Monday, October 21, 2013

Scottish independence: SNP Conference closes with Blair Jenkins issuing a referendum rallying cry, Salmond tells people there are ‘tens of thousands’ of activists ready and some shit about a fairer and more just society while Salmond is parked in a luxury suite at the five star Gleneagles Hotel

Dear All

Yes Scotland chief executive is a guy called Blair Jenkins.

Apparently he is supposed to be something ‘special’, his tenure at Yes Scotland which is seen by many as an SNP front has been a spectacular flop.

Awhile ago he expressed the need for a clean campaign which was positive.

Oh how times have changed for him and the SNP.

In pure scaremongering mode which he says he opposes, he has urged voters to back independence to rid the country of "warmongers and welfare bashers".

Then playing to the crowd at the SNP Conference, he launched an attack on successive UK governments.

What about Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon who left Scots women to die of cancer?

Not a peep out of him.

Blair Jenkins has selected memory loss it appears.

His memory also is fuzzy on the SNP wanting to deny Scots the right to a fair trial.

Jenkins is in the swing of unionist bashing possibly picked up from Team Sturgeon, went on to describe Westminster as "remote" and "ridiculous".

Speaking of "ridiculous", his campaign is on its collective arse and going backwards which a major part of the fault is Nicola Sturgeon.

Nicola isn’t very bright, even with a crew behind her doing the ‘thinking’.

Jenkins said:

"If you are sick and fed up of the corrosive and cynical world of Westminster, then next year we can be rid of all of that. It really is that simple. Vote Yes and we can say enough to the remote House of Commons and the ridiculous House of Lords: enough of the warmongers and the job-cutters; enough of the asset-strippers and the mortgage-flippers; enough of the welfare-bashers and the bedroom-taxers."

Speaking of the ridiculous House of Lords, they have time and time again proved their worth at Westminster, maybe Jenkins should watch the BBC who cover parliament.

He added:

"Let's make our own decisions and live by our own values. It's time to speak up for Scotland. It's time to stand up for Scotland. It's time to vote Yes."

Actually, he needs a new watch, it isn’t time to vote Yes; as Jenkins says, it is the wrong time, the SNP have attempted to con the Scottish people, they have done no work and their leadership cannot be trusted, no one is backing Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon.

At the SNP ‘hatefest’, apparently there was no place for Yes Scotland chairman Denis Canavan, he wasn’t granted a platform.

Poor Dennis, tells a story, the ‘gathering’ of the clique was all about boosting their morale and drum banging, no ex Labour required, so much for the 'all together' campaign.

Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond said during the rally that public trust in his government was the campaign's "ace card".

We trust you to empty the bins; wash the windows, do some ‘limited’ thinking and donkey work; but big politics, which is too rich for the SNP.

He said:

"The trust comes because we are a government elected by the Scottish people, that is the connection, people trust the government because it is their government. That is the key."

People voted for a five year council tax freeze!

He added the Nationalists had a "passion to improve our nation" which was also an "ace card".

Was it “passion” that saw Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minster Nicola Sturgeon leaving Joyce Juszczak to die in Inverclyde?

Was it “passion” that saw Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minster Nicola Sturgeon leaving people like Anne Fisher and June Rankin in the lurch regarding cancer drugs?

Alex Salmond opened his big Conference speech and immediately started talking about the dead in the SNP, how apt, a man who is politically dying who sees his own death at the ballot box swiftly approaching thinking about morality.

Oh, gosh, I never forgot, I am doing a piece on Mr. Jenkins, you know, you could easily forget he existed at all, once the independence defeat happens, he will disappear pretty damn quick along with many 90 minutes Nationalists.

The SNP will implode because Salmond and SSturgeon are running the SNP as a ‘rat ship’, someone is going to have to fall on their rubber sword; Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ is a prime candidate.

Or maybe Jenkins is being lined up as ‘sources’ do an ‘I told you so’ briefing against the SNP front Yes Scotland while at the same time forgetting their role in control the organisation.

Eventually people will come round to the George Laird view regarding the SNP; the party needs a strong Nationalist leader, not some guy who married to a woman old enough to be his mother.

Salmond ‘wrote’ his speech about a fairer and more just society and he opted for a luxury suite at the five star Gleneagles Hotel.

The guy is an utter buffoon.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Allan said...

THe SNP knocked you back didn't they?

Hamish said...

it gars me grue George to say this again: someone who claims to be in favour of Scottish Independence but strains every sinew to oppose the best chance in a century to achieve it is a traitor.

I have used the same word about Alec Douglas-Home who urged Scots to vote against the first devolution bill on the grounds that the Conservatives would offer something better, which of course the did not.

Under what circumstances will you support Independence? Only when George (Braveheart) Laird leads the campaign?