwards to the next piece.

You never answered the moral maze question, still thinking about it, it is straight forward, anyone could answer that one, why can't you?

Nicola not letting you?

Best regards

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Anonymous said...

Hi George

See you are George Wynne leaving comments on the Daily Record everyone knows George Wynne and George Laird are the same person.
Unpopular George Laird a man no one wants in their political parties. Time to shut up your messages is going nowhere maybe an overdose would be the best thing after all George you are a nobody.

Hamish said...

Dear George,

I would say you hit several wrong keys in making that preposterous claim. How do you think the SNP becane a majority government in 2011? I am genuinely curious what you actually meant to write.

You asked: "If the Nazis got into power and wanted Scottish independence, would you vote for it?" Yes, of course.
But I have sufficient respect for our neighbours in the present UK to know that the hypothesis is not credible.
If a bunch of sectarian thugs supported your football team would you switch your allegiance? No, you would send the thugs packing?

For the record, I have met Alex Salmond once abd Nicola Sturgeon on several occasions. I respect the abilities of both, but I am not a confidant or crony of either.

I am a life-long supporter of the principle of the right of every nation to determine its own affairs.

Anonymous said...

Can't decide if this website's a joke or for real

Anonymous said...

George Wynne

Anonymous said...

Just read Hamish's comment about Nazi's and he would still voting for Independence.
One of the reason's why the YES campaign can't get above 25 per cent. Complete and utter arsehole. And that's me being kind.
I'm really angry that we have arseholes like him in our movement. We should be attracting voters not panicking them with attitudes that he has.