Friday, October 11, 2013

Govan by-election special, Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon loses Govan by-election, the ‘Fall of Sturgeon Empire’, no SNP Cllr in Govan, ‘Night of Shame’ as SNP direct abuse to independent candidate at polling station

Dear All

Yesterday was a ‘day of days’!

It was the ‘Fall of the Sturgeon Empire’.

The winner of the Govan by-election was Labour Party member, John Andrew Kane, who along with the party ran a remarkable, well organised and slick campaign.

The Labour Party deserved their win, they flooded the Ward with their activists, and it certain showed in the end result.

Labour was quick to claim the morale-boosting victory over the SNP.

As to George Laird, well, I didn’t come last.

During the day, I was subject to SNP abuse at polling station, unfortunately for the SNP abuser, a local woman who was chatting with me told him to ‘shut the fuck up’ and ‘mind your own fucking business’ when he shouted at me not to talk to her. 

She really didn’t like that and let rip.

So, that tactic backfired on the SNP.

The next thing the SNP did was to make a malicious complaint to the polling station staff that I was harassing people.

That tactic also backfired on the SNP as when the Police turned up and asked if everything was okay, I related the incident, they asked me if I wanted to file a complaint, I choose not to, the guy was an angry wee man with a massive chip on shoulder, God is punishing him enough.

So, having failed to silence me, the next thing to happen was the SNP putting 7 people at the same gate that I was standing at, normally; you would have a single activist through-out the day, rotated out after a few hours.

That tactic backfired on the SNP as well; I continued to speak to my neighbours as they came along to vote.

Third time lucky for the SNP!

No, everything the SNP did; didn’t have any effect on how I campaigned.

While standing in this campaign I was subject to a vile Nationalist supporter's hate campaign which no other candidate endured in this contest.

That failed to work also, oh dear, how sad, never mind. 

Rather than the SNP clique having a laugh at my expense, it was the opposite, I set myself goals, and I completed all of them.

As a first time candidate I knew that winning was not possible, however, my goal was to prove I was a credible candidate, run an effective campaign which both Labour and SNP couldn’t fail to notice.

On the doorstep talking to neighbours, I ran a positive campaign on local issues.

One of my goals was to take votes from the SNP in Govan, that goal was achieved; I took SNP votes away from them and spoke to many people about why they shouldn’t vote SNP.  

Govan is now, the only electoral ward in the city without any Nationalist Councillor.

What goes around comes around.

When I attended the count, I was hoping not to finish last, and to my surprise I was eliminated at stage nine. 

The Team Sturgeon clique where looking terribly upset, like little upset budgies without access to trill.

The ‘Hunter legacy’ is gone in Govan.

Normally, SNP usually produce a better campaign, this campaign wasn’t well organised from what I saw, at Govan Cross on the Saturday, they even couldn’t position their stall in the right place. Can't position a wallpaper pasting table, oh dear, how sad, never mind. 

I saw many of Team Sturgeon’s little gang who previously wouldn’t be caught dead doing real activism and it showed, and I am not talking about the angry wee Pollok activist from earlier.

Councillor Gordon Matheson, Labour leader of the council said:

"There's no way the SNP can spin their way out of this dramatic result.  What odds would the bookies have given a year ago on Govan ward being SNP-free? With less than 12 months until the referendum, support for the nationalists has slumped in Glasgow. Councillor John Kane joins a strong Labour administration which continues to focus on the issues that matter to people, not the abstraction of separatism."

I had a quick chat with many of the Labour people who seemed genuinely surprised how high I finished especially when they knew the situation I faced.

On the doorstep talking to my neighbours, particularly women, I found that Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is still Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

As well as the normal Nicola Sturgeon’s an arsehole comments from mostly women, my favourite comment came from a woman who said that Nicola Sturgeon needed to get her eyebrows done. I laughed along with her husband; well politics is a funny old game.

Labour has suffered two historic parliamentary by-election defeats in Govan to the SNP, these things happen; however, yesterday's result was the latest of a disappointing run of results for nationalists.

The destruction of the SNP on the ground in Govan proves exactly what I have been saying for some time; there is a genuine lack of talent in the SNP.

Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon invested a lot of political capital in an SNP win and just like the Glasgow University result; she failed to deliver a victory.

And Nicola Sturgeon is going to lose the Scottish independence referendum, not smart enough.

My former SNP colleagues looked upset when they saw me, some looked angry from the distance, but the overall feeling was of their depression at the count, they sat in a row heads down like sparrows on a telephone pole wire at one point.

I had a great night, all objectives achieved.

The ‘Hunter’ legacy in Govan is gone.

Taxi for Hunter junior, taxi for Hunter junior!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University  


Hamish said...

Dear George
I commend you for your initiative in standing for election.
Anyone who puts themselves on the line in that way commands repsect.

But I don't understand how you can reconcile your oft-expressed support for Scottish independence with rubbishing the SNP at every turn. However imperfect, the SNP have created the best chance for independence in my generation and I imagine yours.

I regard Alec Douglas-Home as a traitor for urging Scots to vote against the first devolution bill on the grounds that the Conservatives would deliver something better.
In one way you are worse than him because you are not proposing any alternative route to independence.

Anonymous said...

A message to the SNP candidate:
Why did your Election Agent put her Mummy's photo on YOUR leaflets?
Why did she promote her Mummy rather than YOU? Your campaign was doomed from day one.
However, well done George, always admire someone willing to step up to the plate. More preperation next time and you'll increase your standing, maybe even a win.
Their is no "Hunter Dynasty" well maybe in the Hunter family fantasy.
Amazing how cretins can fantasise.

G Laird said...

Dear Hamish

Thank you for the slight support.

Is it independence at any cost?

What about the people?

Isn't that what everyone thought the SNP was fighting for?

How do you reconcile Nicola Sturgeon leaving Scots women to die?

You can't, or do you think sacrifices need to be made, just as long as it is someone else?

You seem to think you are campaigning for independence, you aren't, like many you have been duped.

You are campaigning to further the careers of a rather nasty vile clique of which Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon sit at the top.

Why can't you work that out?

The SNP betrayed Scotland by refusing to go pro nuclear which guarantees sovereignty. I did tell Sturgeon on TV at least 18 months ago.

And George Laird is always right.

Finally, if a load of bastards (Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon and Peter Murrell) refuse to investigate my complaint and treat me with contempt, then regardless of much much they want to make life better for the few at the expense of the many, they deserve what they get from me.

Especially when their refusal is a deliberate act. I don't let clowns get away with anything, it goes against the grain.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Anonymous said...

Grudge grievance greed.
Strip the citizens of their legal rights.
( corroboration, etc etc).
Blame everbody for all your problems.
Bully the opposition.
Scream TRAITOR AND SCAREMONGERING at any valid questioning.
Promise Nirvana but only if you do as your told.
Exactly the same campaign was run in Germany in the 1930's.
Go figure.

Anonymous said...

I would love to hear a sensible argument that lays bare why I should dump Westminster and be ruled by Brussels?

According to the assertions from the SNP it is in every Nation's interest to roll over and cede to all their demands.

Wha's like us, eh!
I want the facts, good or bad, not the opinionated piss that the National Socialists are vomiting on an hourly basis.

Longshanker said...

Well done George.

Keep fighting the fight.

Better luck and more votes next time.


G Laird said...

Dear Longshanker

Thank you very much.

I was targeted at my local polling station, SNP abuse as I campaigned.

It didn't work.

I completed what I set out to do, show that I am a credible and effective political candidate.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University